LCR is always in need of foster homes for kittens and pregnant mama’s to senior dogs.  Foster homes are utilized to give the animals time. Time to have puppies to get well or just to be socialized.  If you are interested in providing a foster home after reading the Foster Agreement please call 361-537-5252 or email us at

Last Chance Rescue Foster Home




The animal in Foster Care is the property of LCR until adopted and is not to be given away or sold.

If animal is lost/stolen or otherwise unaccounted for, the Foster Home will be responsible for Full Adoption Fee.

The maximum amount of animals to be fostered at any given time is 3 animals. 

Exception will be made for nursing animals. 

Any foster homes must not exceed the animal amount set by 1) apartment agreement 2) rent agreement 3) City ordinances.


The following conditions apply to fostering Last Chance Rescue animals:

1.  Foster Home must be able to prove that their own animals are current on all shots before fostering any Last Chance Rescue animals (vet reference may be required).

2. Foster homes may only foster same sex animals to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 

3. If Foster home has any unaltered animals they may only foster:  a) spayed/neutered animals, b) animals under the age of 4 months, OR c) same sex as unaltered animals that belong to foster home.

4. The dog will be kept in the house or in a suitable kennel facility on the grounds of the foster home and will not be allowed off-leash in an unfenced area. Dog houses/crates are available if needed for fostering but must be returned when fostering is discontinued. Failure to return the doghouse/crate will result in a charge of $50.

5. Food is available (cat/dog) from LCR.  If the foster home chooses to use food which is not available from LCR then the foster home will be responsible for the cost.  Routine non-emergency veterinary procedures must be cleared with LCR prior to treatment 

6. The foster home agrees to fully vet the animal (i.e. spay, vaccinate) before animal is released to adopter.

7. The dog must wear a collar at all times except that the collar may be removed for crating. Foster families are also encouraged to affix an identification tag giving the family's address and phone number.

8. The animal will be adopted to a permanent home only under the supervision of LCR.

9. All donations received in connection with the adoption of the animal will be sent directly to LCR.

10. The foster family agrees to provide accurate information to prospective adoptive families if requested to do so, and, when possible and convenient, to allow prospective adoptive families to visit the animal at the foster family's home. The foster family agrees to have their phone number placed on our website so prospective adopters may contact them.

11. Any questions or problems are to be directed to LCR, and notice of any injury, illness or other emergency will be given immediately. If it is necessary to remove the animal from the home, possession will be given directly to an LCR representative.

12. Last Chance Rescue is not responsible for injuries to people or pets, or for property loss or damage. The foster family will accept responsibility for any events that occur while fostering the dog.

13. The foster family must bring the animal(s) to adoption events (Saturday adoptions) unless arrangements have been made in advance.

14. The foster family may end this agreement at any time, but must give Last Chance Rescue at least five (5) days to make other foster arrangements.

Foster name printed: ______________________________Phone: __________ LAST CHANCE RESCUE

Foster signature: __________________________________________________ P.O. Box 1226

Address: ________________________________________________________ GREGORY, TEXAS 78359

 LCR Representative: _____________________________ Date: ____________