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Dachshund Fun and Games

One of the advantages of being the DFW Dachshund Rescue web mastressa is that I get to surf the internet for hours on end - and I have a justifiable reason for doing so! Along the way, I've stumbled across plenty of things that are interesting, odd, helpful, unique, or just plain fun. This is a melting pot of stuff to share with fellow dachshund lovers. Check back often, as this page will be continually updated as I stumble across more great stuff to share with you.

If you happen to stumble across anything you think would be a good addition to this page, please contact us.

Copyrights to all artwork and logos are retained by the artist or owner.

Donabee and her daughter Dee combine their talents in making breathtaking quilts, and quilted items. They follow a life long tradition of hand quilting that has been passed down to them from generations before. One client asked them to design this quilt memorializing their beloved dachshunds. Dona and Dee would love to work with you to design and create an heirloom quality custom quilt, worthy of being passed down to generations to come.

David King has created hundreds of unique watercolour & chinese ink drawings of every dog breed imaginable. Each of David's paintings is unique and done at the moment so they come out different each time. He'd love to create a custom painting just for you.
P.S. Scroll down on David's STUFF page and you'll find several fabulous dachshund desktop images to download.

These unique one of a kind sculptures will capture the traits, unforgettable expressions, spirit and personality of your pet. Each piece is hand-sculpted and painted by the artist individually, then mounted on a finished wood base with a felt bottom and signed by the artist. Every Pet Sculpture is created individually based on your photographs and description of your pet's personality and special traits. The artist will contact you throughout the entire sculpting and painting process for your approval and input. Your scuplture will be a beautiful life-like piece of art, capturing the warmth and individuality of your beloved pet.

Finally, dachshunds of the world have luxurious and fashionable yet functional and affordable apparel that truly fits! Launched in 2008, Noodle and Friends offers stylish couture and coordinating accessories designed just for dachshunds. Standard doggy clothing is far too short to cover the long dachshund back and too tight for the broad dachshund chest. NoodleandFriends.com was conceived with a singular purpose: to design quality apparel exclusively for dachshunds.

She's SO Creative is chock full of outrageously clever and devilishly adorable greeting cards established by San Francisco Bay Area artist and graphic designer, Stephanie Orma (the SO in She's SO Creative). Stephanie loves playing with witty words and winsome images and seeing just how far she can stretch the literal. Many of her designs include playful dachshunds in outrageous settings, but we admit, we love them all!

The folks at Long Dog Sauce Company are definitely the "wieners" when it comes to taste! Their signature sauce line includes Meaner Wiener, Double Dog Dare 'Ya, Jalapeenie Weenie and Steam'n Weenie. The company was named for Wild Willie the Wonder Weenie - Mineola, Texas' most famous dachshund. And since the sauces are made here in Texas, you know they're going to taste great!

Dachshund Treasures is a one stop virtual shop offering the largest assortment of beautiful and unique dachshund gifts and collectibles that you will ever find. They carry everything from apparel for you and your dog to collars, leashes, beds, jewelry, household items, toys and collectibles. They even have a full line of Texas Longhorns items for your dachshund! And if you don't find what you're looking for - just ask, and they'll try to find it for you.

Need a daily dose-o-dachshund? Then check out The Long and Short of it All, an excellent blog hosted by dachshunds Joey and Maggie. The blog covers everything dachshund, including dachshund news, art, history, pop culture, events, humor, and plenty of photos.

Collectors of miniature Limoges boxes will want this set depicting a dapper dachshund photographer and his lovely subject. The photographer is using an old time camera complete with gunpowder flash unit, and his subject is sitting up as pretty as can be on her decorative pillow. As with all Limoges boxes, these are highly collectible, limited edition, and hand painted.

Welcome to the Rock Scissor Paper Doxie Shoppe! Designer/Artists Susie and Heidi Bauer were born in the metaphoric bubble of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley in the late 1960's. As children of European immigrants, they grew up celebrating pop culture and mass-produced objects of the era as a visual personification of the American dream. This became the inspiration for their designs. Susie and Heidi are "purveyors of happy" and they also love dachshunds, offering a collection of stationery, cards, gift tags, invitations and notebooks with original, iconic dachshund designs.

