Sanctuary Dogs or Un-Adoptable Dogs

We have several sanctuary dogs or forever pets in our rescue group.

Olive Oil is a Miniature Schnauzer and has chronic skin allergy issues.
She is also blind. Her good eye went bad shortly after I took her
from another rescue group. She is now a sanctuary dog until her skin
improves or someone will take her in.

Buddy is a male Jack Russell Terrier and I agreed to take him from
another group because he would be a sanctuary dog due to his age. He was left in a trailer park in the Houston area and he caught a ride up
to my house to live the rest of his life with my pack and me. He is a true joy and howls like a little miniature wolf.

This is “big” Lucy and Boxer, a small female lab mix, and a dachsund mix male, respectively, who have been in rescue since they were young pups together, although they are unrelated. They are great buddies and are both now about 13 years old.

Onyx is a 15 year old lab/border collie mix. He was rescued in Longview at about 2 years of age and has been in foster care his entire life. Don’t worry about him, though, he sleeps on a recliner in the living room every night and runs the house, together with his “lieutenant” Ike.

One of three shepherd mix puppies left on the doorstep of a vet’s office, Eddie is now 12 years old and is one of our “sanctuary” dogs. She is a tad shy but loves to be playful. Rather than being called a “good dog”, Eddie prefers to be called “pretty”.

George is one of our sanctuary dogs. He came to rescue from the Hawkins area with his mother and brother. George’s mother was a daschund mix, believe it or not, and we think his dad must have had some Rottweiler in him. George is now about 12 years old but still very active and playful.

Max was pulled as a young pup from the Longview Shelter nearly 12 years old. He is a small terrier mix and can jump waist high. Max is one of our sanctuary dogs.

Euckie is almost 14 years old. She was picked up as a stray in the Liberty City area and brought to us by a kind gentleman whose mother’s name was “Euckie”. We don’t know how Euckie spent her early years but she has been with us since she was about 4. She is a sweet girl, very pleased to receive affection and to give it.

Zaffrin is Eddie’s “twin” sister and is a shepherd mix. Now almost 12 years old, Zaffrin is also a tad shy and she has been with us since she was a pup.