TeeCee's Story

It was over 4 years ago that my husband and I suddenly lost one of beloved pets, Mao Mao, to a mysterious infection. We were a family of two dogs, two cats and a bird.  Our remaining kitty, Marley, was lost and forlorn without Mao Mao to lead the way. He had been with Mao Mao from the beginning of his life.

My husband sought out a companion for both Marley and us. A criteria was that the new cat member must be able to live with all the other pets in our animal household.

We found TeeCee up for adoption from Somebuddies Rescue and we knew it was Karma!  My husband's initials are T.C., for Thomas Craig, and here was a big gorgeous cat named TeeCee . . ! Not to mention the ad said he was okay with dogs.

Susan kindly agreed to meet with us and bring this handsome boy to our home. Upon her arrival, she opened the cat carrier and out strode this sizeable feline, not in the least disturbed by his new surroundings.

TeeCee proceeded with taking command of the place from greeting the dogs to checking out this new place. Within minutes he owned the place!


Now this many years later, TeeCee is still the boss and thinks he's one of the dogs.  We have three dogs currently and between TeeCee and the dogs there's never a spot to have on the sofa. He loves to get up in the middle of them.

TeeCee helps me daily from the reminders that it is time to feed him, time to give him some Catnip, and how to pick out colors and patterns for my next quilt project. He's amazing with wrapping paper, too!

He takes care of our other cat, Marley, with playtime and baths to a general rough housing.  Our largest dog knows to stay clear of him or at the very least be polite.

We have been blessed to have such a wonderful and always entertaining cat in our world.  It is with great appreciation and thanks we owe to Susan and to Somebuddies for their rescue efforts and care with whom a pet will go to for their forever home.


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Page last updated September 3, 2009