This miniature sculpture of Harley was painstakingly needle felted by hand. Unlike stuffed animals, needle feltings are not sewn together. Needle felted sculptures are sculpted using only special barbed needles; a soft felting pad works as a protective base to hold the sculpture's fibers while felting and working with the sharp needles. The artist will create a miniature version of your dog (or cat or parrot or feret) from photos. What a wonderful, personal keepsake of your pet! Check out the artist's website for more needle felted sculptures.

The Best Nightlights creates beautifully translucent art nightlights. They come in about 40 different designs, including 25 kinds of adorable dogs. These nightlights bring a gentle glow to kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms. The images on the nightlights start out as colored pencil portraits. From there, museum-quality giclee digital prints are made of the artwork, treated for UV and water resistance and then turned, by hand, into little shades. They come in 25 different dog breeds, and make great gifts for dog loving friends and family.

Call your dachshund to dinner with this figural dachshund bell. Complete with brass ears and a bone clapper, this metal bell will add a whimsical twist inside or out.

Wendy Barkett started making snuggle sacks in 2007 as gifts for her dog loving friends and family. A few months later when her longhair dachshund, Daisy Mae, required costly emergency back surgery, Wendy began selling her snuggle sacks to help cover her vet expenses. Today, Daisy Mae has recovered nicely, and Wendy is still making snuggle sacks. Wendy makes each snuggle sack with 4 layers of high quality fleece, tied around the edges with a ton of love. The sacks measure about 20 by 30 inches and are perfect for dogs who like to snuggle under a blanket or burrow under the covers. By the way, Wendy is also a big believer in the "pay it forward" philosophy and is a generous supporter of DFW Dachshund Rescue.

Click here for instructions on how to fold your own origami dachshund using a dollar bill.

Earl Wettstein observed his dachshund, Friska, stretched out on the grass one day and it reminded him of Andrew Wyeth's painting, "Christina's World." So began Wettstein's Satirical Dachshund Series of 21 paintings and 3 sculptures, all based on familiar works of art. Wettstein's works feature dachshunds instead of the traditional subjects, and run the gamut from a howling dachshund based on Edvard Munch's "The Scream" to a pitchfork wielding dachshund couple based on Grant Wood's "American Gothic." We're partial to "Doxie with a Pearl Earring." Earl's Satirical Dachshund Series is available for sale in its entirety; contact Earl directly for details.

Peter Chapman has developed a unique technique of sculpting a single piece of wood into a three dimensional interlocking puzzle. The beauty of fine woods combined with painstaking craftsmanship result in a puzzle that is artistic, elegant, challenging, and fun. Each puzzle comes with a tiny surprise hidden within - the dachshund contains a tiny bone. Chapman's puzzles may be purchased at Blue Moon Gallery in Grapevine, TX.

In 1995, sculptor Joy Beckner followed her heart and created a bronze sculpture of her aging dachshund, Anna. People responded lovingly to her subject and Joy pursued her niche, creating a number of dachshund sculptures in amazingly lifelike poses. Joy's favorite sculpture is "Sunnyside Up" which was inspired by her dachshund Edgar's ritual of hopping out of bed and rolling around, actively arching his back to get a full frontal stretch and a complete back massage. Joy's sculptures have won numerous major awards, are owned by collectors on six continents and represented in a number of museums and permanent collections.

Sean Brown has been exhibiting his whimsical art and jewelry at fine galleries and juried art shows since 1989. Working from his studio/gallery in Denver, Brown creates one-of-a-kind artworks and jewelry pieces for homes, offices, and wardrobes. Sean's stylized images combine African, Aztec and Egyptian design with contemporary pop culture. Add to this a liberal use of vibrant color, interesting shape, and a delightful pattern and you have a one-of-a-kind art piece guaranteed to make you smile. Sean's work may be purchased at Carlyn Galerie in Dallas.


Karen Pester has created a unique line of original, hand crafted fused dichroic glass and welded metal animal sculptures. Of course, we're partial to the dachshund sculptures which were inspired by her son's two miniature dachshunds. Karen has been working with glass for over 12 years. She recently began welding and incorporates glass embellishments into her welded sculptures. You can purchase Karen's sculptures at Carlyn Galerie in Dallas.

