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SOS German Shepherd Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of  homeless German Shepherd Dogs in the Midsouth area.  We will, however, only place dogs into homes where they will be well-fed, adequately exercised, loved, talked to and treasured as a best friend.  Save Our Shepherds Rescue prides itself on facilitating a good match between our foster pets and prospective adopters. We consider the personality traits, habits, and needs of the animal and carefully evaluate how it might fit into the lifestyle of the prospective adopter.

All adoptions are handled as a 10 day trial period.  If the animal does not work out, don't feel bad. We realize that some animals are not right for some environments.  If you are unhappy, so is the animal. Contact us and make arrangements to get the animal back to us. We would be happy to match you with another animal that might be more compatible.


SOS Adoption Policy

  • All of our rescued friends are Indoor Companions only.

  • All dogs listed as ADOPTABLE are indeed still available. Matching the right dog with the right family sometimes takes a while, so your patience is appreciated. Our adoption fees are:
    $300 for any dog 1 year and younger (BABY)
    $250 for any dog 1-3 years (YOUNG)
    $200 for any dog 3-7 years (ADULT)
    $150 for dogs over 7 (SENIOR) 
    If you are a senior and would consider providing a loving home for a Senior GSD we would love to work with you and a discount may be available!

    Don't forget the adoption fee for the dog you take home not only reimburses rescue for his expenses but helps us save others.   The fee includes spay/neuter, being current on vaccinations, heartworm checked, special medical treatment when required, flea & heartworm prevention, microchip and grooming prior to adoption.  Many times the adoption fee does not cover all the expenses we've incurred for a particular dog.


The top 5 reasons for dogs being abandoned at shelters:

  1. Didn't realize the time & expense involved in raising a dog.
  2. Didn't know Rover would get so big, slobber so much, nip the kids, cost money, bark a lot, steal food, shed all over the house, need to be exercised, etc.
  3. Don't know how to prevent or fix behavior problems.
  4. Person became divorced, sick, injured or died.
  5. Had to move to an apartment or house that doesn't allow dogs.
  • Applicant must be at least 21 years of age and live within 3 hours driving range of where the dog is being fostered.  (West Tennessee unless otherwise noted).  Longer distance adoptions will only be considered under very specific circumstances. See Frequently Asked Questions

  • A 'home visit' is required prior to the final adoption of any of our canine companions.

  • While in the care of Save Our Shepherds Rescue all the dogs in our program have been properly cared for, loved & socialized. All our dogs are healthy , spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations.  All dogs in our program are cared for in our HOMES.

  • We do not adopt to people who want to keep the dog kenneled, garaged or living as an outside dog.  You must welcome the dog inside your home as a member of your family. If you want a mean guard dog, look elsewhere.

  • We require homes with fenced yards. Save Our Shepherds feels very strongly that rescue dogs who are loose in an un-fenced  yard, or off leash anywhere, are at risk of getting hit by a car, attacked by another dog or wild animal, poisoned, lost or stolen. Experience has taught us that the safest environment for your rescue dog is a fenced yard or area. The fenced area is intended as a secure outdoor exercise place for the dog but is not intended as a place for the dog to live. German Shepherds are highly social, family-oriented dogs and need to be with you to be happy. 

  • We do NOT recommend invisible fencing systems.  We do NOT adopt to anyone who plans on chaining out their dog.  Exceptions to the physical fence requirement are made only under specific circumstances.  For instance, with the adoption of a senior dog, whose exercise requirements may not be as demanding.  In general, if you do not have a fenced exercise area, you will not be approved to adopt from Save Our Shepherds Rescue.

  • We require that all companion animals in the prospective adoptive family be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and on heartworm prevention. We feel that "responsible" pet owners fit in this category.

  • A veterinarian reference is preferred, although we will adopt to first time dog owners provided you have great personal references.  In general though... GSDs are not the breed for you if you have limited experience with dogs.

  • Remember, when you adopt a dog of any kind you are committing to the entire life of your dog.  If you do not know where you will be living in a year or two, now is not the right time to adopt.

  • Keep in mind: Rescue dogs need and deserve your patience. Whether it be house training, getting along with the other pets or just settling in... be prepared.  They will need time to adjust to your home and family.

Application for Adoption

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Before you complete this application to adopt a rescue dog from SOS German Shepherd Rescue, please make sure that you and your family have carefully considered this decision.  Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment to an animal that will be your loving companion and your best friend.

These questions are designed to assist with placing our dogs in the correct environment for their personality and needs.  It is our intention to adopt dogs to those who will consider them an important part of their family.

Please take the time to carefully read and fill out the application in full.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.  

 *****  All fields are REQUIRED.  Please do NOT SKIP any questions. *****
We can not process incomplete applications.

Please Click Here To Read --->MYTHS ABOUT ADOPTING A GSD  <---  Before You Apply.

I have read 10 Myths About Adopting A German Shepherd Dog. YES  NO  
Name of the dog you want to be considered for: Don't Know
Regardless of whether you have named a specific animal above, Please describe your IDEAL PET... your preferences with regard to breed, sex, age, color, small dog, large dog, house dog, yard dog etc:

General Information About You & Your Household

Your First and Last Name:
Email Address:
Please NOTE: You will NOT hear back from us if you do not include a valid email address!  
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Who will be the primary caregiver of the dog?
Is primary caregiver over 21?


Please list all persons living with you or visiting often (age and relationship).
For your peace of mind, you need only list ages of children and need not include their names.

