Liberty & Santa


Hello Linda,

I'm remembering a few months back when we lost our lab at the age of 10. Probably one of the worst time ever. Then I began looking for another lab when I saw on your site a sweet, sad looking hound looking at me saying ''I need your love please take me to your home and I will love you forever.'' My husband, Joe and I came to visit with Liberty bringing my granddaughter Melissa 4 yrs, and Pati her mom. Oh my goodness you never saw a truer love at first site in all your life. There was so much happiness between family and dog it's hard to describe. Needless to say we took her home and we're living happily ever after. However I must mention that Liberty didn't know anything about home living and was so curious about EVERYTHING that life was a big game of "Find Out What It Is And Go After It" I won't go into the very long list but I will say that the ice machine was probably the most interesting. I wanted to show anyone who is skeptical about adopting a hound dog to go for it because with a little training, and looooots of love you can have a wonderful pet like Liberty, and here is a picture to prove it.

Sincerely Marie

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