Karrie Herschberger, otherwise known as The Chainsaw Chick, has combined her love of chainsaws with her love of dogs (now THERE'S something you don't hear every day) and creates artistic chainsaw carvings of various dog breeds. Inspired by her mother, who also does chainsaw carvings, Karrie admits her first mushroom carving failed, and her first eagle carving turned into an afghan hound head study. It must have been a fairly good afghan, however, because Karrie's been carving dogs ever since. Karrie has a background in logging and she knows how to wield a chainsaw. She can carve a dog in as little as 12 minutes. She's even been commissioned by Martha Stewart to carve likenesses of Martha's own dogs, and was featured on Martha's television show. Karrie is glad to take custom sculpture orders, and she also makes signs and trophies.

Check out this cute little dachshund purse mirror. Made of lucite and accented with Swarovski crystals, it's a must-have for every dachshund Mom's purse.


Janis Charbonneau is the artist behind Windfall Company's extensive line of felt dog ornaments and soft sculptures. In addition to dachshunds, Janis has created ornaments and scupltures for every dog breed imaginable. Each item is a one-of-a-kind miniature work of art, sculpted and painted entirely by hand. Janis sells her creations on eBay. Take a look at her auctions - you'll be amazed at how detailed and lifelike her ornaments and sculptures are. If you don't find the breed you want, contact Janis to request a custom creation. She's happy to take special orders and can create an ornament or sculpture that looks just like your own dog.

Madison Avenue Maxi by Elke Gazzara

Madison Avenue Maxi is the story of a love affair between a dachshund and her owners. When Ben Gazzara and his wife, Elke, reluctantly agree to adopt the pet dachshund their daughter no longer wants, the couple unknowingly takes a new member into their family. The sudden presence of a pet in the lives of these jet-setters appears at first uncertain. However, the ever-sweet, playful, and surprisingly smart Maxi immediately endears herself, and soon she becomes the Gazzaras' unlikely "child" in the empty nest of their Madison Avenue townhouse. Madison Avenue Maxi is a warm, touching memoir of man's - and woman's - best friend.

Merry Rosenfield is the artist behind The Magic Zoo. Merry's been making animal jewelry for 25 years and has a huge selection of animal charms, earrings, pins and pendants. Of course, we're partial to her dachshund line, but she has over 30 different dog breeds to choose from. Merry also has plenty of adorable birds, bugs, small pets, farm animals, and wildlife jewelry designs, too. Each piece has its own unique personality. Says Merry, "My purpose as an artist is to make jewelry that really has 'life' and can make people smile."

Are you tired of having unattractive plastic dog gates and crates scattered around your house? Wish you could find something that would blend tastefully with your home furnishings? Then check out the selection of solid wood gates and crates from Orvis. They have a beautiful selection of handcrafted furniture quality crates. There's even a crate that looks like it's made of wicker. Their freestanding solid wood dog gates are available with multiple panels, are portable, and are great for use in today's open-floor-plan homes.

P.S. Orvis is an iGive participating merchant, so any Orvis purchases originating through iGive will benefit DFW Dachshund Rescue!

While traveling through the St. Louis area a while back, one of our rescue volunteers stopped in at the AKC Museum of the Dog. The museum is home to the world's finest collection of art devoted to the dog. The 14,000 sq. ft. facility, which includes the historic Jarville House (1853), displays over 700 original paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, sculptures, bronzes, and porcelain figurines, and a variety of decorative arts objects depicting man's best friend throughout the ages. If you should find yourself in the St. Louis area, we encourage you to seek out the Museum of the Dog. Don't miss their "Dog Hall of Fame"!

Jimmy Ellis worked a number of jobs in the art industry but had reached an impasse where nothing seemed to be working for him. He had an epiphany one night while having a few drinks with his dogs and cat. "I expessed my frustrations to them. The old black lab said, 'You just got to take a good look around and paint what you know'." The comic cat and dog imagery evolved in his work almost naturally, and his subjects always appear to be having a good time. "Cheers!"

