Rehome a Bichon

MOVING? You don't necessarily have to give up your dog.  Find pet friendly rentals here:

What should you do if you need to give up your Bichon?

First, determine if you REALLY want to get rid of the dog. Most dogs are given up because of behavior problems. Would you give up the dog if you could change the behavior that is so distressing to you? If so, call Bichon Rescue. We may be able to advise you or provide you with the name of a person, web site, book, veterinarian or trainer who can.

Moving? You don't have to give up your dog because you are relocating! Find a pet-friendly home: .

If you are really determined to give up your Bichon (dog, cat) make sure you know who you are giving it to.

Screen applicants carefully before giving up a pet

Get the name, address and phone number of the people who are interested in the pet. Call them back to make sure the number is correct.

Ask for any past pet history: what type of pet they've had, how long they had it and what happened to it.

Ask for a veterinarian reference, and check with the vet to find out what level of care the people provided for their pet.

Visit the home to see if the address exists. See how ALL family members react to the dog and how the dog reacts to them. If there is a resident pet, see what condition it is in and how the family members treat it and each other.

Be honest with people about why you are giving up a pet. If it has problems, make them clear. Pets are often dumped when the new owners find out what the old owners failed to tell them.

Don't think that a dog that jumps the fence and runs off needs a "good home in the country with room to run." It will become a problem dog that runs away, chases livestock or gets hit by a car, shot by neighbours, put on a chain or taken to the animal shelter.

Reconsider GIVING a pet away

If a pet is free, its new owners often will not want to put a lot of money into it. If it has a vet problem, they may get rid of it to go on to the next free dog or cat.

If you are still determined to give up your dog...
Don't do it impulsively

Think out a plan of action. A dog in which you have invested years, should not be disposed of in hours.

Investigate who you are giving your dog to... Rescue is your best option BUT make sure it is a reputable rescue. Check out its web site and read it thoroughly. Ask for references -- and call them! Ask about their adoption policies.

If you want to place the dog yourself, call Rescue and ask for advice/tips to try to insure you are placing your pet not just in any home but the BEST possible permanent home.

Bichon owners needing help

Bichon owners needing to rehome their Bichon please contact or 866-473-0722.

If you live outside of Virginia, please check the Directory of Bichon Rescues at or search