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Saving lives, one animal at a time.....

We couldn't do what we do without the amazing foster families we have. We are always looking for more --- could that be you?

All of our dogs and puppies are kept in nurturing foster homes. They quickly become a member of the family; learning the rules, some manners and all about love! Yes, it's work and YES! It's hard to let them go when the time comes... the joy lies in seeing your little charge find his forever home... and your heart will open up all over again when the next set of needy eyes meet yours in desperation...

ARVSS will provide you with a crate (or crates), food and vet care... we'll help you with every detail of caring for these puppies and dogs. We will support every step on the way! Your success as a foster is OUR success... You and your family can truly save a life --- by sharing your own!

Thinking About Fostering? Here is our story...
We stumbled into fostering three years ago when we asked a rescue if they could help our friend find a new home for his 10 month old puppy. We had tried to talk him out of getting a puppy because we did not believe his schedule gave him the time a puppy required. He did not listen to us-- They said they could not take the puppy because they had no foster home to go to at that time. Would we be willing to foster the puppy??

What we learned is there is a GREAT need for foster homes. That so many dogs/puppies are not saved from "kill" Humane Societies and that many more stray dogs are euthanized because there is no place for them to go. Humane Societies only have so much space, and they certainly do not have the resources puppies require to be socialized to be good dogs.

Well our friend found a home for his puppy on his own, but what we learned from our researching rescues is that our home could save a puppy's life. We agreed to foster only puppies--and we have been doing it for three years.

Our first litter was very special, however they became extremely sick shortly after we got them. The rescue recommended that they be put down because they did not have the resources or the money to care for them. If they would go to a vet or clinic, care would have been $500 per day for each puppy--just think of all the HEALTHY dogs and puppies that could be cared for for that amount of money! While it made sense, my family just could not go for that answer. So we told them that if they would provide the medications, we would take care of them. Since they did not all get sick at the same time, for three weeks we administered fluids and antibiotics three times a day. We bleached blankets, crates, the garage floor AND our lawn 4-5 times a day. In the end we only lost one puppy to a disease that only gave them a 50% chance of survival with vet care!

That was our omen that we were meant to save puppies.

We have had so many puppies come through our home in the last three years--we sometimes forget them! We have pictures of every one though and look back many times. Some are extremely special, like a blind chocolate lab named Mickey. Each one is so different and yet all puppies are so much alike.

Puppies are nothing more than little bundles of endless energy who do nothing but make you smile, laugh and cry. When we are fostering puppies, we don't have time to be sad, selfish or angry. The puppies need so much of our time and energy if they are to survive! We go to bed exhausted. But when they start to get healthy, and start to play and respond to basic training it makes everything worth it. When you go out to let them outside in the morning and they are so HAPPY to see you they would rather give you kisses before they go outside to play--and if you go outside and play with them OH BOY!!!!!! Life is just so good in the eyes of a puppy--and it rubs off on you! You realize that there is hope and love in the world.

But the best part is meeting the people who will be taking these little bundles of love home. To see children who are getting a new or even their first pet! To see couples who have just purchased their first home and they want to share it with a pet they can love and who will love them back. To see a retired couple who no longer have children at home and miss caring for someone and also needing to be loved for that care. The friends we have made are endless. Many times we only hear from our new friends once a year when they give us updates on how their life is going with their new family member. Sometimes we hear from them every month or two! But we always hear from them--and their stories of happiness has got to be the most rewarding thing! How wonderful a pet is to a home!!!

I don't want you to think that it is at all easy!! It is a lot of work! There is poop, and bathing, and poop and feeding, and poop and training and poop and washing blankets--oh and did I mention the poop??? It is amazing how much better life is once you get the house training, or at least paper training down!!! But the rewards do much outweigh the work!! But I am afraid that you would have to learn that part by experiencing it for yourself.

Just by opening your home to even one dog or puppy--you would save that one life!!! How rewarding is just that???

And the best thing about volunteering for ARVSS is the support and friendship of those people who are volunteers. My family feels a very closeness to them all and the support and encouragement we receive is the best!! We know we can count on every one of them for anything--and they know to ask us for anything. That kind of loyalty and friendship does not just happen very often. We are blessed to be part of this organization!

Hope I did not bore you--did not mean to type so much--but I just got going and couldn't stop--shed a few tears while I did it too. I would like to suggest that if you feel a calling--you at least try it for a while. You will see what I am talking about. Thanks for your interest in fostering!! Good luck with your decision.

Foster Mom,

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