Teresa Berg loves pets of all kinds - whether they have fins, feathers or fur - and has a special gift for photographing animals (and people, too). As Teresa says, "It's all about the light," but we think her talent has an awful lot to do with her success. Since adopting a dachshund from us in 2007, Teresa has literally "Gone to the Dogs." Now Teresa specializes in photographing canine clients (like Archie here, who's too sexy for his shades). Check out Teresa's website for more photos of Man's Best Friend. And be sure to take a peek at Teresa's blog for her "endless musings on portrait photography with a few subtle references to the real meaning of life..."

While hanging out at a recent dog event in Dallas, I came across a booth for Linda's 4 Paws Bakery. Linda lives in Grand Prairie and bakes treats such as Italian Parmesan Twists, Belgian Swirls, K-9 Biscotti, and Cherry Vanilla Bites for our four legged friends. I couldn't resist the aroma of her Cinnamon Yummies. My companion, Scrappy Doo, enthusiastically gave the treats Four Paws Up. Linda's treats are all natural, 100% human grade, baked fresh, with no by-products, no salt and no preservatives. Order some and taste for yourself - yeah, really, they're THAT GOOD!

Ruff Stuff harnesses, apparel and collars are designed and hand made by June Michel. Her handmade leather harnesses are not only functional and practical, they are truly works of art. Each piece is made by hand with love and appreciation, designed to pamper and spoil your special "little one". Says June, "I wanted to do everything in my power to make all pets feel special and let them know that we, as pet owners, appreciate them for being a part of our lives. They all deserve the best, and we, as the owners, need to show them that. Please never forget about those innocent and neglected animals that need our help."

Matt Rinard was dropped by his grandmother - twice - when he was a year old. His father, an overbearing Admiral in the Navy, urged Matt not to go into art but "to get a real job". Matt tried desperately to find a job but everyone knew he had been dropped on his head as an infant and was damaged goods. Finally in 1988, Matt launched Spilled Inc., an art publishing enterprise. The business still adheres to Matt's time-worn philosophy: "If my parents like it, it won't sell." Matt's art is vibrant and comical. His favorite subjects are animals, particularly dachshunds, and jazz musicians. Visit Matt's online gallery to view more of his work.

Five VERY obedient dachshunds pose next to the badgers they've successfully quarried. Look at the size differential between the hunters and the hunted. Dachshunds are fearless! They aren't called "Badger Dogs" for nothing - they earned their name.

"Not in My Backyard!" is a comic strip by Dale Taylor featuring Oscar the Dachshund. Oscar has ongoing backyard battles against his nemesis, Oliver the squirrel, a crazy Fox Terrier, and other assorted invaders. Always up for a nap or a treat, there's a little bit of Oscar in every dachshund!

Here is link to download a printable file of a cute, 3-dimensional papercraft dachshund. Print it on your color printer, grab the scissors and glue, and don't forget to download the assembly instructions, too.

If you're better with a needle and thread than you are with scissors and glue, try your hand at this stuffed dachshund instead. I think one of these would make an excellent gift for your favorite Dachshund Rescue web mastressa (hint hint)!

"I LONG to be around you." This dachshund nightshirt pretty much sums up the sentiments of all dachshunds far and wide... or should we say long and short?

David Hockney's Dog Days

David Hockney introduces his two dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie, in this delightful collection of paintings and drawings. They are "not very good models," he says. "I make no apologies for the apparent subject matter. These two dear little creatures are my friends. They are intelligent, loving, comical, and often bored." The book tells more about us dachshund lovers than the dogs; we are a strange bunch with an odd sense of humour and a deep passion for these dogs.

While on vacation last spring, I came across an interesting character at the Sausalito ferry pier. This guitar and harmonica playing hippie was parked on a bench with his adorable wirehair dachshund sidekick. The dog was wearing a tiny yacht cap and sunglasses, and slept on top of the guitar as the guy entertained the gathering crowd. Sounds like this pair is a fixture at the pier, so if you should find yourself in Sausalito, stop by and check out their act.

