Safehousing/Rescue Work

No matter where you live there is always a critical need for safehousers. Not only do the humane societies & rescue groups need you, but the animals need you. To “safehouse” an animal means to bring it into your home and your heart and make it a part of your family. This gives you a chance to really know and understand what that particular animal needs in a home. So many times this animal has been thrown away for whatever reason and you are its only hope.

To rescue an animal in need and learn what it needs in a forever home and then find that home carries a reward that words can’t describe. To give a safe haven to an animal in need you have to be able to let a piece of yourself go when the forever home comes along. That little piece you have let g o will come back to you three-fold. At times, yes it makes you cry but there are also lots of tears of joy.

We encourage you to check with your local rescues & humane societies if you have room in your heart & home to help even just one.

Linda Wickham

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Safehousers & rescues all strive to place these animals in there forever homes.

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Page last updated April 12, 2011