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About Us

___________ Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Mission Statement:

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of animals locally, nationally and internationally; alleviating their suffering and elevating their status in society through the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need and through the education of their community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, advocating the value of all animal life, in hopes to end the neglect and abuse of all animals and to end the devastating pet overpopulation through spay and neuter advocacy.


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Vision Statement:

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue dedicates its work to end pet overpopulation and the resulting euthanization of healthy, adoptable pets due to limited space and funds of our local, national, and international animal welfare organizations as well as working to end abuse and neglect of all animals resulting from lack of information and education of the community, all the while advocating the value of all animal life.


"These birds and animals and fish cannot speak, but they can suffer, and our God who created them, knows their sufferings, and will hold him who causes them to suffer unnecessarily to answer for it..."

- George Q. Cannon, Animal Activist


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Washington State non-profit animal rescue run solely by volunteers. Motley Zoo Animal Rescue assists local, national, and international dogs in need. We have no shelter facility. Instead, we house our rescue animals in volunteer foster homes where they receive one-on-one attention in a home environment, receiving training and support, while we work to find the best possible forever homes.while we work to find the best possible forever homes.

Our foster families are the backbone of our organization and without them, animals would suffer. In an effort to reach more animals in need, we are searching for additional dedicated foster families. As a foster home, you would care for your foster dog in the same way you already provide for your own pets! We pay for all approved vetting and can even provide you with food and supplies. All you need to do is welcome the animal into your home and heart, put down an extra bowl at dinner time, lay out an extra bed at night time, and kiss an extra nose in the morning!

One of our dedicated fosters explains how she answers one of people's most common reservations to foster, "People often tell me they would fall too much in love with their foster to do what I do, but I explain to them that it is BECAUSE I love these animals that I let them go to their new homes. These animals deserve a family of their own and I know that I can save far more animals in need by fostering many throughout the year, as opposed to adopting just one."

For answers to our most frequently asked questions, check out our website

If you are interested in saving lives, please shoot us an email at We would love to speak with you further about our many volunteer and foster opportunities.


The Motley Zoo Crew

Our Founders

Bryan and Jme:

Bryan and Jme are avid animal lovers who have been involved in rescuing for the past few years. As of now, they have 4 Rat Terriers (all resuces!) and a big black cat named Biki.

When they adopted their first dog, Jasmine, they noticed she was had some behavior issues. They realized she needed more socialization. Shortly after, they saw a foster plea for dogs on death row that just needed a place to stay for a little while until a forever home was found. Although they had their concerns, they wanted to help save another life and to help Jasmine learn how to be more like a real dog too! It worked out magically. They were immediately hooked on the idea that by hosting a dog in their home, they could save a life, and make a huge difference in not only the lives of the dogs in need, but in their own dog's life too.

They have fostered more than 200 dogs, and have helped countless others through their networking efforts. They believe that anyone can foster. You just need to see the simplicity of the idea and understand that for these dogs, 10 minutes on a lap a day is worth one minute in a shelter. It can literally mean the difference between their life or death. You will be surprised at how much one little creature can truly change your life too!

As a child, Brooke had severe allergies to most all animals. But she never let this get in the way of her passion for critters. She has shared her life with many, including turtles, lizards, guinea pigs, dogs, and horses. She was trained in Western style riding and even attempted some barrel racing and cow herding!

When Brooke found herself a newly divorced woman, she decided the best way to work through her pain was to reach out and help others in need, starting her rescue career, first as a foster home where she found she had an affinity for the naughty and troubled little four legged souls who need help with socialization, aggression issues and learning their house manners.

Brooke’s family currently consists of two Boston Terriers, Brother Ottis and Baby Sage. Sage was recently diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease and so Brooke cherishes every single day with her little ones.

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How long does a typical foster stay for?
The typical fostering stint for a dog is 2-4 weeks- but can vary depending on a wide range of things like breed, age, time of year, and more. The stay is typically more like 1 month or more for cats, even kittens. There are ebbs and flows to rescue- just as there are breeds and ages of dogs in higher demand than others.

As a foster, we would like you to see the dog through to it's new home- barring any unusual circumstance, emergency or travel plans. We work around your schedule, but like having a pet in general, you should commit to the idea...although it is far from permanent! Our fosters find it pretty simple- as you hardly change a thing!

Do I have to pay anything?
We cover all vetting costs- and typically the animal is vetted before arriving to your home. Most fosters provide their own food, considering this a part of their charitable acitivty- as it is tax deductible- along with any supplies and "luxuries" you may purchase for your foster dog.

We typically have crates you can borrow, beds and towels, bowls- but some fosters like to go above and beyond. We let you decide- but all basic needs are covered by us otherwise. If food is required or needed, we will gladly provide- as we are, on occasion, given donations. We do not think something so simple should stop anyone from fostering- so even the unemployed find joy in volunteering and fostering for us- despite finances being tight.

Most of all, we support our members, because they support us!

Don't you get so attached to the animals?
OF COURSE! We do this because we love the animals- every single one that we see. But like giving a really great gift to a freind or family member, we see this as a generous and giving way to make someone happy. The smiling face of that child getting their first puppy, says it all- you really can't be very sad when the whole family is just over the moon for the pet that your are giving a life when you foster- and letting him or her go, is the goal. You will find the reward you receive for letting go is priceless- even if you're tempted to want to adopt yourself!

