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[Bowser] and Missy get along real well, he is quite the eater, but is looking much better (not so skinny). I took him to the vet and she said he was about 20 lbs underweight, but in good health, she gave me some antibiotics for his ear and its is looking great. He is so happy here (I knew he would be ) and we all love him so much. I attached some pictures you may like.

Thanks for caring, but no need to worry he is in great hands and loves his new family.



Hello, things are going much better. We actually changed Otto's name to Grotto, there are these waterfalls here in Bozeman called Grotto falls so we wanted to name him after those. He is still terrible on a leash but we will keep working with him. Ava still won't look at Grotto but they aren't fighting anymore. We are 100% sure we are going to keep him. We are too in love to give up on him. I'll keep in touch

~Amber, Montana


I wanted to say Hello from Moose who we adopted from you 5 and a half years ago. You knew him as Lakota. Darlene, my sister in law helped us adopt him (and was a friend of Lisa?). We are from Colorado. He is doing well and is a beloved family member. He recently chased off 5 coyotes that came into our pasture while my 5 year old was playing with the horses. Moose is a Malamute mix. His best pals are our Rat terrier six and one of our cats.

Thanks for what you do, we are lucky to call Moose a member of the family.

~Maria, Colorado


I love the Happytails! That's awesome. I adopted a black lab from Lisa that nobody at 4 Paws thought anyone would take. I guess they had her crated at Petsmart one Saturday and she didn't stop barking all day. Turns out, she just doesn't like the crate.

Her name was Emma, I changed it to Willow when I got her due to her sickly size. She is now about 2 1/2 and more like an Oak than a Willow. She is an exceptional dog. She is sweet, yet protective, minds well, plays nice with my cat and my "bitchier" border collie (another rescue dog). I can't imagine not ever having her. I happened upon her during "Half off Black Dog Month." What a great investment!

Thanks again for all you guys do. It truly matters.



Cole is doing so well. He has perfect manners but he is coming out of his shell more and more. He has no problem demanding pets when he wants them. I think he's already slimming up too.

He did great in the bath, he has a new collar and tag, and he LOVES his dog bed. He went to the dog park for the first time this weekend and he ran and ran. He's so big though, that when his feet hit the ground it sounds like a horse.

He also got to go to Granny's House (my mom) and he won over everyone's heart there too. My parents live in Loveland and their backyard backs to open space and they are only allowed a 3' fence. Well, Jack saw some people walking dogs on the trail and he sounded the Beagle alarm and all the dogs jumped to attention. Twig [see below in another tale] actually went over the fence, Jack tried but he was caught up in some tumble weeds, and my parents' Lab thought about making a break for it too. Cole just stood there and waited for us to come back with Twig. He plays all the time now too.

He loves the Walker pup and the Bullies the most. He makes everyone look tiny. His ears are MUCH better. They don't stink at all. I've still been cleaning them out about every other day but I got some drops from the vet and only had to put them in twice. He hasn't been shaking his head or digging in his ears for over a week. I'll keep you updated. Please tell Cole Train's foster family that he is doing great and we love him already.

~Melissa, Wyoming




Today was marked on my calendar to email you so it must have been on yours too!

Smokey seems to love his new home. He is VERY attached to me. The first days were rough as he literally shadowed me everywhere and went bonkers if I left him at home. But he is calmer now. Does not complain so much when I leave or even get too wild when I return.

He tolerates the cat, is gentle with our 3 year old granddaughter, and actually has truly no bad habits. He has had his teeth cleaned and today the vet said it is definitely a thyroid problem causing continual scratching and a rash (actually he had it when we got him so you may have noticed). Anyway she thinks he looks great and so do we just will all be happier without the rash. She is also concerned about the lack of muscle (strength) in his hind quarters but we'll see what six weeks on the thyroid medicine does.

We walk twice a day down around the river by our home and up to the badlands. He seems to know to never leave my sight but can go without a leash now once we are well out on the trail. Sleeps all night eats well but is staying slim. Thank you so much for giving us a forever friend.

~Annie, Wyoming



She is better than we thought. She is so precious. We have renamed her Madeline and call her Maddy. She took to her new name rather quickly. She also learn the dog door in just a few tries. Because she is so mellow she gets along with our other pets. I think she is happy in her new home.

Thanks so much for you help in adopting her. She will be very loved and taken care of.



Just wanted to let you and Lisa know how happy we are with our new puppy! His new name is Porter. He is responding quite well to his name now. We just love him to bits. He is getting along great with my daughter's two big dogs - he follows them everywhere.



Hello again!! I was just going through my "inbox" and I stumbled across the Four Paws address. I just had to write again and share some pictures of little Maddie, who I adopted in June.

In the few shorts months that my husband and I have had Maddie, we've taken her to Zion's Nat'l Park, Bear Lake, Causey Dam, and so much more. Our experiences with Maddie have been so rewarding!! She has learned to "sit," "shake," "dance," "lay down," and is getting really good at "stay."

The pictures I'm including show Maddie being the cuddly pup that she is, as well as hard-core adventurist. She goes rock climbing with my husband, she loves hikes, and she'll even brave the water (my mom couldn't resist buying Mads the polka-dot life vest!!). Maddie honestly has enriched our lives immeasureably. Thanks again for all your hard-work during the adoption process. I am truly so very very grateful for Maddie.

~Livia, Kevin and Maddie



These are some photos, that some friends forwarded to me of Dutchess that we
took this summer on one of our many hikes. Dutchess and I hiked every odd day in Millcreek Canyon all summer long. It is an off leash area on odd days.

She gave me a scare when she took off running and found me again after 30-40 minutes. She looked a little scared when she came back. I just waited where I had last seen her on the trail, and called every few minutes. That was at the beginning of the summer, and she has NEVER done it since. Perhaps, she did scare herself with that willful behavior. On even days, when dogs have to be on leash in that canyon, we either hike a different canyon, or play fetch or swim/fetch a tennis ball. She has
been the assistance that I needed to get back into shape. We are excited for the ski season to start, again.

Please share the photos with Lisa, and Rex(her foster dad), if you are still in touch with him. Hope things are going well, with many more placements of the animals. We are getting ready to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Dutchess.

Thanks again,