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Who We Are

Welcome to Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral. We are a small organization working to better the lives and conditions of cocker spaniels in east Tennessee. RCRR focuses on education and connecting dogs in need with responsible rescues. While we do keep a number of adoptable and sponsorable dogs here at our mountaintop farm, taking dogs in is not our primary focus. We'd much rather find a way for you to keep your cocker spaniel if you are having problems.

If you are a small rescue, individual or shelter in the east Tennessee area, we would be happy to assist you in looking for homes and/or rescues for your cocker spaniel. Please have photos as it is virtually impossible to place a dog without a photo.

What We Do

In addition to the dogs we offer for adoption and sponsorship, RCRR offers the following services:

A: Refer prospective adopters toward ethical, responsible rescues and assist in the adoption process.

B: Work locally to educate public on responsible pet ownership.

C: Locate, evaluate and place cocker spaniels in need with appropriate rescues.

D: Liaison with rescue friendly municipal shelters and rescues.

E: Provide support, resource management and coordination to existing Cocker Rescues.

F: Counsel owners of Cocker Spaniels on breed specific issues to help keep pets with their families.

G: Evaluate potential adopters, perform home visits, interviews and reference checks.

H: Maintain contact with adopters after adoption, offering counseling and support as needed.

Our Support

Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral is supported by the artwork of Rosie Griffeth, the delicious jams, jellies and goat milk fudge produced at Old Maid's Aerie Farm and Jammery, Rosie's hand-crafted all natural soaps and the kind donations of people just like yourself. Please consider sponsoring one of our special needs dogs or donating pet supplies to RCRR. If we don't have need of it, we are happy to send it on to another responsible rescue who does!

Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral
Hartford, TN 37753
Phone: 423-487-0290

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Fat Buddy

Fat Buddy
Special Needs


18 years old
Hospice Case

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Rosanne Griffeth, 2006
Petfinder ID: TN327

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