Our Wish List

Somebuddies Inc would be grateful for the donation of any of the following items needed for the animals in our safehouses (foster care homes).



Gift Certificates to PETsMART or other pet stores.
Gift cards to Walmart or Target (to be used for pet supplies).
Donations to our account at:
             Brook Run Animal Hospital (7412 Brook Road).
             Church Hill Animal Hospital (25th and Marshall).
Coupons for pet products
Cat Food - Dry, Canned, Treats
Baby food, chicken or turkey. (Excellent for small kittens.)
Scoopable Cat Litter
"Yesterdays News" (brand, non-scoopable) cat litter.
           It's like little pellets and is made of recycled paper.
           We use it mainly for cats with illness, or kittens.
           Great for using while cat is being crated.
Litter Pans
Cat toys
Cat collars
Cat condos/scratching posts
Pet carriers, used or new
Crates, collapsible, used or new
Bath towels
Paper Towels

Donations can be mailed to Somebuddies Inc. or dropped off at Brook Run Animal Hospital or Church Hill Animal Hospital.