Adoption Policies

Our adoption criteria have been developed as a result of many years of experience with and a genuine love for the Bichon Frise.

  1. The adoption application is the first step in our adoption process. We require all applicants to submit a written application for adoption. We strive to make a good match between the dog and the adoptive home. The application is a good tool that helps us to do this. An inappropriate placement means the dog comes back to rescue, having to once again face a major upset and adjustment. These dogs have been bounced around enough in their lifetime; we try to ensure that this placement is their permanent home.

    We must receive a completed questionnaire before we can discuss specific adoption opportunities. Applications must be completed and submitted by an adult.

    Please note: All dogs are kept in private homes. Only approved applicants may visit the dogs by invitation or appointment. This is for our safety and the safety of the dogs.

  2. We restrict our placements to persons or families without small children (under 10 yrs of age). Many of our dogs have been abused, abandoned or neglected. Traditionally, men are the abusers with children running a close second. Many of the dogs have come to rescue as strays through animal control. We know nothing of their past history. Have they ever been exposed to children? Was that exposure a good or bad one?

    For the safety of our dogs and your child, we will not place a dog in a home with young children. We would rather be safe than sorry.

  3. Adopters must live within 50 miles of Suffolk, VA. We do a home check prior to adoption and follow-up visits after adoptions to be sure it's a good pairing and the dog and adopters are happy. Our adopters must be geographically accessible.

  4. Since we've found small companion dogs require a great deal of time and attention in order to be happy, and due to the housetraining difficulties inherent in this breed, we are careful to place our rescues in homes where there will be maximum adult care and companionship. We do not adopt to persons who are out of the home all day. An adult must be home the majority of the day. This policy saves us from having dissatisfied adopters and unhappy dogs that begin “acting out” due to fear, loneliness and boredom. In most cases, a fence will be required.

    Bichons not only like, but demand lots of attention. It is like adding another child to the family. The primary reason Bichons come into rescue is because of housetraining problems, both male and females. The next most common reason for owner surrenders the dog is left alone for too long a time period. Many Bichons develop separation anxiety, which may result in peeing, pooping and destructive behavior, as well as self-mutilation.

  5. Our adoption fee is $350 for adult dogs, $400 for dogs less than 1 yr old. This helps offset the dog's veterinary care. Every dog that leaves rescue is first spayed or neutered. They are vaccinated with a distemper, bordatella and rabies vaccine. In addition, the dog is heartworm tested, placed on Heartgard, groomed and is on Frontline for fleas.

    Once we receive your completed application, we will review it and inform you of your adoption candidacy. It is not first come, first served; rather, best match to best possible home. Rescued Bichons are wonderful dogs that need a second chance at a happy life. They usually need a little more of everything – love, patience, time, attention and training, as they have had so little. Families willing to take this step toward a loving lifetime commitment find there are many rewards awaiting them!

    We look forward to working with you.