Happy Endings

Here are just a few of the "happy ever after" stories of animals adopted from the shelter. We'd love to hear from you! Please e-mail Karen with an update of how your NAMC adoptee is doing, along with a photo, so we can add it to this page! Your stories are testimonials that truly great animals can be found in shelters...help spread the word!


Our family adopted Molly in October 2006. She is a very playful and affectionate cat and has settled well. She is amazingly dog-like and enjoys fetching her toy mouse and playing hide-and-seek with our two girls, ages 7 and 3. Molly has no favorites -- she will greet everyone who comes in the house and she loves especially loves cuddles. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. She is a wonderful cat and we feel blessed to have her as part of our family.
Dan, Sara, Eva, and Lily


I could not resist telling you guys about 'Lincoln'...the Shiz Tsu I adopted July 18, 2006. He was a "mess". His hair was terribly matted. I had to get him an e-collar to prevent him from literately chewing himself raw, which he did before the e-collar. You can see from one of the pics the raw spot near the rear. When I first saw him at the shelter I actually walked by his cage because I couldn't really see him. But when I walked by a second time, I felt pretty bad for him...so I adopted him. I was lucky because he was house broken. there wasn't much contact initially because he smelled so bad (smile), however I did what I could in terms of 'love'. finally, after healing from his little...nip and tuck...he was able to get a B-A-T-H. Yeah!!!! As you can see...he got himself a real...bald fade. His hair has now grown back and I am so happy with this little guy. The little blue toy...that's his favorite 'squeaky-thingy'. Now if I could only come back and adopt another Lincoln I'd be really thrilled. He's a bit agressive toward other dogs, and I would surely have to address that, but overall he's been a joy to have.
Ms. Mason


My name is Heather and I adopted "Dolly", a pitbull mix in January of 2006. She was a stray that had been there for over a month waiting for a family. I lost my first dog to cancer and was looking for a new companion. My mother saw "Dolly" and was telling me about her. From the way she described her I thought she would be an interesting dog. I went to check her out and fell in love. She was and is a very energetic dog and needed someone that would help her cope with her "craziness." She is a joy to have around. I am grateful to have found her. Because of her I have adopted more animals. I had never adopted animals before and I highly recommend it.
Heather Dewey


My husband and I adopted Dinah now known as Isabella and brought her home on 6-22-06. She is as wonderful as can be, she was housebroken by crate training in a month; and learned the commands "sit", "down", and "stay" within a matter of weeks. She is so intelligent and loves people. One other thing Bella loves to do is travel, which is wonderful since we make frequent trips to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to visit her grand parents all the time. My husband and I want to thank NAMC for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful friend and companion.

Duncan & Dory

I adopted Duncan (grey) and Dory (black) just over two weeks ago, and these two darlings have stolen the hearts of my entire family.

The past five years had seen the passing of my family's three elderly pets, and it had come time for some new life in the house. I knew I wanted a kitten, and from my previous two cats I learned that they do very well in pairs, so I went looking for littermates. When I saw these two on the NAMC website, I knew that they were the ones for me.

They were tiny, less than two pounds each, and they had fleas and respiratory infections, so the vet wouldn't spay them right away (don't tell them that it's coming up in a few weeks). They took their medicine and are now almost fully recuperated. The only sign of the infection remaining is in Dory's eye, which has been steadily improving and is now barely noticeable. She is an active little girl who likes to sleep up high, attack her brother, and, occasionally, chase her own tail. Duncan is completely recovered. He prefers to sleep next to a person or his sister, loves to pounce on Dory, and enjoys racing around the house attacking helpless fringe. They have both adjusted to their new home and are, I believe, as happy with us as we are with them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that these little guys are doing great and to tell you how much we adore them.

Thanks NAMC!


Thought I'd give you an update on Calvin. He's really adjusting well, and is a total momma's boy--wants me to hold him and carry him everywhere, and sleeps next to me every night! He has taken to the litter box now, but still doesn't seem to like the Feline Pine the other kitties use. I'm trying to just add a bit more of it every so often until there's none of his clumping litter left (I hate that stuff!). He's still a little skittish, especially when our dog (big lab mix) is standing, but when they're both lying on the bed, Calvin "wrestles" with Dakota's big feet and just generally plays with her. We have a really sweet-natured dog, so it's good for everyone. The other kitties are doing just fine, although they haven't slept on the bed since Calvin has been up there. Hopefully they'll work their way back to the bed. Calvin doesn't seem to like his Iams kitten food (although one of our older kitties loves it!), so I'm trying to figure out what else to get him. He has an appointment for his vaccine boosters today, so I'll see what they recommend. It's great having a little orange fireball in the house again! My little tiger boy. Here are a couple pix of his "down time..."

Take care, and I'll keep you posted...


We adopted Princess from the adopt-a-thon at Greenbrier PetsMart Saturday 5/6/06. She was previously owned by a military family that had to transfer. Well behaved, spayed, housebroken, beautiful and very playful!! She adapted well to her new home with us and slides around happily on our hardwood floors. Loves to be outside, chew and then bury rawhide bones outside and is quite a character. Knows some commands and has a great appetite for treats. We are considering getting her a buddy to keep her company during the day while we are at work. Thank you for your trust in letting us adopt Princess!!

Peabody (now Bailey)

We got Bailey (formerly named Peabody) two weeks ago. From day one he acted like he had always been in our family. He is the sweetest little man, very polite (except for the occasional food theft and leash pulling). I am planning on getting some obedience training, mostly for me! He is so smart and has taken our hearts completely.

He bonded with my daughter in seconds, is always happy to see everyone and greets every one he meets with that tail wagging! He is a great little dog that has added so much love to our lives.

He has the loveliest rust colored coat and non-shedding which makes me happy!

We have decided that he has some wire hair doxy, just a bit leggier though and maybe some Cairn, due to the awesome blonde highlights in his eyebrows, it's a good guess anyway.

Just wanted to let you know how he has settled in to his new life with us. I may be stopping back in for a sister for him, I am in love with Angel, she had just gotten there when I adopted Bailey and I see her photo is still up.

Blessings and Light to you all.

Susie, Hannah and Bailey


I would just like to say thanks first of all for the help Mara Quinn offered us.

We adopted Yardley, a very unique looking Tabby. We originally had the intentions of getting a puppy but after seeing this cat we had to have him. We've had him for about 2 weeks now. When we first got him he was kinda skinny but had huge features like big paws and a large head. We got him and he weighed 12lbs and he's already gained 2 more and still looks and feels skinny. After a few months we'll send an update on him.

He is a very loving cat and loves attention. We couldn't be happier and I'm sure he's probably just as happy.

Thanks NAMC!!!!


Killian is doing very well at his new home. He has put on about 10 lbs since I got him, which is a lot since he is only 25 lbs now. He is spoiled rotten at my house, and he is getting along awesome with his foster buddy, Bo. They are inseparable. He is coming along very nicely with training, and now knows about 4 commands (he knew none at first!!) I am enjoying him a bunch! Thanks to all of the staff at NAM for making it work out for me and Killian.

Corrie Clement

Merlin (now Teddy)

I just wanted to give all of the volunteers a quick update on our dog Teddy--- who used to be named Merlin.

I wasn’t sure if my husband and I were ready for a new pet after our cat’s death, but I saw Merlin’s picture on petfinder.com and I couldn’t resist. On July 20th I drove to NAMC to meet him in person. He was a little shy and had a bit of a cough, but he was the cutest scruffiest dog that I had ever seen. I took him home the next day, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. We changed his name to Teddy, and he is just perfect. He was completely housetrained and he loves everyone he meets- other dogs, people, children. He’s famous for giving hugs to people at the dog park. Teddy was the star student in his training class.

Because of Teddy’s unique look, people ask us a lot of questions about his breed, etc. – What kind of designer dog is he? Where did we get him? How much did we pay for him? And I always tell them—we got him at NAMC, and he’s the greatest dog I’ve ever met.

Thanks so much to all of the volunteers that helped us get Teddy. My husband and I are forever grateful. And his days are filled with playing fetch in our yard, going to the dog park, and taking walks by the river.

