Frequently Asked Questions

Am I rescuing a Bichon Frise?

No, all the bichons in the care of Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue have already been rescued and are safe. You will be adopting a Bichon.

If this is about adopting, why do I have to pay for a Bichon?

You are helping to pay for the rehabilitation and support of the Bichons in rescue. Each Bichon is spayed or neutered, has received a rabies, distemper and bordatella vaccine, has been groomed, heart worm tested, is on Heartgard for heartworms and Frontline for fleas and ticks. In addition, the dogs need and receive from the rescue all the things a good home would provide: high quality food, vitamins, treats, toys, beds, collars, and tags. The adoption fee unfortunately, does not cover all of these things. In addition to the adoption fee the rescue employs fundraising, and must rely on additional donations to provide for the Bichons in rescue.

What is the adoption process?

  • The adoption process starts with a completed on-line adoption application form. If the applicant meets the adoption criteria and there is a good match for the applicant in rescue:
  • a veterinary reference check is done. Bichons require a high level of veterinary care and we expect our applicants to have provided such care to their previous and current pets.
  • Next a telephone interview is conducted by a member of the TBFR interview panel
  • After that a home visit is performed by a TBFR volunteer
  • After all the above steps have been satisfactorily completed, one or possibly two trips to White Dog Cottage in Suffolk, VA may be required to meet the dog and/or to adopt the dog.

I have filled out the adoption application and have not heard anything.

It may be that you do not meet the adoption criteria or that we don’t have a dog in rescue that would provide a good match between you. There is also a very small possibility that your application was not received or that you did not provide a completed application form. We do not process incomplete adoption applications.

It is the goal to only place rescued dogs where there is a "good match" between the specific needs of a dog and the home that an individual has to offer. Rescue dogs are not placed on a "first come-first served" basis. You should anticipate the possibility of not being accepted as a home for a specific rescue dog or any rescue dog. These requirements are no different than what one should expect if he/she were obtaining a "show dog" or "pet" from a conscientious and responsible breeder.

I live more than 100 miles away. Am I totally disqualified from adopting a Bichon from TBFR?

If we receive a perfect application that perfectly matches a dog in our care AND we have a volunteer in that area to do a home visit, we may consider an adoption outside of the 100-mile area. In many cases, we can refer you to an active Bichon rescue in your area. We do not ship dogs under any circumstances.

Can I keep the dog for a weekend to see if the dog “works out”?

No. We are looking for people who are totally committed to adding a dog to their family and will work through any problems that may arise.

A weekend is not long enough for a dog or the family to fully settle in. Rescued dogs have had enough upsets in their lives; we try not to add to those stresses. A dog is a living, breathing, loving being with feelings – not a car to be test driven and returned.

What if I am having problems with my new Bichon?

We are available day or night to answer your questions, refer you to experts or recommend books that may address your issues.

What if the Bichon isn’t compatible with my family?

TBFR is your safety net. We are there for you if the adoption doesn’t work – for any reason! In fact, as part of the written adoption contract it notes that if for any reason the adoption doesn’t work to the benefit of the family or adopted Bichon, the Bichon must be returned to rescue.

I have a question...

If you have a question that has not been addressed by the FAQ’s here or the Adoption Policies page, please email us: