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Four Paws Rescue
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Lisa Shaw

"Happy Tails" - Adoption Success Stories

If you have a successful adoption story you'd like to tell everyone about, email along with a digital photo and an update!

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Dear Shannon,
As promised, I wanted to send some photos of our "Big Sarg". We have had a busy summer going camping, atv-ing, boating, and enjoying our family together time. I'm including some pics of Sarg enjoying daily activities with his 'brothers'. I'm not much of a computer whiz, so I will send a couple of emails with photos; and hope you get them.

Again, we love "Big Sarg" and cannot imagine our lives without him. He has been a great addition to our family, and all three dogs get along like long lost brothers.

In typical Lab fashion, we have lots of loving, and tons of begging; who could ask for more?

Thanks again for making our adoption possible. Sarg is fabulous!!!!
Julie and family (3 boys & 3 male dogs)




Hi Lisa and Four Paws Volunteers,

Just wanting to update you on Bella. My husband and I were lucky enough to adopt her at the Adopt-a-Thon in September. A beautiful walker hound, she now weighs 50 pounds, all of which is boundless energy. Bella was a wonderful patient for her dew claw removal and recovered well. Stitches were just removed last Saturday. She is quite a marvel, no problem with pills and she left the bandages alone so there was no need for the cone! Bella has also brought new life to our older males, Kanu and Reilly, and much joy into our home. If I ever overcome my technological challenges, I will e-mail a photo. Thank you for helping to bring Bella into our lives.






We adopted Scooby (then known as "Teddy") nearly 10 months ago. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great! I took this picture earlier today. As you can see, he loves playing addition to eating, riding in the car, sleeping in my son's bed, etc.

Scooby has become a well loved part of our family! Thank you for all you do and the many precious pets you and your partners have saved. From our family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Bruce and Family
West Haven, UT


This is Kris, wife to Jeff in Riverton, Utah. I am contacting you to let you know that we have taken Chewy and Daisy in for spade & neutering this morning. I have attached a picture of them so you can see they are growing up happy and healthy. Thank you so much. We love them!
Kris & Jeff





We adopted Jackson (Wags when he was at Four Paws) in May 2004. It has been so long since I sent pics and an update.

Jackson is doing great! We took him on vacation with us in July. We drove to Sandpoint, ID. Our friends have a log cabin on 20 acres there. Jackson was able to run around and play with their dog all day. He also went swimming in their pond. He was great in the car...he just slept most of the way.

Jackson has a new baby brother, Zachary, that arrived 11/15/08. He is very protective of him already.

He spends most of his day playing with Nicholas who is now 3. Since Nick was a baby, Jackson has been his favorite playmate.

Although, some times I think Jackson could do without all the attention he gets from Nick ;0)

The first thing Nicholas does when he wakes up is take the gate down so Jackson can come back and see us. Then, Nick gets Jackson's food. Nick is also in charge of getting Jackson's treats throughout the day. He makes him sit and shake for his treats... it is pretty cute :0) I am sure when Zack is older, Jackson will be his favorite toy too!

Jackson is so gentle & protective of the kids. He really is part of our family. We really lucked out with him :0) Sorry it has been so long since I updated you! Jackson is doing great and we all love him so much!!









We made it home safe (after our 18 hour, blizzard filled road trip). Anna has been a sweetheart since we picked her up. She has had a few accidents in the house but we have learned her subtle clues about when she needs to go. The children and our other dog are head over heels for her. My 3 year old has thanked me no less than 100 times! She is always happy and friendly to everyone! Thank you very much!





Shannon, Lisa
Here is one more photo of Alfie with his sister Stella (we adopted her back in May 2001 while we were briefly living in Alabama) In Jan. 2008 Stella picked Alfie to be her bro. and they got along great from the beginning. Alfie learned to tolerate her bossy ways immediately. We gave him the name Alfie within a week of being with us because he was obviously "a ladies man". He has also earned a few other nicknames..... muppet or fozzy dog, goat boy - because he has no fear of climbing through rocky slopes and out on cliffs, and the "incredible velcro dog" - his super power of stuff sticking to him. I think we figured out his true breed - 100% snackhound!!!! Alfie was pretty shy and didn't have very good manners in those early days with us. He has become quite a (back) talker and learned to be patient with us as it seems to take us forever to get ready for a walk. Truck rides, weekend canyon hikes and camping trips fill him and us with joy. We are a very Happy Pack.

Thanks again, Dori



Hello Lisa,
This is from Kim, Madie, and Jet in Florida. I just wanted to let you know he is so a part of our family. I knew it from the moment I got him home to foster him. He was meant to be with us. He is crazy and energetic and takes 2-4 mile walks about every day and still filled with anything he can give you. He makes us laugh and has the best personality ever!!! He is groomed daily and has finally come to terms with getting his nails cut and paws trimmed of all the hair. We trimmed him down and he is just shines and smiles about it. I attached a picture for you to see him. Thanks for letting us help you out when we could but you gave much to our lives.







Hey everyone at Four Paws, its been almost three years now since I adopted Star and she is the best companion any teenage girl (or anybody for that matter) could have. She loves being outside (especially hiking) and we've gotten her used to being on the raft, even though she doesn't like the water. (strange lab, eh?) She definitely added at least a year onto our German Shepherds life, as he sparked up immensely when she joined the family. I'm sad to say that he's passed on now, but he remains to this day the only dog Star would submit to. That being said, she's not mean to other dogs, she just would rather not have them around. My family is absolutely in love with her and are going to die when I move out in a couple years and take her with me. Anyway, she's my best friend, and we hate being separated, she sleeps on the foot of my bed (well more like takes up the whole bed) and snores quite loudly every night. In addition while we are hiking she gets very worried about me and never runs to far off, and always comes back and will sniff every hand in the group of people until she knows that she's found me and I'm safe. So thanks for helping me find such a good friend and for all you do for the needy animals.

~ Acadia

P.S. I want to give a shout-out to Melissa who adopted Cole Train. Cole was my favorite dog when he was in the shelter and I loved walking him, he's such a goof, and I'm glad he found such a good home, Thanks!



We changed her name to Sadie (from MOOKIE) and she is a joy to have! I just wanted to send you some pictures of her. She loves going to the Duck lake in Layton and has several friends in our neighborhood she enjoys going to the park with. And our border collie Ann has a new best friend, they even sleep together, it's so sweet. With the loss of Mikey, Sadie, truely has been a blessing and she reminds us alot of Mikey's in personality. She is happy all the time. Enjoys the backyard and going around and around in circles not sure what she is chasing but she loves it. lol She loves to play fetch. And doesn't wait for us to go to bed at night , we have to scoot her to the middle so we can sleep. lol Its her bed! So here are some pictures of her, I know with the rescue I was with in Memphis , Tenn. it was nice to see pictures and updates on the ones we had adopted out, I hope you enjoy!

~ Aundrea