Things to be aware of when bringing new kittens into your home.

Washing machine: Even check that pile of laundry waiting to go in washer or dryer. A bundle of sheets, clothes etc could have a kitten curled up inside.

Dryers: Keep dryer door closed and always check before starting. Kittens like things warm. They can jump in before you realize it. Especially if you are in the middle of taking cloths out and you walk away, BEWARE, they may have hopped right in and curled up.

Dishwasher: Always check and keep door closed.

Refrigerators: Kittens are curious, they can get their heads caught when you shut the door. Always look before you shut. They will jump inside as well.

Recliners: Please be careful, it can cause serious injury or instant death.

Rocking chairs: Those tails get in the way quick.

Closets and Drawers: Always check before closing.

Toilet seat lids: Keep down. Cleaning chemicals are dangerous.

Keep poisons out of cabinets or lock cabinet.
Post Poison Control Number: 1-855-289-0358

Cats love paper bags. Just remember to remove the handles. Same for gift bags.

Never give plastic bag to play in. If there's a place for your hands, its a place for their little necks to get caught.

Christmas ribbon, tinsel of any kind of ribbon can be detrimental to any cat. Do not let them play near it. It's too enticing.

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