Creamsicle’s "Rap Sheet”

He is  fugitive from "Fin and Feather" pet store in Richmond.  He was the “store cat”, having the run of the establishment.

However, it was discovered that he absconded with $400 of fin and feather.  It was established that he entered the live mouse enclosure and played the night away, not once but several times..

The owner of “Fin and Feather” affirmed that I should never have a problem with mice with Creamsicle in residence.

Susan introduced Creamsicle, after Bacall passed.  It was thought that Creamsicle would be a good companion for Bogie.  I was wrong about that idea.  Although they now co-exist peacefully( for the most part) they do respect each other and Creamy respects Bogie’s age.

Creamsicle loves the “Untangler cat comb (Made in the USA).  He kneads on the lap and enjoys being groomed with the comb a couple of a times a day.  He alerts time for tea about 1:00 PM kneads and then lays down in the chair-and half to have his belly combed and rubbed.


Creamsicle is a very good companion for Lauren and Merlot.  Sometimes they are relentless in beating Creamsicle up, however he is always game for their antics.  He grooms them on cue.

Given the fact that he is Bogie’s nemeses, Creamsicle is a welcome addition to the “Gang”.



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Page last updated July 26, 2012