Lauren was once known as Miss Paige.  “Paiging Ms Lauren” ...!

Susan was asked to change her name in honor of Bacall, before She was adopted.  After adopting Creamsicle, I wonder what I was thinking!

Susan brought a cage and platform for Lauren to acclimate to her new environment.  Bogie utilized the cage to capture Lauren’s moist food, when she was not looking.  Lauren has not forgotten Bogie’s transgressions.

Lauren has not figured out that Bogie does not have a tail.  Lauren attacks her own tail at feeding time. You can hear her attacking her tail and any tails in the local area.

Lauren has been a wonderful addition to the “Gang”.  She is almost “Maintenance” free.

Lauren is extremely scared of storms and loud noises.  She has a favorite place under the bed.

She does not like to eat alone, so often just sitting next to her settles her down.

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