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I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Josie is a very wonderful dog, and she is the perfect addition to our family.
I can honestly say that I have never met a sweeter dog.

Thank you sooooooo much.

~Steve & Amber



My dog, Sally (was previously named Allie) came from Four Paws. I found her at the PetsMart ‘expedition’ in September of 2004 in Salt Lake City. I had meet around a hundred dogs previously to her but knew she was the ‘one.' Granted, we struggled to match up our quirks for a few months but my God, she is the most wonderful friend in the world. She came my way nervous and unsure, but so eager and smart. Patience and routine have helped her to develop into a funny, spontaneous and outspoken character as she has become an adult.

Sally will be four years old in April 2007. She is kind with a little sly sense of humor which must be the Aussie in her. She loves to chase balls, play with her toys and her walks more then anything but I know I am a close second. She loves our trips to see my family and to the mountains. Snow is the most splendid thing to try to swim and crawl and roll in.

She has two issues; one I was prepared for as I was raised with Aussies who had skin irritations (she has a severe allergic reaction to the salt on the sidewalk, her pads bleed in minutes but shoes easily avoid that one.) The second is mild asthma but the vet has a shot for that and lots of walks keep her lungs strong. How easy is that? Such simple things for such a great friend!

Thank you again for rescuing the ones you can. There is not tons that I can do but I should like to help where I can. Keep my email and let me know if there are things to be done that can help and I will see what I can do.



In November of 2003, my husband Corey and I moved into our first home here in the Cache Valley . Having rented for the first 5 years of our marriage, we had only had cats. We were, therefore, excited at the prospect of finally being able to have dogs, too. We had heard about Lisa and Four Paws from a friend and contacted her in late December about finding us dogs that would be good with our beloved cats, Argo and Cassie. She interviewed us and matched us with two that were absolutely perfect: Murphy and Sheba.

Murphy, a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix never showed well at PetsMart due to his older age and aversion to kennels. But his true lovable nature was apparent to me when I first met him. This gentle giant has become my shadow, keeping close and gazing at me with devoted eyes. I like to call him Murphy T. Shadow for this reason (the T is for "Thumper," due to his exuberant tail.) His alternate name is Fredrick von Murphelstein. (Yes, I am kind of weird.)

Sheba, a Cattle dog mix whose life up to now was that of an outdoor dog, quickly became a "daddy's girl," nightly hopping into Corey's lap and going for her cherished car rides. Her confidence and lovable spirit were a wonderful complement to Murphy.

Then in August, tragedy struck. Corey found our Sheba lifeless in the backyard. She had passed away most likely from either a seizure or anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) not long after we'd left for work that day. We were devastated and Murphy was confused and depressed. Though I couldn't bare the thought of replacing Sheba , we felt that a companion for Murphy might help ease his pain. Once again, we called upon Lisa to find us a dog who would work well with our cats (now Argo, Cassie, Zeke, and Emmet), as well as provide a good companion for Murphy.

We met Lisa at the shelter with Murphy in tow to choose his new sibling. We decided upon Shasta, a stunning, young Black Lab mix with a mild, intelligent nature. She bonded well with us and Murphy. She loves to splash around in her baby pool and run laps in the back yard. This camera-shy little lady is quite exquisite. She sits on her bed with her legs crossed in front of her and looks at us with her deep brown eyes. Murphy was happy to show her around and she has found her place with us.

Not long after adopting Shasta, we got a call from Lisa about the possibility of us fostering a young Border Collie, recently sprung from the pound and spayed at a local Veterinary clinic. Corey met the pup that evening-testing her feline compatibility by introducing her to the cats at the clinic. She passed, so he brought her home. Her small size and young age made her a good complement to both the older Murphy and the sometimes energetic Shasta. We named her Sophie and, not surprisingly, adopted her also. Like Sheba , Sophie is a "daddy's girl" and is favored not only by Corey, but also by our two younger cats. She and Shasta have become best friends while she and Murphy have the unbreakable bond of a big brother and baby sister. At first, she would actually stand underneath Murphy when she was afraid of a noise or was seeing something new. His giant stature combined with his inherent sweetness must've been apparent to her and was the comfort that she needed.

We are so grateful to Lisa and Four Paws for making our home complete.

~Beverly and Corey


I just wanted to let you know that Vinnie (aka Bobby the Boxer) [on the right] has settled right in to his new home and is getting along perfectly with his new "bro" Willis.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for helping to bring such a sweet little guy into our family.  By the way, when we applied to get Vinnie his profile said he doesn't even bark, well, actually he's quite a vocal little fellow.  We love it!!!!  




