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Adopters "Bark Back"

We love hearing from our adopters about their rescue dachshunds. Their stories and pictures inspire us to continue our efforts to find the best possible homes for the dachshunds we've rescued and so lovingly fostered. If you've adopted a dachshund from DFW Dachshund Rescue, we encourage you to "bark back" too!

Elroy was so relieved to find his forever home that he wanted to help other Dachshund buddies out there on their road to finding forever homes. So he talked his mom into fostering. So far, Elroy has shared his heart and home with more than a dozen Dachshunds in the DFW Dachshund Rescue program. He's made lots of new friends and is looking forward to making even more new friends in the years to come. Elroy also did some modeling and got his picture in a trade magazine in 2009.
Gabby and Houston, nose to nose on the bean bag chair.
Turns out that Cyrus has a talent for alerting his family whenever the telephone rings. Since one of his owners is hearing impaired, his family is considering private classes to teach Cyrus to be a service dog. What a great Cinderella story for Cyrus!
Libby loves to help with the laundry!
Rocket here... I am doing just fine and enjoying my new family. They think I am great, imagine that! I love to go... anywhere... walks, auto repair shop, RV park, pet store, and even the vet - they have treats at the front counter. My longest trip to date, and most tiring, was to my grandparent's lake house where I met all the neighbors, watched the deer, and studied the water - I found it fascinating. On the next trip I want to pilot that big ski boat and be a bit more involved running the BBQ grill. When I am home I enjoy napping on one of several favorite pillows throughout the house, nighttime in the "big bed" and roaming the premises through not one, but two doggy doors. I am still in the process of selecting my favorite treats. The Wellness and yogurt drops are winning so far - hey, someone has to be taste tester!
Suzi (formerly Suki) loves hanging out with her buddy Sunny.
Schnitzel here, checking in. I love my new home and my new parents. They spoil me rotten. We even went to PetSmart to obedience classes, but since I learned to sit when given a treat, and since I'm so full of pee & vinegar, they decided to forego the rest of the classes. I absolutely LOVE my new daddy. He lets me burrow inside his housecoat and I follow him everywhere. He takes me for rides in his red truck, too! I make all kinds of nose decorations on his window. And I love my mommy, too. She gives me those yummy chicken treats at night when they eat dinner. I'm really a fast runner, and can leap and jump up high, too. Last night Mommy had a shrimp quesadilla and she had only taken a few bites of it and had to go look at something on the computer, and boy, it didn't take me but a second to jump up on the chair and wolf that quesadilla down!! Mommy went to eat it, and couldn't find it, but Daddy said his "little man got it" 'cause he smelled it on my breath. (It was delicious.) Anyway, just wanted to say I'm so happy to be in such a loving home. I have room to run around and the backyard is filled with geckos that I love to chase, and there are leaves to run after and frogs to sniff (but don't bite them - YUK). Tell all my fellow "rescue-ees" that I wish them luck in finding a home as good as mine!!
When Preston isn't napping with his buddy, Hans, he enjoys playing with his squeaky toys.
We got this report from Dixie's Mom: Dixie is doing great and loving her life as our only child! My fiance and I adopted her while engaged in 2005. We married in 2006 and Dixie is still our only "baby". She enjoys lounging on her favorite chair, preferably snuggled in a blanket or clean laundry, going on a walk/run with us, and playing with my parents' two schnauzers. We've spent a lot of time in the pool this summer. Dixie loves it when she gets to put on her lifevest and "rescue" us in the pool. She is a very brave little dog! At eight years old, she is showing no signs of slowing down her active pace; the only hint of her age is the gray she's starting to get around her nose. We love our sweet Dixie!
Lucky (formerly Travis) enjoys a warm, sunny day.
Cody's Mom reports that Cody has made the transition into the family quite easily! "I'm really glad we added Cody to the family. We adore him and he seems very happy!"
Rocket prefers the cooler weather, when he can snuggle in his blankets next to the fire.
I'm a Texas boy and I LOVE TO SNUGGLE! My name is Sammy - it was Heinz until my Mom adopted me in 2007. Now I'm living the good life. I have an older sister (she's a doxy too), we get two big walks a day, and we have tons of squirrels in the back yard! And listen, I just found out that we have a FERRET living next door -I dare them to let that sucker outside!
It's nearly impossible to tell, but there are TWO dachshunds curled up together in this photo! You can bet if you find Leo, his buddy Albert won't be far away.
