Is this pet still available?
The website is kept current. Therefore, all pets are available unless it states 'ADOPTED!!' next to their name.

Is this pet still available it states 'PENDING'?
Currently, this pet is pending an adoption. Since the adoption is not yet FINAL, this pet could still be available.

I would like further information on the pet and/or visit the pet?
The first step is an application. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Our goal is to find a match between the rescue dog and the adoptive home. Once approved, if your application seems to be a good match for the pet, we will contact you to discuss the dog further and possibly set up a meeting. In some cases we may suggest another dog that may be a better fit for your family.

In order to ensure you and the rescue dog are a match, we ask that you please complete an adoption application; this gives us an understanding of your home, needs, and preferences. We then determine if it is a match with the rescue dog in question or another rescue dog needing a home. It is more time effective for us to first review the application, since we are ALL volunteers and devote our time for the love of the animals.

How do I know you received my application?
We will send an email out to let you know that your application was received. This email will be sent within 24-48 hours.

Can I adopt a dog if I am not a WA resident?
YES, we can adopt to other US states and Canada. However, you must come to meet the dog in WA with your family and current pets. We will NOT ship dogs. Everything being equal, preference is given to those families residing within Washington state.

What does my adoption fee cover?
Your adoption donation is used to care for the many pets that enter into rescue. All pets leave rescue vaccinated (Rabies, DHLPPC, Bordatella), spayed/neutered, microchipped, and medically checked out by a licensed veterinarian. In some cases they receive dentals, ear flush, various other surgeries, etc. to ensure that they are healthy and ready for adoption.

Where are your pets located?
We do not have a central shelter. Pets are all located in various foster homes.

What are the adoption fees?
Adoption donations range from $125.00 to $325.00, some are higher and some are lower depending on the dog. The adoption donation for each dog is located in their biography. These fees are non-negotiable and we are a 501c3 Organization.

What do I do if the pet is NOT working out?
If the pet is not working out; please contact the rescue! We will work with you to try and solve the problem(s). We will also recommend a trainer and some obedience classes that can help with the situation. If the pet is still not working out after this; please return the pet to NWIPR. Pets adopted from NWIPR are NOT to be rehomed; they are to be returned to the rescue.

Can I get my money back if I return the pet?
NO, adoption donations/fees are nonrefundable. However, if problematic behavior/issues arise and you are unable to correct them through a 6-week or longer obedience class/training AND correspondence/instruction with the Rescue, you agree to return the animal to NWIPR within 3-months of adoption and half the adoption fee will be refunded after the animal is rehomed by NWIPR; otherwise the adoption fee will be forfeited.

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