Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie came in to my life when a very good friend and adopter of 5 Somebuddies kitties called to say he had been feeding a cat that was discarded by a neighbor. I didn't realize at the time this ole girl was at least 19 years old. When he brought her to me, I had no idea how much she would weave her way into my heart. I knew she had already done this with her rescuer. Without him and his wonderful, caring neighbors , she would never have survived. She came into my life set in her ways of course, and I was determined to name her Her Majesty as she let me know how life was going to be immediately. But that was short lived. I quickly realized why my friend had named her Sweetie Pie. There could not have been a more appropriate name in the entire world to describe her personality. She gave her love and devotion to me and my husband. It was truly a pleasure knowing her. Yes this is a personal message, but Sweetie Pie made what we do every day personal. I loved her and I miss her. I always will. But she was safe and happy during her last few months on this earth. We were blessed to have her in our lives, I hope she felt the same about us.


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