Vegas has been renamed Bexar (pronounced "Bear"). His Mom sent us this update: "Bexar is still doing so good at our house! We've celebrated having him for ONE YEAR!! He's the most loving dog in the whole world! He gets really excited when one of us comes home from work and just runs laps around the yard and jumps way up in the air. He loves to snuggle up and be carried around like a baby. (Which we do, of course). We're slowly convincing all our friends and family to be dachshund owners because of their wonderful disposition. Bexar is such a great example!" Here's Bexar, front and center, with buddies Kosmo and Linus.
Repairs to chewed end tables: $10
Doggie door installation: $400
Extra dog beds: $50
Adding Hogan to the household: PRICELESS
Vegas has been renamed Bexar (pronounced "Bear"). His Mom sent us this update: "Bexar is such a fun-loving dog! I was convinced that our two current dachshunds had enough personality alone, but then came Bexar. He is on constant 'patrol' and scans the yard for any possible critters or intruders. He loves to run and run and run. But after a long day of running in the yard, he loves to come sit in our laps and paw at us for some love. Our other dogs love their new brother and they spend at least one hour in the morning wrestling around or playing a good game of chase. We are so happy to have our new doxie and can't wait to have all sorts of adventures with him!" That's Bexar on the left, fashionably wearing his ear inside out, with brothers Linus and Kosmo. What a trio!
We couldn't have said it any better than Sophie's new Mom: "Sophie J was just minutes from being put down in a shelter in Hillsboro. Dallas - Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue was contacted and took her in. They had a booth on Earth Day in Oak Cliff and Sophie J was there. My sister found her for me, and told me "this is your dog". The J is the initial of her foster mother, to honor her. To the DFW Dachshund Rescue Director and all of the foster parents... I thank you very much. Some people almost think about doing what you all do. However, 'almost' does not cross the finish line or take care of business. I have a new respect for animal rescue groups and for people who get the job done. Sophie J and I say thank you." From all of us at DFW Dachshund Rescue "You are QUITE welcome!"
Remember YOUR first kiss? We don't think that Flash is going to ever forget this kiss from Cleo! We bet there's a lot more kisses in store for Flash.
Hello everyone! Fiona here. I just want to tell everyone at DFW Dachshund Rescue how much I love my new life. My dachsie relatives were here from Michigan for a nice long visit and we just palyed and played. And since I'm a grown up girl now, I have a job of my very own. I help my daddy make his patient calls every evening. It's so much fun - even if I have to be quiet. Gotta run!! There's lots of calls tonight.
"We just love Ginger" reports her Mom. "She has been sweet, fun and very loving. The boys love to take her for walks, play fetch and snuggle with her on the couch. She has slept in her crate in our room and stayed sleeping all night. She has found her voice and will bark when people come over or there is something interesting outside. She eventually settles down. She is a big kisser and always has her tail wagging. We are very happy with our addition. We are so grateful for your kindness, friendliness, and doxie knowledge. You do so much good for the community with your work and we are happy to have Ginger to love. Thanks again for bringing us together!"
Here are Jack (in green) and his buddy, Hank, out with their family for a day of 4-wheeling. We're told they love to ride and only bark at very large animals like horses and bulls. Jack tries to catch butterflies and bugs in the air while driving around. He loves to have ALL the toys. His family loves him and Hank dotes on him.
Dinucci and Mazzy are becoming good friends. Dinucci's Mom reports "I always thought it would be sweet for them to be in one bed together. Actually, Dinucci is just now getting in the beds. He initially would not get in a bed. He and Mazzy both rode in the carseat together. Too cute. They are becoming quite the little pair. I couldn't be happier."
Shelby looks fetching in her new designer coat. Her Mom reports "She was a bit dubious about that at first, but she does like to be warm."
Ernie's family reports "Ernie is doing very well and is such a happy little guy. He does his 'crazy' race through the house at about 7pm each evening. He literally picks up a toy in his mouth and runs at TOP speed through the game room, living room, dining room and kitchen. He does about 10 laps and then just falls over exhausted. We all just watch him and laugh. There is no way to catch him! We adore him and are so happy to have him in our family."
It didn't take long for Zoey and Barton to become fast friends. Here they are - two peas in a pod!
Myrtle (formerly Reesie) got all decked in a St Patrick's Day party hat and joined her favorite leprechauns for a night on the town.