We always suggest letting your first foster go- so that you can see how wonderful it is. You will not regret anything- especially when you see the new furry face coming next- that animal that really needs you. For every foster you get there are really hundreds and thousands more waiting for the same chance. When you see it like this- as being so much bigger than you- it really beomces a mission. Evene the kids feel this wonderful reward- they learn at an early age the altruism of volunteering. This great experience has helped shape kids into thoughtful and loving beings- who feel good being able to better their world.

What if i want to adopt my foster?
Well, should you absolutely have to adopt your foster, we of course are plenty happy! We always hope that you will continue fostering- but we know each person has their limits. You may however be surprised to know that most fosters have more than 2 dogs, and even a few cats or other small animals thrown in! Once you realize that fostering is simply doing what you do for your own pets, it isn't so hard to find a place for "one more" little face!

Some rescue organizations do not let you adopt your foster for fear of losing you from their foster team- but we feel this is a bit antiquated and unusual, especially lacking in appreciation for what fosters do. We choose our fosters because they are great homes- why not great adoptive homes too? We know a foster adopting their charge, will result in a lifelong, happy friendship...we can't argue with that!

Do I need to have my own home or a fence?
No! We have apartment dwelling fosters as well as plenty with no fences! Think of who many adopters are: condo dwellers, apartment living indidivuals- the dogs must learn to walk on a leash and potty on a leash as long as you are willing to walk your foster dog, we are happy to have you!

What if I work full time?
Well, frankly most of the population works- and they still have pets! So why can't you foster while working- there is nothing to stop you! Most of our dogs are crate trained as a practice- so we can help prepare them for the transition and changes ahead. The crate is like their little bedroom, their den- where they feel safe. We like to teach the dogs that the crate is their safe place no matter where they go- which makes it easier on them- and on adopters in the future, should they travel or stay with a family member. The crate also helps with consistency in potty training- and this is a bonus in teaching these dogs the ropes for their new lives.

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Our organization relies completely on the generosity of people like you! Your donation can do so much to save & change lives! 

We also need donations of items like:
  • pet store gift cards
  • gasoline gift cards
  • dog food
  • collars and leashes
  • baby gates
  • kennels/crates (used is fine!)
  • old towels and blankets
  • ex-pens/fencing materials

Any little thing that might be junk to you, can be treasure for us! Please consider donating some items- we can also arrange a pick up if needed!

We are a 501c3 non- profit corporation! Your donations are tax deductible!

    Send your donation to our mailbox:

    Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
    23316 NE Redmond- Fall City Rd
    Redmond, WA 98053-8376

    **Note: This is NOT a location you can come visit, this is just a mailing address!

We do not have a brick and mortar shelter- our animals are housed in private foster homes- and an approved application is required before meeting with any of our available pets!

For requests or inquiries about animals, or an application, please contact us

Or donate with PayPal:

This is Penny- she was rescued from a puppy mill. The poor girl was 8 yrs old...but had NO NAME!

We took her to the vet for some routine care and follow up- and it was discovered that she had some bigger issues going on, including very likely, early stage renal failure.

She stayed at the hosptial for a bit and we did every test we could do- she had special food...and foruntately, her numbers changed and her levels normalized with the treatment! this was a very expensive process and cost us nearly $1,000- but she was so worth it!

We are happy to say Penny has been adopted by her wonderful foster mom- and Penny is her very first dog! They are two peas in a pod, and Penny has come out of her shell so much- it is so exciting to see her now!

We always need to raise money for emergencies and unexpected expenses in regards to cases like Penny!

Even $1, or $5, can make a big difference- we never know when a "special case" will arrive on our doorstep- please help us be sure we can treat them!


What is Fostering?

Above are Kylie and Caroline,
two of our foster kids,
playing with Pamela at a recent event!
Pamela is one of our adoptable dogs,
as seen on!
Fostering is when you host a pet in your home temporarily, while we seek a permanent, loving home. You simply do what you do for your own pets- just for one more happy little face! 

We provide the vetting care and costs, and often many of the supplies you need. Food can occasionally be provided, though sometimes the fosters simply choose to provide this themselves...they just consider it a part of their "charitable giving"!

Basically, helping these pets really costs you nothing- and the rewards are endless! You will be amazed that the life changed by fostering a pet, may very well be your own!

People often think, if they have a pet already, or kids, they cannot foster- this simply isn't true! Most of our fosters have more than one pet, and many have kids...fostering is a great experience for your kids, teaching them empathy and generosity...they learn how to give and think about other creatures and people in a new that stays with them forever!

Other ways to help:

We always need great families for volunteering! We have a variety of events and tasks besides directly working with the animals- so even if you think you cannot host a pet in your home, you can help out in other ways!

These are some of the things we need help with:
  • Fostering
  • Fundraising
  • Event participation
  • Transportation of animals
  • Donation of supplies and food

If you can help us, please fill out this form, send us an email at or call us at 206-453-8480 and tell us who you are! We will follow up shortly with ways that we can put your skills to work!

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