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Congratulations! You've discovered one of our animals online (or perhaps in person) and have made the choice to adopt! Please click on the link below. You will be taken to an adoption form. Take your time and fill out the form completely. Once received - we have volunteers who will check your references and following our guide lines, make the decision if you have been accepted or not. Be patient, this takes time! You will be contacted one way or the other to let you know our decision.

All applications will be processed quickly. Things get hung up if we have to wait for your references or vet to return our calls. There are also times when we may want to contact you to clarify information on your application. Be sure you leave us a number where you can be easily contacted and check your email.

Also note: Your application might not be the only one we have for a particular animal. Applications are processed carefully in order to find the forever home for our dogs.  We reserve the right to deny any application without explanation.

Keep an open mind (and heart) when looking at our dogs and puppies! We do hold "Meet & Greet" events if you'd like to meet the puppies before making your decision.

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified to set up a meeting!

Due to rising costs of basic vet care and dog food, our adoption fees have increased effective 08/07/2017.  Thank you for your understanding and support!

Adoption fees:
$250.00 - $400.00 (prices listed on individual Petfinder listings)