Dixie was adopted from DFW Dachshund Rescue in 2004. Her Mom reports that she's got quite a personality. Her favorite activities are romping and playing with her schnauzer "cousins", snuggling and giving kisses, basking in the sun on her favorite chair, and burrowing under the blankets with only her little nose poking out. "We love her to pieces. Thanks for helping us find our baby".
Dapple Dickens sent pictures to all his friends who were so kind to him during his recuperation at DFW Dachshund Rescue so they could share in his awesome 2nd birthday party. His doggie friends came over and they shared a great Cars birthday cake and real ice cream cones. Dickens gave all his friends gifts because he already got the best gift of all - a loving forever home.
"Fiona (formerly Roxy) is an awesome addition to our pack," reports her new Mom. "She loves to play rough and tumble with our foster dachshund - what he has on her in size, she makes up for in tactics and stealth. She may look demure, but, believe me, she's not! She's already made friends with the dogs at our neighborhood shops and loves the attention she gets at the weekly wine tastings. There is nothing timid about our brave and bold little gal. Thank you DFW Dachshund Rescue for our little Fiona. We will treasure her always."
Myrtle's (AKA Reesie) Mom is so proud, and sent us this report: I had told myself I was NOT going to get a puppy. I've always adopted dogs a little older - ones hopefully over the chewing & housetraining stages. However, this young girl (8 months old at the time) caught my eye, and it wasn't long before she also caught my heart. She seemed to have the personality that would be adaptable to my other 3 dogs - Ginger & Betty Lou (small terrier mixes) and Fred (adopted from Dachshund Rescue 7 yrs ago and who will be turning 11 yrs old this coming January). I gave Reesie her new name of "Myrtle" because that was my grandmother's name, and coincidentally my grandfather's name was Fred. They were happily married for over 50 years before they passed away, so it makes me glad that Fred & Myrtle are together again. Myrtle got along great with her new brother & sisters from the moment she came home with me, and she learned how to use the doggie door within the first 30 minutes. Such a smart gal! She also learned right away where the Toy Box was, and she visits it quite frequently. Myrtle's had a few "puppy moments", but overall, I sure can't complain. She's gone on outings with me and loves meeting new people and dogs. Here's a picture of her wearing her "Bitches Have More Fun" t-shirt. I'm sure if she could talk, she'd be telling everybody that she's having a LOT of fun in her new forever home.
Pretzel (now known as Larry) LOVES water! Here he is during the summer, taking a dip in the kids' pool.
It's me, Ernie! We recently celebrated my first birthday and what a fun time we had! I got lots of cool new toys, including a stuffed squirrel that I'm pretty sure I will destroy by the end of the night. I got some yummy treats, too! I was hoping for a cake, but my Mom says I am sort of watching my weight. I love my family and just wanted you all to know that I'm having the time of my life. Thanks for putting me in the home I was meant to be in!
Rosie (formerly Reba) sends us this note: I'm sorry I have not written sooner but I've had a very busy month with my new family! I wouldn't say that I'm spoiled but I have a very relaxing and comfortable life here. If I get cold my Mom has a wardrobe for me to keep me nice and warm. At night I sleep curled up between Mom and Dad - they really seem to enjoy that. They are amazed at how quickly I learned the rules of the house. I love my window seat and the little door leading to the outside. I can nap in the sunshine any time I want. I lead the way on our daily evening walks. Unfortunately I have to be on a leash and I'm not allowed to further develop my already superior hunting and tracking instincts. I could clear this neighborhood of those pesky rabbits if they would just let me loose! I'm teaching my Dad to keep his shoes stored in the closet where they belong but once in a while he forgets and I have to remind him. I love my new parents. Thank you for taking such good care of me when I was lost and for finding me a new family. You did good!

Callie has entered the glamorous world of high fashion! "June Michel and I turned Callie and [sibling dachshund] Oscar into little fashion models for her new Ruff Stuff Dog website design. June's product is featured in the winter issue of Modern Dog...and has a good shot at being featured in a segment on the Today Show." We think Callie looks fab-u-lous in her custom leather harness, don't you?
It took a while but Blossom (who now goes by Pixel) finally checked in. According to her dad, she's been such a wiggle worm that the only time he can snap is photo is when she's sleeping. And it's no wonder! She and her red dachsie sibling Noodle play non-stop all day long, then, exhausted, they snuggle in together for a nap.
HI DFW Dachshund Rescue! Brock here! I just want to thank you for finding me a great new family, especially my Dachshund brother, Cowboy. Mom bought both of us these great dinosaur chewies (which I love to chew on before going to sleep in THE BIG BED - yippee). Cowboy has even taught me how to bark - not sure if Mom is too keen on that. Well, I'm off to play with my two legged siblings! Thanks for the awesome life!
