A Big Thank You to the Heroes of Brook Run

On Thursday, September 17th, a miracle occurred at Brook Run Animal Clinic.  Several of our foster kittens arrived for spaying & neutering.  Lucy was the first scheduled.  The procedure went well, but coming out of anesthesia, Lucy took a turn for the worst.  She had no heartbeat and wasn’t breathing.  Dr. Yeatman and the staff immediately began administering oxygen and started kitty CPR.  Luckily, Lucy’s heartbeat quickly returned and her breathing followed after administering oxygen for over an hour.  Fortunately Lucy remained stable and continued to recover.

To everyone’s amazement after that awful scare, Lucy was up playing with her siblings.  After careful observation, Lucy, she was released to the care of her foster parents. This made for a very happy kitten and foster parents. No one expected little Lucy to use of two of her nine lives in one single morning.


Lucy has made a miraculous recovery and is doing wonderfully!  She is enjoying just being a normal kitten, playing, eating, sleeping, and purring up a storm!

Everyone at Somebuddies Inc. would like to send a big THANK YOU to Dr. Yeatman and the Staff of Brook Run for doing everything they could to save our little Lucy! We will never forget this miracle or Dr. Yeatman!


Brook Run Animal Clinic
7416 Brook Rd.
Richmond, VA 23227

Phone: (804) 262-8621

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