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Make a Tax Deductible Donation
100% of your donation
goes to help
the dachshunds in need.
Thank you for caring!

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DFW Dachshund Rescue has used the walking harnesses designed and produced by Mr. Wags for many years. The harnesses are a good fit for dachshunds, easy to put on and available in a wide variety of colorful fabrics.

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Proud to be a Pet Hero

Selecting a Reputable Rescue Organization

Thank you for considering the adoption of a homeless dachshund. As you've no doubt seen, there are many more dogs than there are available homes, and there are many shelter and rescue organizations from which to choose your new family companion. Petfinder is an umbrella website that advertises adoptable animals from a number of different city shelters, private shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals, each serving their own target adoptive audience. Each of these groups has their own policies, procedures and requirements.

If you choose to adopt a dog from a rescue organization such as ours, it's important to learn as much as possible about the organization and its policies. The better the rescue organization, the better the chances you will adopt a companion that truly fits your family and lifestyle.

We have prepared an excellent article detailing a number of things to consider when selecting a rescue organization. Don't be afraid to ask questions about a rescue's policies and procedures. If the organization's representatives are defensive, rude, or avoid providing details, you should consider adopting from a different organization.

Click here to read the full article on Selecting a Reputable Rescue Organization.

Be a Great Dog Owner!

1. Clean up after your pet! Whenever you go out for a walk or go to the park, be sure you go with a plastic bag. No one wants to step in the poop that your dog left behind. Please "scoop the poop" and this way your dog will be welcome out in public.

2. Don't add to the animal population - please be sure your dog is spayed or neutered. There are already more dogs on the planet than there are possible homes - we don't need more.

3. Feed a quality dog food. Pet foods purchased in the local grocery store chains are generally full of grains, by-products and other undesirable ingredients. Feed a premium dog food; it pays off in the long run with a healthier dog. And healthier dogs have less trips to the vet!

4. Find a job for your dog. All dogs were initially bred to do something, and most dogs are "chronically under-employed". Dogs who are bored tend to get themselves in trouble. Take a basic obedience class with your dog for starters and then go from there. Perhaps you can teach your dog some tricks or pursue agility training or therapy dog work or any number of interesting activities. A dog with a purpose is a happy dog.

5. Use positive training methods. In today's dog training world, choke collars, shock collars and other punishment based methods are just not appropriate. We know more about dogs these days, and there are lots of positive training options out there. Clicker based training is very effective and there are lots of articles about this out on the internet.

6. Volunteer to help with an animal rescue or welfare organization, or donate to support one of those groups. These organizations give many dogs a "second chance" at life and they need your support.

Annual United Way Donations can be Directed to DFW Dachshund Rescue

Most of us are familiar with the annual United Way campaigns organized by many employers, but did you know that you can direct your United Way donation to benefit DFW Dachshund Rescue? Most companies allow you to designate 501(c)(3) organizations of your choice to receive your United Way donations.

Check your employer's United Way sign-up process for requirements, and contact us, or call us at 817-481-9272, for the information needed to "write in" DFW Dachshund Rescue.

We've already begun receiving United Way directed donations from several companies, so you can rest assured that the process does work. What a wonderful way to help the dachshunds all year long! Thank you to those who are participating already - we are grateful for your support!

Remember DFW Dachshund Rescue in Your Estate Plans

When you sit down to do your estate planning, please consider designating DFW Dachshund Rescue Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate. A bequest, no matter the size, funds our mission of restoring the health and finding new forever families for our homeless dachshunds.

It's easy to do. Just instruct your attorney that you wish to make a bequest to "DFW Dachshund Rescue Foundation" in your will or trust documents in whatever amount or form you choose. Be sure to include our address if you're a Texas resident.

Because we are a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation we may also meet the criteria for qualified beneficiaries for a variety of charitable giving programs which may be components of more elaborate estate planning. Be sure to consult with your attorney and tax professionals before embarking on any type of asset distribution plan to determine the appropriateness for your particular situation.

If you are interested in making a bequest and you, or your counsel, require further information please contact us, or call us at 817-481-9272.

Who We Are

The Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation is a well-established organization with a history of providing dachshund related education and service to the DFW community. If you are looking to adopt or purchase a dachshund, have dachshund related training or behavior questions, or need to place your dachshund, we may be able to assist you. If not, we will make every effort to find you someone who can.

Dachshunds in our program are fully vetted before adoption. This includes being altered, receiving all needed immunizations, having a dental cleaning and being microchipped. Any other medical issues the dog has will also be addressed before being adopted.

Our dachshunds are placed in foster homes while they undergo rehabilitation and await adoption. This allows us to better evaluate the personalities of each dog, which provides a better match for potential adopters. While in their foster homes, the dachshunds are socialized, given plenty of love and praise, and some begin to pick up basic housetraining skills and obedience.

How You Can Help

If you or someone you know are looking to acquire a companion dachshund, please view our list of available dachshunds. Information on how to go about adopting can be found in each dog's detailed listing, and in the next section, "Adopting A Friend."

Even if you are not looking for a companion dachshund, you can still be one of our Guardian Angels. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, funded solely through gifts, donations and adoption fees and staffed entirely by volunteers. All donations are tax deductible. Every dollar received goes directly towards the care of our rescue dachshunds. Your support makes it possible for us to continue helping those dogs in need.

Donations may be sent to:
Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation
P.O. Box 1892
Colleyville, TX 76034

Donations may also be made via Paypal:

Make a Tax Deductible Donation
100% of your donation
goes to help
the dachshunds in need.
Thank you for caring!

Some companies have matching gift programs that allow individual donations to go even farther. Ask your employer if this type of program is available to you.

Click here for more ways to help the dachshunds.

Adopting a Friend

If you are interested in adopting one of the dachshunds in our rescue program, please contact us for an application. It will be sent out to you via postal mail, as it is not available online. Once your application has been received, we will check your vet references, and schedule a home visit.

We are a private organization that fosters our dogs in individual homes. We do not have a kennel or a public facility of any type. We do not schedule visits with dogs until an adopter's application has been approved.

For more information about our adoption process, go to Our Adoption Process page.

Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation
P.O. Box 1892
Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone: 817-481-9272

Email: rescue@dfwdachshund.com

Click here for a list of our available dachshunds