Flower (now known as Annie) goes on a walk with her family every morning. On the weekends, they go to the park. Annie loves the walks and the back yard. Her Mom tells us "Annie is at war with the squirrels who love to annoy her from a safe distance. Toys and other objects are hidden all through the house, and I mean EVERYWHERE!" Congratulations, Annie on your new forever home.
Carson (renamed Charlie) gets a little lap time during his recent 3rd birthday festivities.
Bandit checked in and he's doing great! "I love my new family and my mom even brags about me having good manners. I'm even slimming down. My mom and I love to walk together - we get to spend quality time together and it makes me feel sooo good and energized. Every Dachsie should try it with their family."
Cooper's Mom writes "Cooper graduated from the Beginner Class at PetsMart and now he is enrolled in Click A Trick where he will learn all kinds of tricks. We may move up to Intermediate after that. He is so smart and I know more, too. He enjoys seeing the other dogs in class and loves to socialize more than anything. He's the clown of the class that's for sure! My neighbor called the other day and asked if she could come down and see Cooper; she was just wanting to come down and get some attention from him, she just missed seeing him. He is the hit in the neighborhood. Everyone comes out to see him when we walk by. For sure if you come across another piebald keep us in mind, I know Cooper would love to have a friend."
Pepper (left, with sibling Duke) and her family took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family this summer. Her Mom reports "They both love to go 'motoring'. They were perfect little dachshund ambassadors everywhere we went and generated quite a bit of attention. Many people approached us asking 'May I pet your dogs?' and 'What kind of dogs are they?'. It was fun to watch Pepper and Duke exploring the paths in the Pennsylvania woods, experiencing chipmunks and woodpeckers and finding out that they like to swim in the river every night with their people. Pepper could not get enough of the spring water - it's ruined her taste for Texas tap water! I am still mixing bottled water with tap to encourage her to drink. We're all counting the days until we return."
Kona's new family has an RV and Kona recently got to go along on her first ride. Turns out she really took to it, but she wasn't content riding shotgun in the passenger seat - Kona wanted to drive! Makes us chuckle to think of this little girl in her pink and white collar, fearlessly navigating a huge RV through rush hour traffic! Of course, reaching the pedals turned out to be quite a problem. Happy travels, Kona!
Larry (formerly known as Pretzel) wanted to say "Hi" and see what you were up to. His family reports that Larry always has his nose into everything.... and quite a nose it is!
Annie has turned out to be quite the hunter. Her Mom reports: "She caught a squirrel back in June...it fell out of the tree. Let's just say it was not a pretty sight and I had to call animal control for the poor squirrel. It was a subtle reminder that Annie really is a dog...not this little human I think she is! She's my little outdoor girl and makes hundreds of trips in and out of the dog door daily."
We received this update from Lady's Mom. "Lady now has the new name of Lucy (but we nicknamed her Lady Bug). Momma, grandma and doxie are doing well. Lucy LOVES sleeping in the bed, taking naps w/grandma, going for her morning walk, and her evening play time in the back yard. My mom absolutely loves her and treats her like the only child she is. She loves riding in the car and wants to go everywhere I go. We went shopping at the pet store and picked out a new bowl (she picked one that says "DIVA"), she also picked out a new toy, and a ball. It warms my heart to watch her come out of her shell. She now barks at the kids in the family, wags her tail, sleeps in laps, on your chest or anywhere touching you, and most recently has discovered other dogs on TV (she actually runs to the TV and barks). Lucy has become the queen of this family."
Flower (now renamed Annie) is settling in well in her new home and making friends with doggie sibling Alex. Her Mom wrote to tell us "Annie and Alex are playing now, and seem to be turning into best buddies. Annie has hidden toys all through our house, and my shoes are not safe unless they are on my feet or out of her reach. She loves the laundry basket, too, and will drag anything out that she can. She is just adorable. We are enjoying her so much."
Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the flowers, like Otto here. His Mom tells us that Otto loves exploring the back yard. When he's inside, Otto's favorite place to snuggle is in the recliner with his Dad. Otto also likes to nap on the couch, he adores his stuffed pizza slice toy, and he's a great kisser! (We think he looks quite dapper in his bandana, too.)