In 1998 Art Paw Custom Pet Portraits was one of the very first portrait studios on-line offering Pop art portraits inspired by Andy Warhol. Since that time many digital studios have gotten on board to pay tribute to Andy and pop art portraits remain one of Art Paw's most popular pet portrait styles. Rebecca Collins has gone on to develop her own unique painterly style of work that has become quite popular. Rebecca strives to capture the unique spirit of her portrait subjects and create modern works of art that will be cherished for years to come. Featured here are Izzy, Murphy, and Fidget (who, coincidentally, is a DFW Dachshund Rescue alumnus). All you need to get started is a photo - Rebecca will do the rest!

Click here for some cute cartoon dachshund recipe cards. Print them on your own printer using heavy cardstock. Maybe use them for some of our tasty dog treat recipes.

These "Puzzimals" are designed by an Amish craftsman and cut to perfection with intricate scroll work. They are made of quality birch or maple 3/4 inch plywood. They come in over 100 different breeds, but of course, we think the dachshunds are the best!

The House of Tekelden by Denys Dawnay

With a lineage stretching back as far as the first century AD, few families can lay claim to a history as illustrious and colorful as that of Flower, the tail end of the Tekelden line. Denys Dawnay created this extraordinary book for Belinda Lambton in 1945 and dedicated it to Flower, the family dachshund. It has been a cherished family heirloom for over sixty years. Starting with Rattila the Hund and his Sack of Rome in 463, Dawnay follows the lives of Rattila's dachshund descendants, both distinguished and notorious, celebrating their achievements through family portraits by notable artists of the day, from Van Dyck to Picasso. This full-color facsimile of the original hand-drawn and scripted manuscript has never been available beyond Flower's family and is a wholly unique, tongue-in-jowl addition to the literature on dogs.

"Ankle Biter Ale", "Piebald Pale Ale", "Howling Hounds Honey Wheat"... these are the names of various small batch beers brewed by III Dachshunds Beer and Cider in Milwaukee, WI. Inspired by the owner's three dachshunds, "III Dachshunds Beer & Cider will carry on the small bold nature of the breed and brew small batch, quality, handcrafted beer." Unfortunately, they aren't sold in bottles (yet), so you'll have to make a trip to Milwaukee, WI for a taste.

Hug-a-Dog makes a stylish and comfortable-fitting harness that is both easy on the dog and on the owner. Hey - that's not a dachshund -- but doesn't "Allie" look stylish in that harness anyway? There are lots of fabrics to choose from and they are custom fitted to your dog's measurements. Hug-a-Dog harnesses are top quality, with reinforced seams and edges. Our dachshunds can personally vouch for them, and they get lots of compliments, too.

"100% pure essential Juju squeezed fresh from hand-picked people." The folks at Indigo Wild, one of our generous supporters, have a great philosophy (and lots of fun, by the sound of it)! They make and sell heavenly soaps (for people and dogs), lotions and candles using only natural ingredients. Check out their Y.U.M. (Your Untidy Mutt) products - especially the Y.U.M. Glow Doggie Candle. The Lavender-Lemon and Patchouli scent rids your home of even the toughest doggie smells.

Looks like these dachshunds are really enjoying their day at the beach! Terry Pond is a fabulous artist and generous supporter of DFW Dachshund Rescue. She has a huge collection of whimsical dachshund art prints available, as well as cards, calendars, apparel and other gift items featuring her designs. The hardest part is deciding which designs you want, because you'll want them all!

Here are instructions to fold your own origami dachshund designed by Ian Mitchell.

Stephen Kline has created a new technique using lines of language to make fascinating and charming lithographs of your favorite dogs. Hand-signed and numbered in editions of 500, this art is created by writing the name of the breed over and over. Kline adds additional words with gold and silver applied pen-and-ink, making each print an original piece of art. The artist will even imbed your dog's name several times into the lithograph.
Welcome to WeenieChic - The Weenie Dog Blog. The blog contains plenty of cute dachshund photos, videos and comments about dachshunds. This will keep you entertained for a LONG (no pun intended) time!

(Note - because this links to a blog with content beyond our control, DFW Dachshund Rescue makes no endorsement of the advertising or opinions posted.)