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In Memory of our Loved Ones

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(Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2011)

Max was a loyal friend and companion to both my husband and myself for 17 years. Not long after we brought him into the house, we knew he would rule the roost. He was playful, loving and always wanted to be near us. Whenever he spied a nice new blanket, he always tried to claim it for his own. When I moved to night shift for a few years, Max kept my husband company through the many nights. All that met him instantly took a liking to him as he was friendly and very curious.

Max crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 26th, 2011. He will be forever in our hearts.


(? - 2010)

Coco was a mini dachshund adopted from DFW Dachshund Rescue in 1997. She crossed the rainbow bridge on May 15, 2010. The vet estimated her age at 18-20 years old. Coco had congestive heart failure and attempts were made to regulate it with medicine, but she didn't improve. She was a wonderful friend and companion and her family will miss her greatly.


(1990 - 2007)

I first laid eyes on Nikolas at Dallas Animal Services while I was there accompanying a friend. Niki was around seven weeks old with a great set of lungs. He had just arrived at the facility that morning. Niki was in a large dog holding pen and was trying frantically to get out from under the gate. Naturally I couldn't leave him there so I adopted Niki on the spot! He and our four year old miniature dachshund soon became inseparable.

Niki was the consummate tennis ball player. He was seldom without his ball, and he was not particular with whom he shared his ball for a throw. And throw it you would, over and over. He never tired of the game, but you would!

Niki crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 1, 2007. We still miss him a great deal.


(Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008)

Hans lived a long and happy life, full of love, with his family in Iowa. He survived back problems and a number of health issues, but old age eventually demanded that Hans leave his family for the journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Hans will be missed but will live on in the hearts and memories of his family.


George Burns Ferebee
(1995 - 2008)

George, we were there to catch you when you were born, and 13 years later we were there to see you off on your journey across the Rainbow Bridge. If tears and love could have saved you then you would have lived forever. George, you were the Boss and we would give anything to hear your voice one more time. Our hearts are broken but with time we know it will get better.

George, we miss you so much. Flynn and Elmo will keep your favorite seat (Daddy's lap) warm until we all are together again. Have fun playing with Marley and Little Man. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you so much. Mom and Dad.


Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
(1992 - 2006)

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was likely born in 1992. He was adopted from DFW Dachshund Rescue on February 28, 1998. Rommel crossed the Bridge on October 27, 2006.

Rommel lived a full and happy life in his forever home with his best buddy Wraith, a Sheltie. They loved to scare the local cats and chase squirrels!! The last couple years they were joined by their sister, Pandora, a Huskie. All of us miss Rommel very much!!

Good-bye, Rommel. Your mighty paws left an imprint on all our hearts!!!


(1994 - 2007)

Longfellow lived a long and full life.

He loved to "sing" whenever his owner played the piano, and would leap off the couch to stand beside the piano for each performance. Longfellow also had a fondness for money, credit cards and driver's licenses, and would frequently "pickpocket" visitors to the house. Fortunately, he always stashed his "loot" in the same spot, where it would be retrieved and returned to its rightful owner.

Good bye, Longfellow. You are missed.


(1987 - 2000)

Java, illness took you from me suddenly and it left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. My grief brought me to DFW Dachshund Rescue... and now three adopted dachshunds later I can finally look at your photos and smile instead of cry. Thank you for everything you brought to my life. I'll see you at the bridge.