East Texas got paws? is a non-profit 501c3 animal / pet rescue group.

East Texas Got Paws? is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal/pet rescue and sanctuary founded by Darcelle Cowles in 2002. A "no-kill, limited admission" organization, we foster our rescues in our own homes. We do not operate a shelter. The majority of our animals are pulls from high kill East Texas area shelters or strays off of the street. A few are owner surrender.

Our mission is to help homeless animals find new homes that last forever. We make a lifetime commitment to every animal we take in. No animals are euthanized in our program until their quality of life suffers due to major illness or age. As a result, we have several "sanctuary" pets who are older or have medical or behavior issues and have lived their entire life with us. There seems to always be one puppy out of a litter that does not get adopted but they are no in danger of being euthanized by East Texas Got Paws?

Our adoption fee is minimal and we spend many dollars for transportation, medical, food and flea prevention out of our own pockets. The adoption fee primarily covers the cost of vaccinations, including rabies shots, and sterilization. East Texas has a HIGH rate of unwanted and un-sterilized pets. Until spay and neuter laws are passed, there will continue to be a pet population problem.

As these animals are fostered in our own homes, we know our animals. It is our intent to make the best possible match for the pet and the new owner to ensure that the home is the "forever" home for the pet. We work with these animals to socialize, housetrain where possible and even some obedience work. Although small, we are very successful in our adoptions and take pride in our efforts.

To volunteer, please contact darcy0325@gmail.com or call (903) 839-7991. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference in the quality life of our rescues. Additionally, 100% of every dollar or item donated will be used 100% for rescued animals.

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