Here is Teddy’s picture that was on petfinder.com and Teddy on his favorite chair after his summer haircut.

-Jodi, Charles, & Teddy


Jake & Bear

Here is a picture of my two dogs that I adopted from [NAMC]. I adopted Jake (the golden mix) from there June 24, 2003. He will be three in May. Bear (the Husky Mix) I adopted on March 16, 2005 he turned a year old on December 29. They both are doing very well, and love our new home in Yorktown. They have an acre of land to run (completely fenced in for their safety) and we have a nice big house for them as well. In this picture, they are at the top of the stairs waiting for the kids to come home from school. At our old house in Norfolk, they did not have stairs to climb. It was a learning process for them both, but one they picked up quickly. They now handle those stairs with great ease. They said to tell there buddies Kasha, and Dawn hello.

Angela Harris


It's been a while since we adopted our little kitten from ya'll, but I wanted to send you some pics so you can see how she's doing. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to send an update, but life has been hectic. I adopter her back in late August, she was sick and covered in fleas. The vet wouldn't even spay her right away because she was so ill. She's now the picture of health and quite a character. Some of your staff had nicknamed her "Brat" but to us she's just a bundle of joy. Her name is Takara, which is Japanese for "precious gift." She's not happy unless she's with one of us, and she's also quite a "talker." I've attached some pics. Thank you so much.


Officially known as Gertrude, name changed to “Grrrt” the amount of ‘r’s increase depending on her level of crankiness. I saw Grrrt curled up in a ball in her cage at NAMC, and I didn’t even realize she was a dachshund, until she stretched out. Her nails were long and legs underdeveloped, she’d been found as a stray and was available in April of 2003. She went to the vet to get spayed, and I received a call from their office. Grrrt was too sick to spay, with a rare blood disorder that gave her too many red blood cells, making her blood too thick. She had kennel cough in addition to the blood ailment and it was discovered that she was a senior dog, 10+ years and I was advised to put her down before I got too attached. She wasn’t showing any signs of pain, and was still wagging her tail. It was too late, I was attached. Off to the emergency vet we went. The vets there recommended blood letting and gave us some meds for her cough. They gave her 2 weeks to 2 months to live. She still seemed perky and alert so off to my personal vet we went. She was diagnosed with the bladder infection and given a cancer drug to thin her blood. Almost 3 years later, Grrrt has blossomed. I believe she had been used as a puppy mill mommy, she’s only recently mastered more than one stair and her little legs won’t propel her body to jump up in a chair, but doxies aren’t supposed to jump anyway. She got healthy enough to spay, but not without first going through a heat cycle (yuck!) She was so dismayed that my neutered male dachshund wasn’t interested! She’s a sweet but ornery little senior, who’s been known to steal the mozzarella stick right out of my hand! She loves to just sit in the recliner with me and bark at the cats, or anyone who moves without her permission. She has her own fortress of Gertitude where she spends her days while I’m at work, and she loves to ‘kill’ stuffed bunnies. I’m pretty happy to have my cranky old girl, and glad I was attached when she wagged her tail.



Last spring, Mark Bishop came to NAMC to meet a Saint Bernard. Instead he couldn't turn away from Preston, who was in the next kennel over. Badly in need of some TLC, Preston got that and much more when Mark adopted him.


Mia was spayed yesterday. She is doing good I am again staying in the guest room with her. As far as the feline family, they are all in LOVE. They bath each other and sleep together (with me mostly), as I love. Even my # 3 cat who does not care for anyone, lets her sleep at her side, and sits quietly as Mia runs across her body. It is great.


Colin and Timothy

Last Nov 17 [2005] me and my husband adopted Colin and Timothy from you guys and we just want to let you know that these cats have been nothing but wonderful. They are doing very well and are getting along just fine.

More power to you guys and God speed to you all!

