Text Box: Brittany is a magical blend of breeds with a soft coat and a long coarser outer coat, large eyes in a sweet face, and one of the sweetest, most affectionate, most playful AND smartest little gals. She’s been in rescue only about a month but has come so far from the scared, hand-shirking little pup into this confident, nose-nudging, playful little gal who just wants to be loved and hugged. She will make someone a perfect companion, hopefully also as a companion/pal to another small dog who also loves her and loves to play. She rides well in the car on my thigh and the car console. Though she still has great fear of big dogs, she runs like the wind through the woodland paths, trailing her long drag leash, and sitting at special places on our outings for treats with my other dogs. She really needs a stay-at-home, calm, understanding person who will take her (and hopefully a pal) for walks and take her the final steps toward housebreaking and through her fears and separation anxiety.

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UPDATED ON 5/26/15