In November 2005, we were buying our first house and wanted to add to our family with a companion for our Beagle.  Hounds are hard to find in Colorado but we found Twig on Petfinder and my husband said, "Twig is the one."  Cindy was coming this direction to visit family and generously offered to bring him here for a trial.  We knew right away that Twig was a perfect match.  He demands nothing and is so appreciative of everything we do for him and is always such a good boy. 

I didn't think there could be a dog as sweet as Twig and then in January Cindy asked if we would be willing to provide a retirement home to another hound, Jed.  He arrive here in March and proved to be just as sweet and loving as Twig and became my constant companion.  He was the most agreeable dog I have ever met and was always willing to comply with any request.  He gladly let me clean his ears every night with no complaints, would share his toys with anyone who asked, and would get a bath without a fight, even jumping in the tub by himself. 

Even though we knew we were providing a retirement home we were shocked and devastated in November when Jed died suddenly from what the vet suspected was an aneurism.  We had him only eight months and he acted like a puppy every day right up to his death.  I feel so blessed that Lisa was willing to adopt two of the most wonderful dogs to a couple from out of state, and that Cindy allowed them to hitch a ride to Wyoming with her.  Jed got to spend the last months of his life as a king here at Hound Palace, and I have such great memories of taking walks and days at the dog park. 

King Twig is still with us, spending his days sunbathing in the backyard, or lounging on our bed.  He eats three meals a day and he is sure to remind us if we are late in feeding him, then is happy to return to being lazy after each meal.  He does get excited to go to grandma's house in Colorado, or to go for walks around the lake, and Twig loves to go to the dog park because he can run like to wind.  I can honestly say that Four Paws helped us to complete our family and I will always look to Four Paws when adopting a dog.  (This photo is of Twig (on the left) and Jed (on the right) on Jed's last day with us.)  

~Melissa, Wyoming



I completely forgot to take a picture of Sophie, but the Idaho Statesman did it for me yesterday. A new park by my house was opened last night, Sophie sure likes it. 

~Eric, Idaho



I called Lisa to let her know that we are delighted to keep Dutchess.  She is such a sweet dog. She has been easy to walk on leash, she sits at intersections before crossing the street, sometimes has to be reminded with the cars, people, and dog activity.  She has a license, name tag, and rabies tag, clanking under her chin. She can entertain herself in the back yard for hours with her tennis ball.  She tosses it in the air and chases it around. She also loves to tear around in the fresh snow.  [One winter morning], she finally found her tennis ball, which had been buried under the new 6 inches we got yesterday.  So glad you saw her, Rex persisted, and Lisa was able to work her into his home.  Thank you for everything.. 

~Ginger, Greg and Dutchess:)



My name is Shay and I rescued an American Pit Bull (Maya) from you guys during the big Pets Mart Adoption about 2 months ago.  She is doing great, we have her in obedience class at Brickyard Kennel and she LOVES it.  She is getting so big, weighing about 45 lbs now.

~ Shay and Emma Leigh





Just wanted you all to know that we got home safely and Molly is fitting right into our family.  She loves it here and won't let Jim or me out of her sight.  When we are together, she doesn't know which one of us to bug.  It is funny, she goes back and forth like a ping pong ball. The first night in the hotel was great.  We put her in her crate and covered her up and she slept all night and when we got her out, we took her outside and she did her duty.  She is very friendly and wanted to talk to everyone.  We kept on telling her that "those aren't your people" and "we are your people".  She seemed to understand that.  She is very smart and sooooooooo sweet.  Judith did a very good job at fostering her.   Molly did very well on the ride home.  We stopped often and she loved riding up between us in her crate and on my lap sometimes.  She tried to get in Jim's lap while he was driving and when we wouldn't let her, she would have her nose out of joint for quite a while.

We live on a very large property and we take her out on her leash.  She sits and we put on her leash and she sits when we take it off.  I think this dog has been leash trained as she will heel on her own when we walk.  I think that Judith didn't have a chance to find this out because she had both dogs jumping everywhere most of the time.  Molly follows many commands and she is very happy to please.  She is doing well on the housetraining, although we have had some accidents (something that we expected).  What we didn't expect was to get a dog that soon that was so wonderful.   She is just what we needed and she already loves us, as we do her.

Thanks again for everything and for making the adoption so easy.  We are very pleased and hope to be sending you updates periodically.  We will send a picture at her next grooming (maybe after her coat grows out a little).  It was worth the long drive and we would do it again.

Take care and God Bless you all

~Diana and Jim, Washington



We are having so much fun with Jill.  She and my son Morgan have had an instant connection, she follows him everywhere. She has turned out to be just what we were looking for.  I thank you for all your help and hard work in finding us the perfect pet.