Karen and Joseph Ryan


Rascal loves all his toys and gathers them together himself.
In September 2004, I lost 2 special friends, Felix, a 17 yr. old cat and Lucky my 13 yr. old dog. Needless to say I was heartbroken. I live alone and these two brought so much joy and entertainment to my home, without them I was at a loss. Felix came into our lives when one night after work, I took my youngest son to a hamburger place and this little black kitten who was obviously starving, came up to my son and licked ketchup off his fingers. Being a dog lover all my life, I really wasn't looking for a cat, I told my son that we would help the little guy and then find him a good home. Felix was so skinny that my mother said that he looked more like a little monkey than a cat. Next thing I knew, we added a cat to our family.

Then after losing my Cocker Spaniel to heart failure, I was miserable without a dog so we adopted Lucky, a terrier mix from the SPCA. Lucky and Felix became best friends and were so entertaining. They would play and wrestle together and Felix even tolerated an occasional wet kiss from Lucky. Felix, like many cats, was very independent and was my very first experience with a cat. I grew to love him and Lucky was his buddy.

Being a dog lover, Lucky was my constant companion, he knew no strangers, he was not a good watch dog but a wonderful little dog, with a great personality. He and Felix were so close that it didn't come as a complete shock when the two of them died 2 wks apart.

As I mentioned before, I missed them both terribly. The house was too quiet and I didn't even want to come home to an empty house. My grown sons encouraged me to look for another dog. Now I have had a dog since I was 5 yrs old and I have been blessed to have them live long lives, one does not ever replace the other, they all have had their own personalities and I loved them all. Other than my cocker spaniel, all of my dogs have been rescues and that is what I wanted.

For several weeks I checked out the SPCA's and the Internet for rescue options. I have a small house with a nice fenced in backyard so I was looking for another small dog. The SPCA didn't have the dog I needed so my son went with me to the animal control building on Raby Rd. in Norfolk.There with the help of a helpful volunteer named Pamela Painter we found a little dog named Itty Bitty. He ran up to me and began showering me with kisses, my son said "Mom there is your dog." He wasn't a very young puppy but full of energy and love. The first thing I did after he was neutered and I brought him home was to change his name to Rascal.

Rascal wasn't very friendly to new people at first and I suspect that he may have been abused prior to my adopting him. It had taken a long time for him to trust people and we are still working on it, on the other hand, he is a great watchdog and his bark sounds like it is coming from a much larger dog. I was very pleased to discover that he was in fact housebroken, which was a plus since I work during the day.

I adopted Rascal in November 2004 and in June 2005, I had tendon surgery and he was so sweet and stuck to me like glue. He loves my sons when they visit and I suspect that they come more often to see and play with him. I couldn't be more happy with Rascal and I owe Ms. Painter a debt of gratitude for helping me find him.

In conclusion, I would encourage anyone interested in getting a companion to rescue a dog or cat from their local society or animal control facility. With a little patience and love, they could find what I have and that is a wonderful new friend.

Thank you, Kathy (Norfolk)


When I first met Lizzie, she cowered in the back of the cage and refused to come out. She was a little dirty but a real beauty. I [adopted] Lizzie at the end of October 2005, and I was told she was a schipperke mix. However when I picked her up from the vet a couple of days later, I was surprised when they told me she was a very petite German Shepherd mix at 28 lbs. She was a little uneasy at first, but she has adjusted very well to me. She still follows me everywhere and cries when I leave the room, but she is the most affectionate, curious, intelligent little girl. She's discovered squeak toys and continues to love playing fetch. She gets along great with my boyfriend's giant younger black lab and plays well around my roommates cat (despite her having been "turned in" because she didn't get along with her previous owner's cats.) She's fallen in love with car rides and does well with baths and is learning commands very quickly. She gets along well with everyone she meets, animals included. Although rambunctious, hyper and a bit of a baby, Lizzie is the perfect dog for me.

Thank You! - Ashley

Curly (now Toots)

We adopted a puppy from NAMC late June 2004, and she's still with us:) She was dubbed "Curly" by your staff but we renamed her "Toots" as in "What's shakin, Toots?". She had a raw chest that healed shortly after we got her, and she was incredibly shy and nervous. She'd even wrinkle her forehead with worry. When we first got her, the tips of her ears curled back (as pictured). That's what really drew us to her in the first place. They don't curl back anymore but one usually sticks up when she's on guard, and she does this awfully cute smile when she feels guilty. The third picture is of her wrestling with her buddy, Balto the ferret. I'm so thankful to GOD for bringing us to the pound that day and blessing us with such a wonderful family member like Toots. She's gets along very well with the 5 humans, 2 other dogs, and ferret in the family. Thank you!

