Magical has been Somebuddies’s representative for several years. His gentle soul and disposition are just one of the many pleasures of rescue. He only asked to be loved and taken care of. Magical was 14 years old when he went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 31, 2008. He left us knowing he was well loved. His days were spent leisurely and relaxing. Even though he suffered from various medical issues, he never lost his gift of love. This is a kitty who actually loved the vacuum cleaner. He was discarded outside, declawed and yet he still managed to know there was good in people and extended his trust every day. Nothing swayed his wonderful disposition. We should all take a lesson from Magical. I am asking anyone who reads this tribute to Magical, to consider the love a senior pet has to offer and to open your home and your hearts to let them live out their life in dignity and comfort as they so deserve. Magic, we love and miss you.


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