The "Problem Pet"

Blue demonstrates what a well-trained dog looks like!
When a problem arises with a new or existing pet, many people feel like their only option is to surrender the animal to a shelter. Please realize that in many cases, the problem is simply passed on to a family who may come along to adopt that animal, and the cycle may repeat itself.

Many times, there is a relatively easy solution to problems you may have with your pet's behavior. NAMC Supervisor Kasha Winston hopes that before you feel there is no hope, you will consult with her. With over 30 years of experience in animal behavior and training, she can provide suggestions you may not otherwise have considered.

If you are concerned with a behavior you see in your pet, or have general questions before or after you adopt an animal, please contact Supervisor Winston so she can offer suggestions on keeping your pet in your home, and keeping everyone happy.

Norfolk Animal Management Center

5585 Sabre Road - Norfolk, VA 23502 - 757/664-PETS

The shelter is near Janaf shopping center. Show me!
From Virginia Beach Blvd, take Raby Road.
From Military Highway, take Lowery Road.
Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm
The shelter is closed to the public on national holidays.
Need more help? Write to Karen or Pam, and we'll do our best!
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