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Lisa Shaw

"Happy Tails" - Adoption Success Stories

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I adopted Austin back in November of 2007, and wanted to send his happy tail your way.

Austin is doing great in his forever home! He is best friends with our Siberian Husky, Ani, and has even learned to tolerate our cat. He is a very happy, energetic dog, and enjoys going on walks and hikes, wrestling with Ani, and playing any game that involves a ball. He is also a very smart boy, and has learned a lot of tricks. At times he thinks he is a lap dog, and loves to snuggle. You can tell that he is very grateful to have been given a second chance to be someones pet. I would encourage anyone who wants to add a new pet to their family to consider adoption, because it makes you feel great to be saving an animal's life, and the bond created is indescribable. Thanks to everyone at Four Paws, especially his foster mom, Karen, for helping Austin find me.

~ Bre



Hey! Just had to write a quick note and let everyone know HOW much we are enjoying Roscoe. I am not kidding. He is THE perfect dog for our family. We just can't get over how great he is with the kids. Even our littlest 2 year old girl. He is so mellow and sweet indoors-- and SO playful and fun outdoors. He has adapted so well. I think he's enjoying all the love and snuggling he gets, and romping around in the snow with this contagious joy that actually makes me want to go out in the 20 degree weather with him! Anyway. He is just darling.. So well-behaved.. Never jumps on people, rarely barks-- o.k., I'll stop, ya get the picture. But I just had to thank all of you who devote so much of your time to this cause. If it wasn't for you, perfect companions like Roscoe would never have a home. And people like us would never be so lucky as to find them. Thank you for everything. We are truly grateful, and feel really blessed to have Roscoe in our family.

~ Katy and family



We received Sadie's adoption paperwork in the mail today and will get a check in the mail to you this week. I thought you'd enjoy seeing some photos of Sadie and her two sisters--Lulu and Fang the Wonder Cat, also rescue critters. Sadie is wonderful!!

~ Brenda









We wanted to drop you a line and say hello from an old friend. I hope you remember Moose (aka Mitey Dog) who we adopted from you in 1998. Moose is doing great and is now about 11 years old. We are living in New Hampshire now, and Moose enjoys many walks in the woods and hikes in the White Mountains. During the summer months he gets to swim in our local lakes and loves to play in the snow during the winter. He is such a big part of our lives and we couldn’t love him more. Thank you for all the work you and all the Four Paws volunteers do to help find loving homes for so many dogs and cats – and to provide people like us wonderful dogs to love. We have attached a couple pictures of Moose. He says Hi!

We were excited to hear about your shelter facility- it sounds great and solar powered to boot! Congratulations and thank you again!

~ Audrey, Brian and Moose, NH



Attached is a picture of Jack, whom I’ve adopted from Four Paws. What a gem he is! When we first brought him home he was a biter and a devil-dog! But with love, positive reinforcement training and good food, he is now putty in my hands. Who could resist that face! Thank you Lisa for such a wonderful organization. Jack is my “little man” whom I love dearly.

~ Marcia



We adopted Roxie (aka Tess now) - a little border collie - from your facility last summer.  She had been found in a house which was for sale, with her pup.  We just wanted you to know that she has become a delightful addition to our family.  Her fur has brown out and she is a beauty, has delightful manners, listens, gets along well with our bigger dog, Scout, and doesn't seem to be interested in our cats.  She has thrived, gotten over her kennel cough and we are so happy to have her.  Thanks.

~ Marilyn and Bob, ID


Hello Lisa, Shannon and all at Four Paws! Here is very belated "Happy Tail." I adopted Birch during the summer of 2005 while I was working in Logan as a member of the Utah Festival Opera. After a summer in Logan, Birch returned home with me to San Francisco where he has turned into a true CA dog! His first trip to the beach was one of mild suspicion as he investigated these strange things called waves, now, he splashes and runs for hours as the Pacific Ocean has become his absolute favorite place to romp and roam. Birch has covered an enormous amount of ground in CA, UT and FL as he accompanies me to almost every gig. He is a "freelance dog" in the truest sense of the word and my constant companion. His incredibly sweet demeanor, inquisitiveness, and huge smile bring happiness to my life every day. Thank you, thank you Four Paws for bringing the two of us together!

A fun video of Birch too!
href =

~Kelley, CA



Hi to everyone at Four Paws Rescue. On Saturday January 12, 2008 we adopted Mocha. We wanted to let you know how much we love Mocha and let you know how he's adjusted to his new home. Mocha loves his new back yard and playing with me in the snow. Attached is photo of Mocha in one of his favorite resting places. Thank you so very much for our Mocha-boo.

Mocha has made my dream complete. May God Bless the Four Paws staff and volunteers for many years to come.

~Debbie and Amanda



We actually decided to call her Pepper - seemed to suit her for us anyway. She is great. We are really enjoying her, and appreciate her previous training. She has been a great choice for us, being 1st time dog owners She stays with us in the house and wants to be with us wherever we go. We are really lucky to have her.

~Leston and Family







I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping us find our dog. You knew her as Glory but we know her now as Sage. She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrior about 4-5 years old now. We adopted her from your organization about 18 months ago and have never regreted the decision. She's a sweetheart and is a great companion to our family as well as the puppy we got a few months later.

The work you are doing to rescue pets is amazing and deserves the highest praise. Thank you for all that you do.