Meow Greetings!  My name is Wally.  I came to Richmond from Rocky Mount, NC.  Did you know that in NC they teach “reading”, “writing”, and “the road to Richmond”? 

When I was very little, I somehow became separated from my mom.  A kind lady named Cindy found me and took care of me.  She was very nice.  She didn’t know much about kitties, though.  Her cousin from Richmond was visiting one day and told Cindy that she knew just the place for me.  All it took was a telephone call and on to Richmond I came with Cindy’s cousin!

My Richmond family was wonderful!  I had a big room all to myself and tons of toys to play with.  My new mom made cat nip sacks that I loved to throw in the air and then pounce on.  I had a soft bed to sleep in and stuffed animals to snuggle with.  I had plenty of food and water that was changed every morning.  My mom and dad played with me every day.

After a few days, I discovered I had kittie “siblings” – 2 sisters and a brother.  One sister was old and didn’t have much to do with me.  That was ok.  My other sister, Roxy, was very kind and nice.  She shared her toys with me and let me take naps in her “summer” bed.   My brother didn’t like me at all!  He tried to intimidate me and hissed at me all the time.  I just ignored him and pretended he was invisible.  That drove him crazy.  I found a cool tent in the upstairs hallway that I loved to lounge in.  Whenever I was in the tent, my brother would not come upstairs.   Roxy liked that because my brother intimidated her quite a bit before I joined the family.  I had a great life and a great family who loved me and took very good care of me. 

My good life came to an end a few weeks ago.  My mom thought I just didn’t look right and wasn’t eating very much food so she took me to the doctor.  The doctor found a cancerous mass in my tummy.  I was too young for treatment.  I passed away quietly and peacefully with my mom there beside me, after we had some quiet time together for good-byes and prayers.  I am now pain-free, living the good life with my Creator and all of His creatures in kittie heaven.   

My mom donated all my food to Somebuddies, Inc.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way – to share with other kitties who are waiting to find a good home like I had.  I’m glad we could help.  


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