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"Happy Tails" - Adoption Success Stories

If you have a successful adoption story you'd like to tell everyone about, email along with a digital photo and an update!


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Rusty [on the right] is great! He is a very happy dog. He has changed a lot since we got him. He gets along with my other dog and they play all the time. I have not taken him on any real hunts. But he points everything. Any animal on the ground or in the field and he locks up. He is going to be a good bird dog. He sits anywhere in my house where he can see out and looks for squirrels, deer, any kind of birds, chipmunks and on and on. He knows how to sit lay down, shake, come, and just about everything a normal dog knows. He loves any kind of toy as long as it has a squeaker in it. He will sit a squeak a toy until you have to take it away from him. He is the friendliest and happiest dog I have ever seen. He just always has to give you his paw, and lays his head on you no mater what your doing. He is funny when he sleeps. You can't wake him up. You can shake him or do what ever and he won't wake up. He is spoiled rotten. He even likes going to the vet.

~Megan and Scott, Ohio



Kirby is so cute. He has been enjoying my yard. I feed my fish on Sunday. The fish pellets look like small dog food pellets. He put his paw in the pond and started paddling, their by pulling the fish food towards him.

He has grown some in the past weeks, and is turning more of a cream color. He gets along with the other two poodles Buster and Trudy. He likes to go on walks, and enjoys playing in the yard. My mom met him (Kirby) for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She said he is a very happy little dog. When I come home from work he howls like a wolf at me, so we proceed to howl back and forth at each other. I am very glad I adopted him. He is happy, friendly, and a little guy who tries hard to be good. He loves Trudy [the poodle]. He gives us all kisses. He even kisses Buster my old man poodle. I am thinking about putting him in a doggie agility class.  He is smart, strong, and minds.

~Joan and poodles



We are the Stapley family of West Valley , you recently contacted us in regard to how Cocoa was doing, we are happy to report she is very well. We renamed her Angel and she is fitting in here just fine. Last week she went to the vet to get tested for heart-worm and be microchipped. She has put on good amount of weight the vet said her weight is ideal now. She has a tooth the vet said will probably have to come out at some point but it isn't causing her any pain but we are going to have it removed before it does. She is now getting a lot of exercise (usually 3 walks a day)! She's getting along well with our other dog Rusty. The attached file is some pictures for you. Thank you for letting us adopt her!

~Stapley Family



I am Blue (on the right) and this is my best new friend Smokey (on the left, also a rescue dog). I was listed on with Four Paws Rescue and the perfect family found me on June 9, 2007. When I arrived at their house I was in heaven. A wonderful house to live in, a nice yard to play, and a small pool for me to drink and soak. I have a nice boy to sleep with, or I can sleep on the side of the bed of my new Mom and Dad. I go for lots of hikes and walks around the neighborhood. I am so appreciative of my new family, and Smokey is really nice about sharing everything with me. My adoption worked out great for me, and I know my new family loves me tons. Someone is always cuddling and petting me, and always telling me that I am a very good girl. Thanks so much to Four Paws Rescue for believing in me, because this is a dream come true for me, and adopting nice older dogs like me and Smokey is a blessing for my new family.

~Blue and Family



We adopted her 3 yrs and a couple of months ago (this was WINNIE) and we renamed her... GRETA. Well, she is doing great! We just wanted you to know that she is Happy & Well. We Rescued another Weimi Girl from a Kill Pound in Globe Arizona about 10-11 months ago & her name is Baby. Her time was up and no one wanted her, so a nice boy at the pound called us. We are so glad that he did. Greta and Baby get along very well. (Greta acts like the Mommie). Thanks again for having her transported to Flagstaff for us. Greta has been on her RX DIET Fish & Potato by Eukanuba and has not had any health problems since she has been put on it!

Oh, Greta has come along way. She Loves to go out in the back yard and "HUNT".. she doesn't want to really catch anything though; she just loves to stalk & role play with Baby (Baby is 2-3 yrs old.but acts like a Pup). Greta tries to 'TALK' the big Ravens down off the Power Poles outside of our yard...totally comical, Baby doesn't understand that at all cuz the Ravens talk back to Greta! Greta & baby LOVE their daily trip to the Ball Park as they have a huge grassy area to Investigate! We also take them once or twice a week to Show Low Arizona, where the LARGE DOG PARK is. THEY absolutely LOVE that trip (we always do it after our shopping is done). THEY LOVE meeting & playing with all of their Furry Friends there!..They Sleep all the way home too!

~Bill and Rose, Arizona


Gina was part of an accidental litter that was listed on I wasn't so keen on getting a dog at first, but I drove out to meet her anyway with my husband. We picked out a shy, meek little girl and took her home. Oh, how this little dog changed me (little is relative - she's 58 pounds now)! Now I couldn't imagine life with a dog! Gina is my best buddy. She's a snuggler, joins me while I hike or mountian bike, and can even ride in a canoe. She went on her first backpack trip last summer and carried her own pack! The photo of her is in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. She is the whole reason why I volunteer for other homeless dogs - I know there's sweet little "Ginas" out there just waiting for their special someone to find them.



