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Lisa, We adore Babe! He has fit into our family so well. The cat was also adopted two years ago. The other lab is, Maggie, our 6 yr. old female.

All the best you,



I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get you a new picture of "Brittany" now "Willow" the pig farm baby who we brought to Montana. She is doing great and has grown into a beautiful young lady. She is full of fun and loves to play ball and freebie, along with chewing on everything she can find - the last thing was a $5 bill she found on my night stand.

She gets along great with our 2 Schipperke's - but they do know they are still the bosses. She took to my husband in just a few days, and thinks he is her personal chew toy. She is still very shy around everyone else, but she does love me the best. - she cries if I leave her and follows me from room to room in the house. She only got to about 25 pounds, she is petite.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt her, she is so much fun and she keeps us laughing and wondering what she will do next.




My name is Tammy. I live in Roy Utah.

Last year my family and I adopted a black lab mix by the name of Scooter. We adopted him from Pets Mart in Layton. He had been put in a different home and they had problems with him. They said he chewed on furniture and ran away alot.

We adopted him in February of 2008. We love him and adore him! He's never chewed on anything that he shouldn't. He's never ran away and I had taken him to the vet when we got him for a check up and again a few months later. He had grown! He's actually a pretty tall dog now.

We love him to pieces! He is the most polite dog I've seen. He even smiles (I know that sounds weird but he does). He's very protective and will not let our little girl get out of his eyesight when she's outside.

I just wanted to let you know how he is. We just love him so much! THankyou for all you do!

Paul, Tammy, Jake, Kieran, Charly (dog) and Scooter



Hello Four Paws,

I was toying with the idea of getting a dog. Life in Wyoming was pretty lonely and I wasn't getting out as much as I should, so I thought I would get a four legged exercise machine. I checked out Pet Finder and that led me to Four Paws Rescue. I was traveling back from CA and had to fly into SLC so I figured Logon was a resonable detour. I met a nice lady named Lisa who said she would meet me at a pet store with some dogs to check out. Fiona was one of them and the only Yellow Lab, which I wanted. I was determined to take a dog home that day, so she became my belated Christmas present to myself.

Immediately upon getting home, I thought I made a BIG mistake. She messed, she barked, she chewed everything, didn't come when called, obeyed no commands, she wouldn't eat unless I stayed with her, she seemed to need more attention than I wanted to give, in short she was a royal pain. I wanted to return her, but I was feeling responsible and a huge failure. Then the unthinkable happened - she got out of the yard and I had no idea if she was lost, stolen, or worse dead. This was January in Wyoming and it was freezing outside. Where I live is referred to as the Icebox of the Nation. I posted signs around town and miraculously, a little girl said she knew where she was. Poor Fiona spent nearly two days outside tied to a trailer. There had no food or water. When she heard me call her name she broke away from the rope, ran to me and started barking and crying. In fact everyone was crying, except the people who had her. In was like an HBO special. I realized I was more attached to this nut case than I thought.

I started watching The Dog Whisperer like a soap opera junkie and realized I had to change my human ways. I could see there wasn't really anything wrong with Fiona, rather she had no idea what I wanted. I decided to become a calm and assertive "pack leader." Slowly I began to see changes. OK she's a bit overweight (60 lbs) but we're working on that. We're both a work in progress but we're getting there. Fiona shows lots of potential and I believe she's a very bright dog. She has a very kind and gentle nature as well as a very funny side and I enjoy her more and more everyday. Now if she would just stay out of the shower when I'm trying to bath... well that's an other chapter.



Just thought I'd send an update if you are interested. Caly is doing great. The dogs have figured out their space with food. They eat in their kennels, but I leave them open and Caly no longer sticks her nose in Nordy's dish. She still hogs the toys but no longer growls to guard them. Sometimes Nordy gets a toy just to entice her into a game of tug. She takes away all of his toys, but he doesn't mind. I supervise edibles, but they seem to have figured out that they can have their treats without getting snippy.

They play and chase and have a good time, and we really enjoy her. We had a house training accident or two for a couple of weeks, but she has figured out how to ask me to let her out now. I am still working with her pulling issues, but now the weather is nice, I can be more consistant in walking. Happily she comes nicely when called. Her basic obedience is coming along nicely as well--she has made pretty good progress with stay, though we still need to increase her tolerance.

I took a picture of her today in an attempt to emphasize her spots. Here it is. Thanks again, for providing us with such a sweet puppy.



Hi Lisa,

I thought it would be fun to send an update of how Lexi (or formerly, Alexa) the border collie is doing now. It's been just over a year, and what a year it's been! Lexi was my third border collie foster dog, and I realized after a few weeks that she and I were just the right match for each other, and so I adopted her.

At first she was very timid - the first day I brought her home, she caught her own reflection in a mirror at the end of the hallway and began growling (it took two days of coaxing to get her to go down the hallway). On walks, she was wary of fire hydrants (maybe she hadn't seen many before?) and I actually had to teach her to go up and down stairs (she's a total master of them now!). Lexi wasn't very interested in balls or frisbees, originally, and would just stare at them flying by.

Over the last year, I've worked very hard to socialize Lexi, and in the past six months, her behavior has become much more typical border collie. She's learned to play with other dogs (she no longer growls at them, but is friendly, and lives with another dog now); she has become familiar with many settings and strange objects (fire hydrants, elevators, car rides, strange sounds, children, etc.) - she's more keen now on learning new things than being afraid of them; Lexi has done a small bit of sheep herding (she showed some instinct, and is going to herd again soon); and also, she has become OBSESSED with frisbees and balls. I think she sees her frisbee as her "job", and she takes working quite seriously! She's also been a wonderful hiking and camping companion, and has accompanied me on many trips - she even carries her own gear. Since her recall and obedience are so good, it's easy to hike or camp with her, because she is completely trustworthy off-leash. She's always impressing my family and neighbors with her obedience (I can say "lie down" from 50 feet away and she obeys right away; she always comes when I tell her to!), and she's developed a repertoire of tricks, including one where she weaves between my legs as I step.

Above all, she's my companion and friend. She's extremely affectionate, and brings me many laughs - it's a real pleasure to spend time with her. She's made the past year so much better for me, and I'm looking forward to many more such years. This summer Lexi will accompany me to Wisconsin where I am relocating for work for the next few years - we'll be living near Lake Michigan, and we'll be spending time on the beach, so I'll try to send another update sometime with beach photos!

Thanks so much for bringing Lexi into my life!