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Four Paws Rescue
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Screening Potential Adopters | Adoption Policy for Renters    

Please note that your contract state that you will return your adopted pet to Four Paws Rescue should you not be able to care for your pet any longer. We will take the pet back at no cost, where as many shelters charge a $25 surrender fee!

Dog adoption fees range from $125-$200, depending on age, breed, and size. Your adoption fee includes:

  • Alterations surgery (spay or neuter)
  • Parvo/Distemper vaccinations (including booster shots for puppies)
  • Rabies vaccination and certificate
  • Four Paws ID tag
  • Training DVDs, coupons or other materials depending on availability
  • 50% your first grooming session with Pampered Pets Salon and Spa in North Logan

Cat adoption fees are $60 and include:

  • Alterations surgery (spay or neuter)
  • 4 way/FeLV vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination and certification
  • Four Paws ID tag
  • Training DVDs, coupons or other materials depending on availability

All of animals deserve loving, permanent homes. At Four Paws Rescue, we do our best to ensure our animals find the best possible homes by screening potential adopters.

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Screening Potential Adopters

An experienced adoption counselor conducts an informal interview with the potenal owner and/or family either in person at an adoption event, or over the phone. We help find the type of pet the potential adopter is looking for and try to find a suitable match based on the adoptive home's lifestyle.

After the interested adopter is interviwed and approved, the adoption can occur. The animal can be adopted on the same day. If the pet is too young for a spay/neuter surgery, arrangements will be made before leaving for the surgery or any booster vaccinations.

Adoption Policy for Renters

If you rent your house and you would like to adopt a cat or dog, bring your landlord's telephone number or a copy of your lease so we know that you are allowed to have pets. We want ALL of our animals to go to permanent homes when they leave our shelter.

If you are going to move in the future, you need to move into pet-friendly accomodations. The number one reason that animals are turned into shelters is because people are moving. Please plan accordingly with all of your future moves. We don't want to adopt an animal to someone who might return their pet just because they are moving. Adopting an animal should be taken seriously.