Rosita (now Ella)

Update 1: She’s completely our kitty now. She knows our schedule, and at 5:15, when I get home every day, there she is sitting at the door and she greets me with the most adorable “meow-ow”, and my partner with a much longer and deeper “meowwwwwww”. We think it’s the greatest thing ever. We put old fashioned bubble lights on our tree, and she adores them! She sits and stares at them, and every now and then decides she wants to fake attack them.

Update 2: She’s just doing so great – the warm weather we’re getting has allowed her to lay on the open windows and stalk the squirrels on our deck – which she LOVES. She destroyed one of her toys, so I had to buy her a new one, and she’s so happy about that.

Update 3: Ella knows ALL the tricks, now! She’s also learned how to open cabinet doors – and get stuck in them. So we have to watch her when she goes in the kitchen. A couple times this weekend, we thought she had slipped out the front door, when she was really just in one of our cabinets fast asleep!

Photos: top - Ella, bottom - Ella's brother Simon, who joined the family in January 2006


On Saturday, November 26, 2005, the Keil-Varos family came to NAMC looking for a friend for Mako, the NAMC cat they adopted from us a while ago. Lucky for Tuvok he was the one they selected for the mission of "new feline brother". He happily accepted, and we wish him a life of happiness!


My son and I adopted Spunky last Thursday from the Norfolk Animal Management Center and we absolutely, totally, completely love him! He is the best dog ever! Smart, friendly, lovable, energetic but good at quiet time too, and on and on. We’ve already bought tons of stuff for him.
-- Alison Winn


Update 1: This is a new picture of Bear, the Peke I got from you several months ago. You may recall that he was very testy there and full of knots. I sent you a picture after we shaved him down. He has been adopted and has brought so much joy to his new family since he joined them two months ago. He is so proud of his scarf that he doesn't want his owner to take it off. I thought you would enjoy hearing more of his story.

Update 2 (from his new owner): He really has turned out to be a very special boy! If I sat here and wrote you about everything he has been up to, it would take ages for you to read. I will say though that I laughed myself silly at him a couple of times this week. Believe it or not, I had just finished grooming both Bear and Cassie. They thought it was so much fun they went on a tear running in circles around the house, rolling on their backs and then flopping down to sleep. You would never think a brush had come near either of them. Bear and Cassie are now best of buddies. They love playing together and refuse to go outside without the other. It does my heart good to see them both so very happy.

Blessings, Linda Maxwell www.potomacpekes.org/rescues

Phloxie (now Annie)

When Al told a member of Animal Rescue of Tidewater that he was looking for a dog to brighten his home, they knew just where to send him! After seeing all the dogs, Al first met a sweet puppy, but as she went back to her cage, he noticed the shy, frightened dog in the cage next to hers. He wanted to meet Phloxie because she reminded him of a dog he had once had. After spending some time with Phloxie, Al knew she was the dog for him. "I can tell someone once beat her, and I want to show her that's not how you treat a dog," he explained. Phloxie, now Annie, can feel safe and loved with Al to take care of her!

Dora and Wilson

Kathy Galvin of K-9 New Life Center (who is also a NAMC volunteer) was doing a home visit with a K-9 New Life dog and realized that he wasn't "the one" for the Pearson family. Not wanting to let such a great family go, she showed them the dogs on the NAMC website, then met them at NAMC to introduce them to 3 Rottie/Labs at the shelter. The rest is history...they adopted 2 of the them! The Pearsons recently gave Kathy this happy ending update: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for filling our house with happy dogs and drifts of black fur! They turned out to be Wilson and Dora. Wilson has an extreme fascination with tennis balls and Dora is very 'dora-ble! They thunder through the house and play beautifully together. Our darlin' lap-dogs (yes, sometimes literally!) are much loved and took only a couple of days to firmly entwine their hearts with ours! -- Best Wishes!! Mary Pearson

P.S. In the picture, they are both quite intent on the tennis ball that I'm holding. Moments later they would be charging across the yard for Wilson to retrieve the ball and Dora to herd him back!


