Monetary Donations

We are a non profit rescue, but we are still a business and like every business, we have bills to pay such as payroll, electricity, water, vehicle repair, garbage pick-up, telephone, etc. On top of the normal business expenses, we have other expenses such as veterinary care, medications, and food. We do our best to minimize costs, but let’s face it, in order to do business, it takes money. Shelter From The Storm is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organizations. Donations are tax deductable.

Monetary donations can be made via PayPal or mailed to 1602 Blossom Lane, Madison, WI 53716.

Donations Needed for Special Needs Animals


Ritzy has a Christmas wish that enough money is raised for her to have surgery on her heart. She was born with a defect in her heart that requires surgery to repair it and allow her to live a long happy life. She wants nothing more then to be on the mend and getting ready for a new family for Christmas. 
Muncie, a little male Pomeranian in our rescue, has a broken Radius/Ulna. We need to raise enough money to cover the cost of surgery for this little man. He wants nothing more then to be cast free, care free and cuddled up next to a fireplace for Christmas. 
Janie has been the rescue since the beginning of 2013. 
 She only has three legs, and because of the extra strain on her remaining back leg, she has a torn cruciate ligament that requires surgery. Right now Janie is unable to walk with out assistance from the shelter staff. Janie is a very special gal that would make a great addition to any home. We are hoping to raise enough money this Christmas to be able to do the surgery and rehab.Can you help Janie get back on her feet?     

Snapshot is a very special guy who has been with the rescue for almost a year. He has been waiting to be fully grown and funds to be raised so he can have surgery to repair deformities in both back legs due to severe luxating patellas. As you can see, he has a foster family that loves him very much but his surgery is going to be expensive and he would love nothing more then to be able to find a family that he can love forever and call his very own!



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