Bogie and Bacall

Bogie and Bacall

Susan, the Director of SOMBUDDIES, and I had been talking about a possible adoption of a cat, on my part, in the early months of 2001.  The conversations were off and on and I had a general reluctance to make a decision.

Then one afternoon, in the Spring, Susan told me to meet her at the Brook Run Animal Clinic.

There was a cardboard cat container sitting on the chair when I arrived at the clinic.  Susan opened the container (while fussing about the container) and out Jumped “Rocky” to the highest shelf in the office, while “Bullwinkle” cowered in the container and hissed at me.

According to Susan, I was to take them home and safe house them.  I was their foster guardian for 6 months, before I succumbed to the pressure to adopt them.

Rocky was renamed to Bogie and Bullwinkle adopted the moniker of Bacall.  Bogie is a Manx and Bacall was a Maine Coon.

Bacall developed cancer in 2006 and is no longer alive.  She would wake me up at 3:00 AM and kneed my left shoulder for a long time, before allowing me to sleep.  She was a beautiful companion.  She is missed, greatly.



Bogie is now 15 years old and rather infirm.  His mind is sharp, especially when cheese or chip dip is nearby.  Bogie has been a great companion and has bonded firmly with his staff, as is customary with the Manx breed.

Bogie and I now share yogurt and a “chair-and-half”.  I fend off the other members of the “Gang”, Creamsicle, Lauren and Merlot so that his elder days are less stressful.

I will be forever grateful to Susan for the experiences that I shared with Bogie and Bacall.             



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