Hickory Hill Canine Rescue
Mission Statement
Hickory Hill K9 Rescue was started to help the overwhelming amount of animals that are abandoned, surrendered to county agencies and simply not wanted any more. These animals are facing death a lot of times due to no fault of their own other than not being convenient anymore. Our mission is to help stop the unnecessary killing of animals. Thousands of animals are put to sleep (some more humanely than others) every day. We strive to educate the public on the importance of spaying, neutering, heartworm preventive and general health care. We also strive to help owners who are experiencing difficulties with their pet find solutions to their problems. By helping them find solutions we keep the animals out of the county pounds and from just being abandoned. It is our policy to adopt out only healthy dogs and to do our best to know and understand what type of home the dog needs. We are always striving to find that “forever home” for the animals.
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Page last updated January 29, 2009