We realize what a difficult decision it is to find a new home for your German Shepherd Dog.  We recognize that you care enough to give your dog a second chance for a good life through our re-homing program.  In order to ensure that we find a new home where it will be loved and cared for, please answer the following questions as fully and as honestly as possible.  This allows us to better assess your dog's needs during this transition period.

If accepted into our program, we have experienced people that can work on training, medical or behavior problems. Please make us aware of any issues, no matter how minor, so that we can place the dog in an appropriate foster home where he can brush up the skills he he may need to be more adoptable. This helps insure your dog gets the best possible forever home.

If your dog is accepted into our program you will be required to sign over ownership of the dog to rescue.  If space in foster care is available, we will take possession immediately.  Space in foster homes, however, is always in short supply and we may request that you continue to care for your dog until an appropriate permanent home is found. In some cases we have to board the dogs while we are waiting a foster or forever  home. We will not release the dog to a shelter.

Thank you for ensuring that your dog has bright future ahead of him instead of facing the end of his life alone, feeling abandoned and unloved in a shelter.

If you are in the MILITARY & need to re-home your dog due to a PENDING DEPLOYMENT, you can contact:

Guasrdian Angels for Soldier's Pets will foster during deployments!

Contact Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets - Supporting our Military, Veterans, and their beloved Pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following a deployment (combat or peace-keeping mission) in harm's way to fight the global war on terrorism or unforeseen emergency hardship impacting their ability to retain their pet's ownership rights.

Or Contact
Keeping Love Waiting - Military Pet Foster Project!The Military Pets FOSTER Project 
A Nationwide & Global network of individual foster homes that will house, nurture and care for the dogs, cats, birds, horses and all other pets For Deployed Military Personnel Only.   

If you need to consider other options, See A Complete List of Tennessee Rescues and Shelters Here.


 All questions are REQUIRED to be completely answered.  If it does not apply, type N/A or Not Applicable.
These questions are also important to answer for Stray dogs.  Just answer with as much information as you can supply.

Information About You & Your Household

Your Full Name






Home Phone 

Please include area code.

Cell Phone

Include area code.

Information About Your Dog

Dog's Name 
Dog's Date of Birth/Age  If unknown type in your best guess.
Gender     Male Female

Is this dog microchipped?  If so what brand?  Home Again? Avid?  Other?
Please specify and list Microchip or tattoo number.

Is this a purebred German Shepherd?   Yes No

Where did you get your dog?
(From a neighbor, friend, newspaper ad, pet store, breeder?) List Breeder Name & Phone Number if known.

All GOOD BREEDERS will always help if need to you re-home your dog.  Have you contacted the breeder?    Yes No

Is your dog spayed/neutered?    Yes No

Please list your dog's Veterinarian Name and Phone Number. (Please include area code.)

Do you have a copy of your dog's vet records?     Yes No

How long have you owned this dog? 

Why do you need to give up your dog?  Please elaborate.

Would you want to have your name and phone number released to the new adopter?     Yes No

Has this dog been an indoor dog or an outdoor dog?

Is the dog housebroken?      Yes No

How does he/she let you know he wants to go outside?

Has the dog ever been in a dog fight?  If so, please describe the circumstances.

How would you rate your pet's energy level?
Very Low  Low  Medium  High  Very High

How would you describe his/her personality?  (Check all that apply.)




Friendly Nervous




Timid Calm

Does this dog prefer men or women? Men Women  No Preference

What upsets the dog?

How does the dog act when alone?


Does your dog like to:

Ride in cars


Run away Play tug-of-war

Rip Up Toys

Jump on people

Carry things in his mouth

Play "keep away"


Chew non-doggy items


Does your dog:
If the answer is YES or SOMETIMES, check YES and add a comment.
Jump fences?  Yes No If so, how high?
Let you take food or toys away?  Yes No Comments:
Let you grab him?  Yes No Comments:
Show signs of possessiveness and if so, possessive of what specifically?
Bark when excited?   Yes No Comments:
Get along with cats?   Yes No Comments:
Get along with dogs?   Yes No Comments:
Bark or whine when left alone?   Yes No Comments:
Bark or growl at strangers?   Yes No Comments:
Hide behind you when meeting strangers? YesNo Comments:
Guard territory?   Yes No Comments:
Show fear of thunderstorms?   Yes No Comments:
Show fear of fireworks?   Yes No Comments:
Get on furniture?   Yes No Comments:
Go in a crate?   Yes No Comments:
Live in a kennel?   Yes No Comments:
Use a dog house?   Yes No Comments:
Get in garbage?   Yes No Comments:
Allow you to touch his ears?   Yes No Comments:
Allow you to touch his feet?   Yes No Comments:
Allow you to touch his mouth?   Yes No Comments:
Allow you to trim his nails?   Yes No


What parts of your pet's body does he NOT like touched by visitors/guests?

What parts of your pet's body does he NOT like touched by family?

What commands or skills does your dog know?



Walk on Leash

Shake Hands



Play Ball

Leave It

Any other commands or skills?

Has your dog been treated for or do you know if your dog has:

Ear Infections



Eye Problems

Bleeding Issues

Hip or Joint Problems

Please describe any other condition that requires medical attention.

Is your dog on heartworm preventative?   Yes No

Is your dog current on Rabies vaccination?   Yes No

Has this dog lived with children?   Yes No Unknown
If so, please list genders and ages. 

Describe how this dog has interacted with children.  Tolerate them?  Ignore them?
Walk away if they get too close?  Play with them?  Rough or gentle?

Where does your dog sleep?  

What brand and type of dog food does your dog eat?

Where does your dog stay during the day?

Where does your dog stay at night?

What are your dog's bad habits?

What are your dog's good points?

How is your dog corrected for unacceptable behavior?

When does your dog bark?

Has your dog ever bitten, snapped at, or attacked a person, dog, cat, or livestock? Yes No
If so, please describe the situation in detail.

What kind of home would be ideal for your dog?

What kind of home should be avoided?

What other information would be helpful for the new owners to know?

Clicking the Submit Button will return you to our website
Please do not click submit more than once.

If you have not already done so, after you click SUBMIT, please EMAIL US A GOOD PHOTO OF YOUR DOG.
  You will NOT hear back from us at all if the photo is not sent

Submission of a surrender request does not guarantee placement of a dog.

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