Lose Your Pet and Don't Know What to Do?

Sadly, most of the stray animals that find their way to a shelter are never reclaimed by their original family. There are two parts to this problem: proper identification on the animal, and knowing what to do when a pet does go missing.

Preventing the problem:
1. Keep identification on your pets - this may include a collar with ID tags, a microchip, a tattoo, or a combination of these.
2. Do not leave pets outside unsupervised. Gates may not be latched properly, someone may try to take your pet, your pet may become bored and try to escape.
3. Do not let your dog run around off-leash outside of an enclosed area. Something may frighten or excite your dog, causing him/her to run off.

Steps in Finding a Lost Pet:
1. File a report. The animal control bureau of the city in which you reside will keep this information on file. After filing this report, please post your information on the online message board for Hampton Roads so that those who may find your pet can view the "Lost" report and contact you directly.
2. Alert your neighbors, and those who frequently walk through your neighborhood.
3. Post flyers. Be as specific as possible - date the animal went missing; area the animal was last seen; breed, color, sex, name of animal; how to reach you.
4. Run an ad in the newspaper. Virginian Pilot classifieds can be placed by calling 757-622-1455, or online.
5. Organize a search party. Get a group of people to canvas the area in which the animal was last seen.
6. Don't give up hope...your animal is depending on you!

Norfolk Animal Management Center

5585 Sabre Road - Norfolk, VA 23502 - 757/664-PETS

The shelter is near Janaf shopping center. Show me!
From Virginia Beach Blvd, take Raby Road.
From Military Highway, take Lowery Road.
Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm
The shelter is closed to the public on national holidays.
Need more help? Write to Karen or Pam, and we'll do our best!
Visit the official shelter site at www.norfolk.gov/animals.