South County Cats

Barn Cat Guide

Part 1: Introduction

South County Cats works to save lives by placing feral and unadoptable cats in suitable barn homes. This relocation is not always 100% successful so it is a last resort for cats who have no other options. Careful matchmaking is critical to give these cats the best chance possible. Safe relocation of feral cats must be carefully planned and executed.

There is no guarantee that all cats will be “mousers” but most cats are instinctive hunters and hunt for sport and not for food. Therefore we only place cats in homes where they will be fed, and not expected to survive on rodents alone. A safe structure is required for protection from predators and weather.

All of our cats are health checked, spayed or neutered, vaccinated (FVRCP and rabies) and assessed for temperament.

We generally place four cats per barn for their safety and protection. Sometimes barn owners question whether they really need to take on four cats, thinking perhaps a couple of cats will do. We tell them that these cats are nearly invisible. The only difference between of two and four cats is that the food dish needs to be filled a bit more often. The upside is that four cats will do a better job of rodent management, because your barn will contain a critical mass of cats to get the job done.

SCC, a great idea -

"Just wanted to give you an update on my barn kitties. They are so wonderful. Since I've started giving them canned food, they will come up to the edge of their "loft" and try to bat at my face as I walk by.

Honey has her own little sound (kind of a "meow" without the "me") and is very persistent! Only after I climb up the ladder and put a can onto their little dish will they leave me alone.

They've really became much friendlier, Honey will completely let me pick her up and carry her around, Scarlet (the tortie) loves to be scratched behind the neck, and Winston (big handsome tabby) still doesn't like to be touched but he isn't at all nervous.

SCC is such a great idea, because these guys would definitely be put down, but now they get to chase mice, eat canned food, and sleep in a heated bed or their carpeted house. Plus the rodent control we get, companionship for the goats, not to mention the entertainment!"

- Ali

Part 2: Matchmaking