We got this update from Dickens' family: "I think you will agree Dickens looks great! He could play ball all day and that is just fine with us. Dickens' personality has just blossomed and we are spoiling him rotten. He got his first bath today and he also got his nails filed. He did so well. He has gotten real protective of his sister Ginger; they just love each other so much. Dickens is now the King of the bed and everyone moves to fit his needs. Thanks so much for letting us adopt this wonderful loveable baby!"
We got this update from Kona's Mom: "We go for walks every day around the neighborhood, she has the living room floor covered in dog toys, and has been shopping at PetsMart a few times. We were at PetsMart getting her name tag and Kona found Bobo, the long red dog toy from the TV commercial. She picked out which one she wanted, carried it to the checkout, (it was scanned while in her mouth!) and she carried it out to the car. Everyone was watching and laughing! You would not believe how much she runs and plays with her toys. She is quite the clown! She is such a cutie. We are so blessed to have Kona in our family!"
Chun was adopted a few years ago from DFW Dachshund Rescue. We recently got this nice note from Chun's adopter about his "baby": "I want to thank you again for helping Chun and I get together. In July it will be a year since the injury to his back. He continues to do well and while he is not back to his original condition, he gets around well with partial paralyzing to his hind quarters. He walks slowly with a bit of wobble to either side, but he can run like a rabbit! Chun and his friend, Rosie, run together outside and bark at happenings in the street, the dogs on either side of us, and just generally have a good workout. They both sleep in my room, and during the day Chun is always at my feet or asleep by my side on the divan or recliner. He really helps to 'make my day' and is loved by all the family."
We received this photo of Coco (peeking out from behind his sibling, Peanut), along with this update: "Coco is really one of the family now. He is playful and very vocal! Coco and Peanut are getting along great and both of them try to be #1 in the house. It is really funny to watch them both try to sit in my lap at the same time. Everyone who comes to visit tries to take Coco home with them. Thank you for taking care of him and giving us an opportunity to adopt him."
Ernie's Mom sent us a bunch of photos and it's obvious that Ernie has already made himself at home. Ernie explored the back yard, romped with the family's two sons, checked out his new dog bed but decided he prefers to nap on the overstuffed rocking chair, hung out in his brothers' cool tent, then curled up on the couch completely exhausted. Gee, Ernie, what'cha gonna do tomorrow?!
We're getting daily updates from Dickens' new family and we're absolutely thrilled that he's found such a great forever home. His Mom reports "My husband and I, Dickens, and our other two dogs all went for a walk tonight. Dickens was anxious to see everything. He walks around with a smile on his face all the time. He gobbled all of his food down tonight, and now we're relaxing on the bed. Our little Prince goes between sitting on top of the pillows and digging under the blankets. How did we ever get along without him?!"
Cindy and Flash recently stepped out on the town together and the "PUParazzi" was there to capture the occasion. Flash, as you may recall, prefers to avoid the limelight and looks a little irritated with this invasion of privacy. But Cindy, always elegant and gracious, smiled for the camera. Dah-lings, you both look FAB-U-LOUS! Let's do lunch!
Larry (formerly known as Pretzel) appears rather defiant in this photo, but his Mom reports that Larry is a fast learner. "Larry is doing great, but he sure is a hand full right now.......... 100% Pure Puppy! I try to spend as much time with him as I can. He definitely knows how to sit, stay and wag his tail, and he almost has BANG down. He is very smart. I am so proud of him. We play every night. We don't miss a day - even in the rain he goes out and runs and plays. And Larry loves the water. He dunks his head in his water bowl. I can't fill it all the way up because it's too tempting for him! It's the funniest thing I have ever seen. Larry gets a lot of attention and he fits right into the family. We love him."
We recently received this note from Bonnie and Rocky: "We have lots of fun playing with all the new squeaker toys our Mom and Dad have gotten for us. Our Mom takes us for a walk every morning and if it isn't too hot we go again at night. Sometimes I make Rocky chase me and then I hide from him under the bed or couch because he can't get under there. Then he just barks until my Mom comes and sees what all the racket is....isn't that funny!" Bonnie, it sounds like you definitely have the upper hand in hide-and-seek!
Pretzel's proud new parents have renamed him "Larry" and already are raving about their new family member. "Larry is doing wonderful. I have taught him to stay, and to drop his toy. He is very smart. We go on walks at the park but he likes to bark at the joggers and act tough. Everyone just laughs. So, we are working on that. We are so happy with Larry and he loves us too! You found him a wonderful home!"

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If you've adopted a dachshund from DFW Dachshund Rescue, we encourage you to "bark back" too!

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