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"Happy Tails" - Adoption Success Stories

If you have a successful adoption story you'd like to tell everyone about, email along with a digital photo and an update!


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July 2004, I adopted a 10 month old German Shepherd/Lab mix named Murphie. He had been adopted and returned priviously under the name of Jake. I am writing now to update you on his condition. We call him Logan.

When my husband and I adopted him, he was a lunatic, 75 pounds of speeding insanity, dog aggressive, and totally out of control. He guarded his toys and food. Walking him was a nightmare, he pulled until he choked and threw up and was a wizard at slipping his collar and taking off. He was aggressively friendly with people (jumping up was another 75 pound problem).

Logan, my husband and I enrolled in PetSmart's Basic training program, an eight week course for about $90. The first couple of classes were... difficult (see above). By the end he was eager to please and mostly under control.

Today he is happy and healthy. He has thrived in our home and loves playing frisbee, car rides, long walks at heal, and play dates with our friend's beagle puppy. He's still a wierdo but mostly in fun ways now. He he's happy to share food and toys alike. He's still aggressively friendly but no longer jumps up. Four months ago he enjoyed a 5 day car ride from Roy, UT to our new home in southwest Texas including hotel stays with no problems at all.

We are now looking to adopt another German Shepherd or mix from a rescue group here in Texas so Logan can have a buddy for his upcoming 4th birthday. He's very excited.

Please find pictures attached, the first is "adoption day."


~Katie and Mike



Cool idea...thanks for getting these stories together!

Bruno has been with us since January 2007, and has made himself quite at home. He's grown quite large since Four Paws last saw him...up to 95 pounds and counting. Only trouble there is he thinks he's a lapdog!

Bruno loves being outdoors, whether it be running the trails in summer or accompanying us on ski outings in the winter. As you can see, he also likes dressing up for photo-ops. Thanks!

~Scott and Julie H.





Yahoo! Duffy is an perfect match. I can't see Barry parting with him for anything... Duffy has fabulous manners and knows many commands...

I thought you'd like to see some pics of Barry and his new buddy Duffy. They have bonded very well!

Thanks for all of your help and patience!

~Laurie D.



Thanks for changing my life in the most fantastic way that is only imaginable because of my first two Border Collies of 14 years.

The world needs you more than you may be shown and realize and all the people and creatures who have a better life because of you will give you a calming sigh as we close our eyes for another night of dreams coming true.

Scotty has become "Fergus" and it seems to fit his goof-ball look and cartoon character smirk.




I thought you would like to see these pics. I'm sure my husband has told you all about her and what she has learned in such a short time. She is a sweetheart and has learned in just 24 hours that we will spoil her rotten when she doesn't feel so good---as if they are not spoiled anyways. When it is time to get off the bed she waits on me to put one arm under her behind and she sits right on it and the other arm in the front to lift her off the bed. My oh m,y she is too smart for her own good sometimes. She is doing well after her spay so she will soon be back to her rambunctious self. Dakota takes good care of her and assumes the role of Mama. Please let me know when you receive this.

~JoAnne and Tom Gross Dakota, Mia, Misty, Keri and Baby



Here is the picture as promised of Kirby(left) and Oscar. Thank you so much for all the work that you do and for helping us find the perfect dog. Hopefully we can make him as happy is he makes us.

~The Etheridges



Dinah keeps getting better and better. We have had her out on 2 backpacking trips and she carries her own food. The tent was a little scary at first, but when she realized she was going to get to sleep with us, she was really happy! She has a HUGE amount of energy, which is sometimes daunting, but she has such a sweet dispositon that it makes up for puppy high-jinks.

I have included a new picture of Dinah from a hike up High Creek Canyon.

~Linda and Jim



We got Tate from you about 3 years ago, He is an amazing dog. He has turned into my 2 yr olds best friend.

I just thought you might like an update on him. I know a lot of people really fell in love with him. He is very protective if men come in the yard that he doesn't know, especially if the baby is with him, only growls until they stop and meet him first. He doesn't get that scared look anymore ( that he had at first). He is just an all around good dog, I don't think we will ever find another one like him. Plus he doesn't get on the furniture.

Just wanted to say thank you, and let you know how Tate was.




Hank taking a nap!

~Rebecca, Idaho








I wanted to let you know that "Will" (now, Wiley) is working out great ... better than we could have hoped for. He walked into our home as if has always been a part of the family. It took a few days before the puppy within awoke but now that it has, he is an active bundle of joy. Suprisingly well-behaved and a quick learner. He is respectful of the cats and already has a place by my side when I go out to feed the chickens, rabbits, and goats. He will be an amazing, loyal companion for years to come. I wish everyone could realize the blessings an adopted pet can bring. We feel very fortunate to have not just one, but two, "perfect" dogs from Four Paws.