I Purr: A Cat's Tale was recorded by CC Couch, a Nashville singer, as a benefit album for us, and we are happy to be able to offer online purchase of this wonderful album!  Please click the links below to hear clips from all the songs.

This CD makes a wonderful gift to the cat lover in your life, and it also helps support The Purr Factory!

Only $15 - Free Shipping & Handling!

Listen to selections - click on the following cuts from the CD

1. We're Beautiful And We Know It
2. You Can't Tell A Cat What To Do
3. The Disappearing Cat
4. I Purr
5. Tiptoe Through The China
6. What A Cat Thinks
7. Abolish Bath Day!

8. Zoom
9. In A Cat Love Way
10. He's The One
11. Cat Heaven
12. The Feline Hall Of Fame
13. If You Love Us

To purchase, please send your check or money order for $15 to:

The Purr Factory - I Purr CD
3220 Wingate Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37211-2526
(make sure to include a shipping address!)

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