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Four Paws Rescue
P.O. Box 422
Millville, UT 84326

Lisa Shaw

Foster Care Provider

Four Paws Rescue is always in need of foster homes in Northern Utah for cats and dogs. Four Paws provides the vet care and health management while you provide love and care. We carefully match up foster dogs and cats with foster parents. Four Paws is responsible for finding the pet its forever home.

Please continue reading about the specific responsibilities of a foster family. Once you've made your decision to join our growing family of foster "parents," just complete the application online or call 435-752-3534.

Thanks again for your interest in being a foster family!

Your Role as a Foster Family

When you foster a pet from Four Paws Rescue, you are making a different. As you can imagine, being kept in a pound and then rescued can be very stressful and traumatic for many dogs. In your home they have a chance to feel safe and secure, to be loved, nurtured and get exercised and socialized. Your positive influence on this dog or puppy will prepare them for a new permanent family, which is the biggest gift of all!

Foster Home Responsibilities:

  • Provide temporary home and care for a cat or dog (ranges from a couple weeks to a couple months)
  • Transport the foster pet to vet appointments as scheduled by Four Paws (if/when necessary).
  • Provide information to update the pet bio (as well as digital photos and/or videos)
  • You may be aksed to bring your pet in for an adoption event, or coordinate with a volunteer going to an adoption event
  • Be a responsible guardian for your foster pet

Four Paws Rescue will:

  • Screen and interview all potential pet owners to find the appropriate home
  • Cover all vet/medical expenses
  • Provide a collar and ID tag
  • Provide food if needed
  • Provide a crate if needed

Ready to foster? Click here for our application.


It happens. You fall in love with this precious pet that you've been caring for. It happens to the best of us! As the foster family, you usually will have the first option to permanently adopt.


If you are looking to adopt a pet, we also have a week long trial period in your home where you can live with your new pet to test out life. This is great if you have other animals to test out. If the pet doesn't seem to work in you household, we will take the pet back and you may get a refund or try another pet if you wish. We call this "foster with the intent to adopt."