My husband and I adopted Sophie on Jan 20th of this 2007. We intended to meet a black lab that I had read about online but she was not there, someone else wanted to see her last minute. I had read about Sophie but did not think she was the best looking dog. There was not much history on her but we think she got lost since she is just an incredible dog (who would ever want to get rid of her!) Once we walked her around and then did a 2 week trial period with her, we decided to keep her. My husband and I are planners, we really have to test something out before deciding. She has turned out to be the best dog EVER! She is approx 5 years old and has not shown any behavioral issues or physical problems. She loves everyone! I call her “lover dog” because she is all about love and gets so calm and cute when she is loved on. She was potty trained, crate trained, and knew “sit”. I have added “stay”, “come”, and “lay down” to her commands so far. She never jumps up on our furniture and usually just lies down on the floor wherever we are. I am still working on her jumping up to greet strangers (she does not do it to people she knows). We love to take her swimming, hiking, play ball/fetch or just driving around in the car (she loves the car!). She sleeps in a crate at night outside our bedroom…. She snores so loudly! (She is snoring behind me as I am writing this – funny). Otherwise she is with us in the house or in our mudroom waiting for us to get home. I will have to say to anyone adopting that it has been so advantageous for us to get an adult dog. No worries about messing in the house, chewing things, and they are just calmer and wiser than puppies. I would do the same thing again. And someone told me before I got a dog, “Don’t worry, they will adapt to you”. And it is true. She has really fit in with our lifestyle and now knows what to expect of us. She is pretty mellow like us! (and actually clean like us – weird). But dogs still need a lot of attention and it has made it easier to have both my husband and I taking care of her. And researching breeds and their personalities will help a lot in finding the right dog (labs rule). So that is my story. My husband and I both think we are so lucky to have Sophie. Here are my before and after pics. Isn’t she beautiful!!! Thanks 4 Paws Rescue for all you hard work.



Last summer (2006) I started looking for an adult lab-mix dog that could be my jogging, hiking, road-trip buddy. I have two cats and lived with a roommate that had a dog, so I needed a dog that would be pretty versatile. In Teton Valley, Idaho where I live, there were not many lab mixes available at the time. On Petfinder's website I found that Four Paws had a bunch of adult dogs available and quite a bunch of the big black male dogs that most people don't seem to want.

After putting Lisa through a bunch of cat testing, I took the drive down to meet some. The first dog she brought into the cat area in Petsmart with her was "Tuff." When I squatted down to pet him, he melted. He had the most serious eyes. He and my roommate's dog were indifferent so my trek to Logan seemed like a huge success.

We've had our struggles. For the first 3 weeks I was really worried that he was going to kill my cats, he needed housetraining help, and he was really nervous around new situations (which of course was EVERY situation). Now, he's become my bud. He goes to work with me and after initially greeting everyone, he chills out on the floor. He's been my road trip buddy (the picture was taken in White Sands, New Mexico). He sticks close to me on hikes. He loves to please. And I love spoiling him rotten!

The hardest thing for me to believe is that Lisa said in the two years he was at Four Paws no one even wanted to look at him! Yes, he's horrible to try to photograph, but he's awesome. Thanks to Four Paws for keeping him safe for me!!!



We adopted 6-month old Leila (Princess Leila as our boys call her) in early December 2006. At the time she had been recently adopted and returned after 2 days because they said she was defective and reclusive. After spending 2 weeks hiding under the bed and our family giving her lots of room and treats, she came out of her shell. Granted, she still doesn't like strangers, but when it's just the family her true colors come out! She is a sweet and spazzie pup! She loves to run and jump, play with balls, jump on the trampoline with our boys, and sniff our bunnies (they like to sniff her too). She has also made friends through the fence with our neighbor's two hound dogs. She gets so excited whenever a family member comes home; she just loves being with the family. She is also very smart and learning commands very quickly. We simply adore her!

~The Futral Family


I have been living in the big city [New York City] for almost four months and I feel happy and healthy. People here are very friendly and I love to cuddle and talk all the time. I ride in the elevator and I am quite comfortable in our apartment. I get very good sleep in my soft bed and sometimes even have troubles getting up too early. The food here is good and I particularly enjoy the treats from Trader Joe. I have wonderful toys to play with. The green spider is my favorite. He has eight legs and makes three different sounds. When I punch his stomach with my right paw while I bite his leg in a faster rhythm it makes a great noise, so my mom says that if I keep practicing maybe they can use me in the percussion section.

We have many neighbors and on several floors. When I watch the apartment by myself I make sure that they all know about it. But I am told that a good watchdog barks only when it is necessary to alert people. I have had five lessons with my personal trainer and most of the time I do remember most of what I learned. Now I can walk very well on a leash but I am still wearing my "easy walk-gentle leader" harness.

There is a very large park very close to our building. I love my walks there and enjoy to sit on the lawn and look at the river, and to explore all the plants and trees. There are also a lot of special birds and squirrels. I find those very attractive, but so far I have not been able to catch any of them. Inside the park is a special dog park. There is a fence around it, so there I can run very fast. However, the social life here has been challenging and I have had to make adjustments. There are many dogs, in all different shapes and sizes and with various temperaments. The little dogs can become very upset if I tumble them around or speak too loud to them. I am trying to learn to approach the other dogs in a gentle manner and communicate appropriately. I have also had to realize that, should an argument arise, I cannot always get the last word. So there has been quite a lot to learn. I hope you and all my friends are well and send you all my best wishes. I much appreciate all you did for me.

~Silver (and Dorrit)