Adoption Fees


Adoption fees range from $15 dollars to $100 dollars based on the veterinary care supplied by LCR prior to placement.


All animals that are adopted from an LCR foster home and are over the age of 6 months are spayed/neutered before placement. All LCR foster animals have been wormed, given their annual vaccinations, rabies vaccination, heartworm preventative.

Any dog that is heartworm positive will be treated before placement.


If you are looking for specific requirements for that new family member please email us or call us and we will do our best to match up the right pet with your family.



phone number: 361-537-5252





If you love animals but can't adopt one right now, please consider becoming a Sponsor or for a dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

What a thoughtful way to honor that animal loving friend or family member by Sponsoring-a-Pet in their name for a special occasion.

                    Please call Dr. FLoerke's Office at 361-528-5269 to find out how to make a donation to our vet fund.

Your contribution can be one time or on-going:

  • $5.00 dollars pays for a rabies shot

  • $10.00 dollars pays for vaccination

  • $10 dollars pays for worming

  • $15.00 dollars heartworm check

  • $15.00 heartworm test

  • $15 dollars pays for one month of Advantage or Revolution

  • $40-$60 dollars will pay for spay or neuter for a dog/cat puppy/kitten

Checks can be made out to Last Chance Rescue and mailed to :

Last Chance Rescue

P.O. Box 1226

Gregory, TX 78359