We have gotten so attached to Winston. I think he is very happy and content here.....he certainly is spoiled rotten :) He has so much personality. As a matter of fact he is practically sitting on the keyboard of my computer while I am writing this. He'll fall asleep shortly until I'm finished and then follow me where ever I go. He's gained some weight which he needed and I'm happy to say that after several visits to the vet his eyes are clear. He would love to go outside and has tried to "escape" on several occasions. We think it's best that he stay indoors.....we don't want anything to happen to him. It really is a happy ending for us all. We couldn't have found a more beautiful, affectionate and loyal pet.

Kevin (now Jeremy)

Scott's father came to NAMC to find him a cat for his 6th birthday. Kevin caught his attention because he was so playful, relaxed, and trusting. Scott agreed, and had already chosen the new name for his cat, and Kevin is now Jeremy. Scott will have a happy birthday, and Jeremy will have a happy ever after, thanks to Scott's father!


I just wanted to give you an update on a dog that I adopted back in Aug of last year. He was found as a stray & I had first pick on him when he was available. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love. He was very shy & nervous when we first brought him home...but now he feels right at home. He is a great companion for my husband & I...& I know he'll be great with our son that we're expecting in November. He loves going to the beach, especially the OBX, he loves being able to run free. His favorite thing to do is to chase a laser pointer that my husband got. :-) Ya'll are doing great things at NAMC, keep it up. -- Genevia, Kenny & Freckles

Roxie (now Argos)

Amanda, who works at the Banfield vet at Greenbrier PetsMart, first saw Roxie at the PetsMart/AWC Adoption Weekend. She was sad to see that no one adopted this sweet girl, and asked if we would like her to foster Roxie until she was adopted. Her first week with Amanda and her fiance John, Roxie proved herself to be the perfect dog...no housetraining issues, no food aggression issues...why, she is even good with cats! I guess we really weren't that surprised to get this message from Amanda: "Looks like we won't be bringing Roxie to Bark in the Park, at least not to show for adoption, since she seems to have found her permanent home...with my fiance and I. It wasn't our original intention, but she's just so wonderful." We couldn't agree more! Read more about Roxie/Argos!


This charming boy was an instant favorite of shelter staff and volunteers alike. He came to the shelter after his person, who was homeless, died after being attacked. Some kind residents of the neighborhood noticed Blue wandering alone, and notified NAMC. We brought him to the Super Adoption Weekend with high hopes, and on Sunday 09/18 all our dreams came true when Matt, who never made a spur of the moment decision, fortunately did that day, and adopted Blue.

Cody (now Xander)

For some reason, Cody kept getting overlooked at the shelter. Yes, he's a BIG (25 lbs) boy, but so gentle and sweet! Once again, it took the Super Adoption Weekend to work magic for yet another NAMC animal. Cody was hanging out on the table, soaking up the sun, when he caught the eye of Bethany Singletary. She tells the rest of the story: "I thought you might like to know how he settled in. In a word, TERRIFIC!! It's like he has always been here. He gets along fabulously with everyone. He has eaten and drank water, he has also used his litterbox, no problems. He goes from person to person demanding love and attention he gets plenty of. He also is secure enough to plop down ANYWHERE and sleep, and I mean the middle of the floor is no problem for him!! We've also discovered he can stand on his hind legs and turn doorknobs, quite a shock! He is just wonderful, and everyone here is in love!"

Norfolk Animal Management Center

5585 Sabre Road - Norfolk, VA 23502 - 757/664-PETS

The shelter is near Janaf shopping center. Show me!
From Virginia Beach Blvd, take Raby Road.
From Military Highway, take Lowery Road.
Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm
The shelter is closed to the public on national holidays.
Need more help? Write to Karen or Pam, and we'll do our best!
Visit the official shelter site at www.norfolk.gov/animals.