Is everyone in your household in agreement about adopting this dog?  YES  NO

Does anyone in the household have any animal allergies? YES  NO

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
House   Apartment   Duplex   Mobile Home   Condo   Townhome
Do you rent or own? Own   Rent/Lease
If you rent, are you allowed to have a large breed dog and have you met the requirements of your lease to have a German Shepherd Dog?  YES  NO (Many landlords require a significant non-refundable pet security deposit.)
Landlord's Name and Phone Number

Do you have an exercise area in your yard that is completely fenced in?  YES  NO
Please describe the rough dimensions of the enclosed area and height/material of fencing.

If you plan to install a fence, please note the projected completion date.  We will schedule a home visit at that time.

Are there any improvements to the dog area that need to be made?  If so, how long will this take?

Are you willing to allow SOS German Shepherd Rescue to perform a home visit? YES  NO

Information About Your Experience With Pets

How long have you been considering the adoption of a dog?

We receive many applications for each dog, and may already be in the process of approving another home for the dog in which you are interested.  If this dog is unavailable do you want SOS to match you with a suitable companion?

Have you owned a German Shepherd before?   YES  NO
(If Yes, Please provide brief history)

What is it about German Shepherd Dogs that has generated your interest in the breed? 

What traits are you looking for in your german shepherd dog? Check all that apply.

intelligent friendly to visitors guard dog
get along with other dogs get along with kids get along with cats
protective loyal obedient
calm excitable active
playful independent loving
submissive shy dominant

To facilitate the bonding process we recommend every German Shepherd and owner attend some obedience training. Would a formal obedience-training program be something you, as a new owner, would be interested in participating in? Yes  No
(Please provide a brief explanation)

Gender preference? Male  Female  Either

Color preference? Black & Tan Black Sable White Any Color

Would you consider adopting a high-mix breed German Shepherd?   YES  NO

What age range would you like to adopt? Under 1 year 1 yr-3 yrs 3-6 yrs 7 yrs and up Any Age

Are you aware that German Shepherds grow to be large dogs (55 - 100 lbs)?    YES  NO

Do you know that German Shepherds have a double coat and shed a lot?    YES  NO

Please tell us about your past experience with dogs in general.  What type and size dogs?  Include any special training or activities.

Do you currently have any other pets?   YES  NO
What kind? What size?  Please describe them, including species, age, gender, personality traits and spay-neuter status.

What happened to the previous pets that you no longer own?  Please be specific. If deceased, please provide details.

Have you ever had to give up a pet?  (For example: Had to give away or take to a shelter) Please explain why and when.

Please describe how many hours per day will the dog be inside and outside.  Please give us as much detail as possible so we have a good idea of the life your new dog will be living.

Where will the dog be when you are at home?

Where will your dog sleep at night?  (Please be as specific as possible.)

How many hours per day will your dog be alone?
During that time, where will the dog be?

Will the dog be spending time in a dog crate on a daily basis? If so please elaborate.

Will you allow the dog on your furniture?   YES  NO

Will you allow the dog on your bed?   YES  NO

What brand of food will you feed your dog? What brand of dog food do you currently feed?

If SOS recommends a particular type of premium commercial dog food, would you be open to switching to a better food?
YES  NO  (A list of the foods we recommend is here.)

If the dog requires a particular food, will you supply it?   YES  NO

Are you willing to bathe or groom the dog on a regular basis?    YES  NO

If the dog requires obedience training, are you willing to go through the training process?    YES  NO

Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to your dog even if you have a life-style change such as : moving, divorce, marriage, children, etc?     YES  NO

Who will care for your dog when you go on vacation?

How would you discipline your dog for Digging: 
How would you discipline your dog for Barking: 
How would you discipline your dog for Chewing:

How do you plan on exercising your dog? Include any plans for specific types of training or activities.

What do you like most about having a dog?

What do you like least about having a dog?

Vet References

Who is your local veterinarian? 
Vet's Complete Address 
Vet Phone Number (including area code)
Vet records are under the name of

Are your pets current on all vaccinations?   YES  NO

What brand of flea/tick preventive do you (or will you) use?  Do Not Use
How often do you use the product mentioned about for prevention of  fleas and ticks? 

What brand of heartworm preventative do you (or will you) use? Do Not Use

How often do you use the product mentioned for heartworm prevention? 

How did you hear about Save Our Shepherds Rescue and the dog you are applying to adopt? Please be specific.


Do you understand that completion of this application does not guarantee that you will be approved to adopt?  Do you further understand that completion of this form is only the first step in the adoption process and that, should you wish to complete this process, an in-home screening will follow?  YES  NO

Do you understand that Save Our Shepherds Rescue requests a donation of an amount agreeable to both parties and that this donation is used to care for other German Shepherd Dogs at our rescue?  YES  NO

As part of the adoption process and before placing any dog, you will be asked to sign a contract in which you agree to certain conditions, such as allowing a SOS agent to visit your home prior to and after placement of the dog, and surrender the dog back to Rescue if you violate the contract in any way.

Are you willing to sign and be bound by such a contract?     YES  NO

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Again, SOS German Shepherd Rescue has only the best interest of the dog's in mind and sincerely wants to adopt the right German Shepherd to the right family. Are there any other comments you'd like for us to consider when reviewing your application?  

Additional Comments:

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Submission of an application does not guarantee placement of a dog.

Our sunshine does not come from the skies,
It comes from the love we see in each rescued dog's eyes.
This website best viewed with a Shepherd at your feet.  God Bless America's Shepherds!

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