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Dachshund Resource Library

"Designer" Dogs, Mutts, and Mongrels

Books for Teaching Children Proper Ways to Interact with Pets

Socializing Your Puppy - How to Avoid Trouble Down the Road

Misconceptions of Rescue Organizations

Elderly Parents and Pets

Selecting a Reputable Rescue Organization

Pet Loss Hotlines

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

Spot-On Flea Killers - Safety and Alternatives

Arthritis in the Aging Dog

Your Pet's Golden Years

Preventive Dental Care for Dogs

Disaster Preparedness for Your Pets

Photographing Your Dog

Rainbow Bridge

Clean Up After Your Dog

Teaching Children Dog Safe Behaviors

Foods that are Toxic to Dogs

Adding Another Dachshund to a Multi-Dog Home

Why Adopt a Male Dog?

Keeping Your Longhair Dachshund Beautiful

Planning Ahead for the Future of Your Pets

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area

Emergency Vet Clinics in the Metroplex

Dog Treat Recipes

For More Information

There is a wealth of knowledge available today via the internet. We encourage you to research issues important to you. Here are links to several sites with extensive resource libraries that might be of interest to you. Be sure to fully evaluate everything you read in order to make the best decisions for you and your pets.

Coping with Pet Loss: A Resource Guide for Grieving Pet Owners
This site is an excellent resource for those who have recently lost a beloved pet.
It contains a number of links with further information on pet loss, and also links to sites with information on how to memorialize your pet.

Financial Assistance Care & Education Foundation
FACE was created in July 2006 for the purpose of providing assistance in the form of grants to animal owners for the care and treatment of their pets needing specialty medical care. FACE's primary purpose is to provide assistance in funding needed to pay for veterinary specialty treatment of pets whose owners cannot afford the total expenses of the treatment.

Guardian Angels For Soldiers Pets
Resources for Deployed Military Personnel Needing Assistance Placing their Pets

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
Paws to Adopt - A Resource Guide for Blind and Deaf Dogs

Deaf and blind dogs present a number of unique challeges for their owners. These are links to several websites with information on dealing with deaf and/or blind dogs.

Fearful Dogs
If you live with or are working with a scared, shy, timid or anxious dog, this is the place to find information to help you be more effective in rehabilitating your dog. You will find products and services that are available to help with the process, along with groups, message boards and websites that can offer support and advice. This is an excellent resource on how to help these fearful dogs learn to become more confident.

Seniors' Pet Assistance Network
Seniors' Pet Assistance Network is a Dallas organization that helps seniors care for their companion animals. They provide financial assistance or subsidies, when available and with demonstrated need, for basic pet needs such as food, grooming, and veterinary care. They have also created a network of relationships with Dallas-area animal welfare organizations to assist in providing new homes for pets that can no longer stay with their owners.

Urban Animal List of DFW Area Rescues
Urban Animal has compiled a list of Dallas - Fort Worth area rescues, shelters and sanctuaries. If you want to adopt or surrender a dog that is NOT a purebred dachshund, try contacting one of these organizations for assistance.

Just Dog Breeds - profiles of 164 different dog breeds

Dog Gone Safe - an organization dedicated to dog bite prevention

VeterinaryPartner.com - answers to health issues for all types of pets

Only Natural Pet Store's Holistic Healthcare Library

Drs. Foster and Smith's PetEducation.com

Andrew Weil, M.D., Pets & Pet Care

CanineCare.org contains information on canine cancer and other diseases

What everyone should know about animal sanctuaries.