Bella and Enzo's Happy Ending

Hi....My name is Bella and I am the cute one with the white nose....Enzo is the goofy guy next to me....I kid....He is my brother and I adore him.....We both wanted to tell you how happy we are that our pal Susan found us a loving home with our new Ma and Pa and older sister, Gabby.......Our ma and pa love us to pieces and we feel the same about them!....I often pounce on ma's lap for lovies and nip at her nose because I just have to taste her!....Enzo has claimed pa as his bestest buddy.....And we both share in love and admiration of our older sister, Gabby.

THANK YOU Susan for taking such good care of us when we were just little babies and for connecting us with our new family.

We are all blissfully happy!

Love and purrs,

Bella and Enzo

Bella and Enzo in hammock

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