Gabby Lin's Happy Story

I visited Somebuddies Inc website about three weeks after my cat died at the age of 18. I decided not to have cats for a while because it broke my heart when my cat died, but when I saw little Gabby Lin's photo and her story. I immediately knew she was going to be my baby.

I contacted Susan and ended up adopting Gabby Lin (orange tabby) and another kitten, Jackson (tiger striped tabby). 
They play with each other always, and just watching them playing is really entertaining! They follow me when I am getting ready to go to work just like small children.  When I come home from work, they will be all over me, even after I've fed them. They both like to cuddle with me on the couch while I am watching TV, taking a nap, etc. 

We became a family, and yes, they are happy because they have found a forever home. It is their happy ending story, but my happy ending story too.



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Page last updated September 29, 2009